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  1. Quick sat-nav question.....

    Well, if we're talking about efforts to keep up with us, I have to hand it to....wait for it....a Volvo S60 T5 driver. A1, Southbound, some time ago in my previous Coupe. Damp - but not overly wet and not raining. Up my **** all the way at 80 and getting noticeably annoyed that I wouldn't pull in. Eventually I did...and cogged it down. Of course the gap was widening very quickly and he was disappearing, but come to the point when I had to slow down for traffic in front he'd come tearing up behind wanting more. Eventually, at a series of bends approaching Grantham, I went up to 110 on a tricky camber and he was still trying to hang on although I did spot he was cutting from inside to outside and back in order to keep on the road. Then I got bored and hit a straight - from 40 mph all the traffic pulled in....bye bye Volvo. He's gone as I pulled off at the next slip road. Credit to him though because he was absolutely killing the car and knew he didn't have a chance. But he never gave in. He's probably killed himself by now mind you - he was that type of driver without a doubt. As for females in M3's - I have watched one pulled into a car park and take a bright red bollard out because she was smiling at a van driver delivering food to Sainsburys.....hilarious. Aw, poor girl.
  2. Quick sat-nav question..... I have said on here before I like my licence and unless it was somewhere that I knew there was no-one else about I wouldn't even dare to. The Noble I'm referring to is the GTO-3R, with 325 bhp per ton. The Noble you're referring to must have been an early 2.5-er because the GTO-3R is a seriously fast car that accelerates from 120 to 160 like nothing else I've seen this side of £90k - but as you say he perhaps decided it wasn't wise!
  3. Quick sat-nav question.....

    Personally, no.... but it has to be!
  4. Which tyres???

    Anyone with an E46 M3 got experience of these Pirelli's?
  5. Which tyres???

    Hmm, Black Circles mark them down over the Michelins (if I remember rightly). I'll bear it in mind though - any reason why you say that? Based on personal experience?
  6. DB7 For the Weekend

    So so true. A friend of mine bought a DB7 GT - only to be dismayed with its driveability - or lack of it. He realised the sense of occasion wasn't what he wanted from a car and went out and bought a 911 Turbo - not the same feeling, but a drivers car. Personally though I'd still like a Vanquish - whereas a DB9, if what I read is correct, is the finished article like nothing ekse before it.
  7. Quick sat-nav question.....

    True....but it's still faster than a CSL...
  8. E46 M3 19" Alloys

    There are two full, and genuine, sets in what look like mint condition on ebay right now - £750 and £899 - can't for far wrong as both have tyres on them too. Probably best to fit your own rubber mind you.
  9. E46 M3 19" Alloys

    Don't know anyone in Surrey, but SEM in Sunderland and Wicked Wheels (Mobile Northeast - possibly further) do stunning jobs on them. I know, they did my last cars twice after the wife had been shopping on the first occasion and then tried parking beside a foot high kerb on the second...
  10. Quick sat-nav question.....

    Well according to a BMW design technician it is! Cos' he's a contact I have in Germany. Alternatively, he did point out that there are similar circles used to identify "Churches or points of religious worship". Take yer pick - but I've tried it on mine 30 mins ago and it was definately close to the centre of Town, if not spot on.
  11. Quick sat-nav question.....

    The blue circles are meant to indicate the centre of a City, Town, Village or District. I'm full of useless info....
  12. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    First things first - I respect everyone's view on why their car was the right choice for them. But - looking at your gallery - it's not a matter of this having to be a daily drive for you is it! Fantastic collection of cars it has to be said. I was looking at it from the point of view of it being the car I drive every day. My wife takes the 320d. I don't have a 4x4 or Grand Tourer like the Audi in reserve (as much as I would love to and the prospect of them on Swiss roads make me even more envious!). So, perhaps we can close the subject on the basis of the fact you'd choose a CSL and I'd choose a Noble GTO-3R. Both fantastic cars. I now know what you mean about a Noble possibly struggling where you are though - I didn't realise that before. I still prefer my M3 Conv though for the circumstances right now...after all, I've discovered it is even easier to get the 2 year old into it... I agree on cars not being an investment too. However, I was making the point on the grounds that your "average" buyer would be interested in the amount his car is likely to loose when compared to another vehicle (no disrespect at all meant here but if you're not concerned about the money your car loses then surely you're not an average buyer! ). As I said, love the car collection - isn't Switzerland the most anti-car society in which to have such a collection?!! That makes it even better actually!
  13. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    Actually, theres a funny moment in there too... ...because the first time I did that my 2 yr old daughter reacted with a very concerned look on her face and said "Daddy, the roof in broken". ...upon raising it she remarked "Daddy fixed the roof". Makes it all worthwhile anyway..
  14. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    There is a very very very practical reason for an M3 Conv....and I've just discovered it. When I had by Coupe, getting the 2 year old into her lovely bucketed car seat in the back was hell. Fit yourself through the door with her, reach over, plonk her into it and then smack your head on the roof as you get out... the Conv....take her to the car...drop the roof! Hey presto - easier access than a Renault Grand Espace! I knew I'd find a reason for justifying the change to the wife...
  15. Looking for a Z8

    True but I'd still take the Z8. Forget out and out performance and enjoy the looks, the jaw dropping noise and the classic switchgear. Love em.
  16. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    So the obvious question is....why a CSL?
  17. Looking for a Z8

    NOW NOW JHT! Just happened to pop in here and you're having a pop at me! Personally, I'd prefer a Z8. Just because of what it looks like and sounds like - nothing more.
  18. M3 Tax disc holder

    Theres an attachment on the above posting.
  19. M3 Tax disc holder

    Look at this Bought another one for the new car because I let the original one go in the M3 Coupe. Superb quality, look great in the silver finish, nice and clean (looked great on Titanium). Don't know what the other colours look like mind you. Thought a few of you might be interested. The guy making them is top notch and despatches very quickly. He also does Buy-It-Nows at £14.95. There are cheaper ones from other sellers, but none look as good as this.
  20. M3 Tax disc holder

    Oops, it was too big, heres the re-sized one.
  21. M3 Tax disc holder

    Where the hell has my uploaded pic gone???!!!
  22. M3 Tax disc holder

    Yes I found that too - lost the allen key but have a small set of them now. I'm surprised this guy hasn't struck some kind of deal up with BMW themselves - they'd surely sell well if offered through dealers.
  23. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    I'll have to hitch a ride in one some day then. The stats show 221 bhp per ton compared to 228 bhp per ton on an M3 Coupe - so must be there or thereabouts. Theres one in my town, see it every now and again. Must try to find it one day for some fun!
  24. M3 Tax disc holder

    And here is what it looked like on my previous M3. As I said, went well with Titanium in particular.
  25. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    Never been in an M Coupe - whats it like in comparison to an M3 Coupe/Conv.?