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  1. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    But did it really make 3 secs difference? Anyone who watches the programme knows that is a huge gap. And wasn't the Noble on what Jeremy Clarkson classes as Mildly Damp?
  2. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    In gathering the stats on the CSL v Noble earlier I noticed something that puzzled me. CSL's on 04 plates at £50k+ AND CSL's on 53's at £44k - are they losing money that quickly? Puzzles me because if there is one thing for sure I would have said the exclusivity of the CSL meant the values would hold better. I know BMW struggled to sell all the cars (contrary to something I read on here earlier) and perhaps they'll plateau and then see a more level price above the normal M3's - but it still puzzles me! One thing I'd love to get off a CSL - the boot lid. I know you can buy them seperately but as I now have the Convertible anyway I guess it wouldn't fit. Shame BMW didn't extend the lip spoiler to the all-in-one higher raised boot lid on the CSL. Got say I love the look of it from the rear.
  3. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    JHT - it is taken in good heart and lightly - just as it is given. I still think the Noble stats say it all tho! What is a 'breavan'???!!!
  4. insuance help

    Thats an incredible price. I have no points on licence (currently!), a Tracker Horizons fitted, 35 yrs old, professional...and its £996. So £300 more for a previous ban and below 30 without a Tracker is amazing! Must remember to ring them come renewal time!
  5. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    One last fact - A TRACK FACT. Top Gear (BBC) - Power Laps BMW M3 CSL 1:28.0 NOBLE (not the GTO-3R either)1:25.0 And you're STILL going to tell me the CSL is the quicker!
  6. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    How can I sum it up: If you think an M3 CSL is quicker than a Noble (say, GTO-3) then frankly I have a 320D on the drive that will beat my M3, a Ferrari F50 and probably an Enzo too. The point was simple - brand blindness. If you need facts, here they are: Noble GTO-3R - bhp per ton = 325 BMW M3 CSL - bhp per ton = 234 Price of a 2003, GTO-3R, 6000m, on Autotrader now = £44,995 Price of a 2003, CSL, 5000m, on Autotrader now = £44,995 So now try telling me that a Noble with 50% better PTW ratio is not quicker than an M3 CSL round a track... You asked for a fact - you now gave them - and let me guess you still think your CSL is quicker!
  7. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    Wow Chris. That wasn't just a bite - it could be used as a script for the next Jaws film - BIG BITE. Why have a go at his "hair dressers M3"? Just because you are CLEARLY BRAND BLIND do you have to be oblivious to others points of view. I own 2 BMW's, love BMW's - but I ain't brand blind - there are other cars out there and you don't have to be a genius to figure out you drive an M3 CSL. Or do you just not like the fact that a new company such as Noble can beat the car you drive for the same money? I thought this was an unblinkered forum - not a "My car must be the best cos' I bought it" forum. And for the record, I like my hairdressers M3 too - I'm sure you like your "Second best car for £50k-ish track use" vehicle too.... Next time you come up against a Noble - any one of them - floor it....because you'll need to. And, at the moment when it starts pulling away, think back to this conversation because the warranty etc will count for nowt as you get that sinking feeling! Such a shame that a moderator can't see beyond the carbon of his own car...
  8. Good deal?

    I should have known I'd upset the Seca apologies to you all...but my dealer blew out a Laguna Seca not too long ago (i.e. offered a stupid trade in price that the seller choked at) because he knew it'd sit on his forecourt for months. As with an ugly child - someone loves it... But getting back to Imola - I'm puzzled as to why it has lower I rang the dealer this afternoon! They said no, not in their experience. Here is the summary: Titanium - very safe, always sell Carbon and Jet - almost as safe, but Carbon preferred Steel - very very much in demand White - gasp, horror, they wouldn;t touch them Imola - always sell, and they don't adjust down for the colour Phoenix - always sell Seca - they don't like em on the scale of cats not liking being dipped in water for long... Interestingly though - they did say the combo can be as critical with Black - apparently black with black is dying out - buyers are going away from them because of the dull combo. Titanium with Imola, or Steel with Imola is favourite right now. Grey always goes they say. SatNav and SMG add's £2k to price (or vice versa) when trading in thought they'll also adjust for 19" wheels and don't like 18"s at all. High gloss and climate screen are described as "nil returns". Another big factor - after market mods (wheels, paint, any add-ons)....very detrimental on trade-in. As for the Imola model that started all this off - I say go for it...after all, if you like it, why not?
  9. Never let anyone tell you RS6 is better than an M3

    Ari - I'd say that your comments above pretty much close the subject...because they hit the nail on the head. Long distance cruising grunt-machine - and superb at it. I'd have kept one in the garage for those trips if I could have afforded to keep the M3 too!
  10. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    On the subject of Nobles - to call them a kit car is very unfair. Have you driven one? The one I drove was a lot better put together than the 3 TVR's I've driven (including the one where the whole inner door fitment came off as I tried to close the door..!). I don't know who was driving the CSL that went around the outside of the Noble either - Michael Scumacher I presume. To reiterate the main point I was making: Second Hand CSL - £42-48k-ish....would you spend your money on this car if you had to drive it every day, had to fit 2 kids in the back? Probably not. But, the main point was that whilst I could understand someone buying one as a fun car that I personally would buy something different if fun and tracks was the main aim. However, on the MG-X Power....£70k? I wouldn't give you £17k - it's an MG, will always be an MG, and is the biggest single statement of why the company is doomed to fail than anything else I have seen. Big decisions to be made - second hand 360 Modena or MG X-Power. Ermm, give me 0.00003 seconds and I'll answer you...
  11. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    Having swapped a Coupe for the Convertible I find myself edging towards NOT buying the hardtop. It'll be garaged on evenings, so no major worries there. Thanks for the points though Ari - they're very valid. Many many moons ago (10 years) I owned a MX-5 and that stayed outside in 2 feet of snow one weekend. It was cold - but never had any problems. I do recall being deafened one weekend in the rain - belting off the roof - but the BMW roof and the Mazda roof are an unfair comparison anyway. I'm 99% sure the roof won't be an addition.
  12. Good deal?

    The difference with Phoenix or Laguna Seca is you can only get them on an M3 - so they actually have the opposite effect. However, Seca is crap, lets face it - and dealers do everything they can to stop you buying one. I found the opposite with Phoenix - they love it and the dealer I bought mine from has had 2 on the forecourt in the last month, with a Mystic M3 and a Carbon M3 - the two Phoenix's have gone...the others are still there.
  13. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    Somebody beat me to it (xspencex) - Noble - any variant. I drove one at Croft not too long ago and frankly it drove a CSL into the ground. I love my M3, I love the CSL - but if I were spending my money on a car for driving pleasure then it'd be the Noble every time. Look at the chunks of money the CSL is losing already. What about a Tuscan S if you want non-stop fun? (if coupled with a literal stop-start reliability!). But, if you definately throw the kids in the back every now and again then you may as well go for an Evo VII if its pure thrills you're after. As I said before, this counters itself in saying that few M3 buyers would be looking at an Evo - but I genuinely think the CSL buyer is different to a standard M3 buyer anyway. However, I save my genuine alternative buy for another German marque. No one has mentioned a second hand 911 GT3. Myself, well, I'd spend £40-45k on a Noble or GT3 and then buy a second hand family car for £5-10k to haul the kids around in. We're fortunate to have a new 320d SE Saloon too, but I still couldn't have used the CSL as a daily car - so call me a wimp but I stuck with the M3. Next time, hmm, not sure, perhaps a 360 Modena.....dropping into the £55-65k bracket now (RHD too) and then I'll only want to be in it by myself anyway....
  14. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    I've swapping to SMG...from manual. Big reason though - twice a week I get caught in very heavy traffic for around 2 hours....and the constant clutching switching to auto for those times of the week has its attractions. Of the two (and I've had the SMG for a full weekend from the dealer) I think I've made the right choice for me. But, time will tell. I get bored every 6 months anyway so no doubt I'll be onto something else before long! Then again, wife will probably not let another swap go ahead...
  15. Good deal?

    Definately a very very competitive price. I agree with TOK it represents the lock of Sat Nav/TV etc - but it looks a very nice combination too. I'm always wary of spending this kinda money away from a franchised dealer of the marque you're buying (because in my experience they will all negotiate to a price you can do a deal at) - but it does seem very good to say the least. If you have any contacts at the local BMW dealer - or tip them off that you may be buying one and would take it there for servicing - give them the reg no and ask them to check its history....or if you're unable to drop me a line and I'll see what I can get out of the salesman I have now bought 4 cars from this year!!!
  16. E46 M3 19" Alloys

    I'd simply try eBay. Plenty come available and you can check the wheel code stamp before buying (get the to tell you the product code). My only reservation about ebay is that at times I wonder if it is some cowboy stripping down a nicked M3. Not too long ago there was almost every component from a Seca Blue one on eBay - and I mean everything.
  17. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    Exactly the same. 19"'s, SatNav Pro, TV, Heated seats, SMG, etc etc. Hasn't a hard top and am pondering on buying one.
  18. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    xspencex - precisely! Someone that reads the full context of a statement! Also - sorry to say this to any CSL owner (as I have said I do believe they're an amazing car and I love BMW's)...but...there are better cars out there for £50k+ new if you want out and out performance....
  19. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    The one I've bought is Phoenix with Kiwi. I wouldn't have bought Coupe in this colour though - but the black hood breaks the Phoenix up enough for me to be able to live with it! I'd have quite liked Imola myself (my Coupe was Titanium with Imola interior) but was once warned never to buy another red car having crashed two of them...(whilst much younger)...they just don't seem to suit me! Its true what you say about the reality-check of choosing £40k+ cars too. Surreal in fact. But, as a way of personal gratification and doesn't get better!
  20. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    I should have added something - CSL is an amazing car, I don't question it - but there is a quandry here that I've noticed a lot of people on here don't seem to pick up on - I'll try to describe it below: The Evo VII v M3 debate - it doesn't exist. If I want a car that is nothing other than sheer performance and will attract every Burberry cap wearing moron this side of Jupiter then I'll buy one. If I want a car with performance that still sends a shiver down your spine and can get you from A to B and then to Z (which the Evo won't) without shaking all my teeth out - then you choose an M3. The fact is VERY FEW people choose between the two - because the market is different. If you're buying an M3 new (or close to new, whichever) I don't think you seriously look at an Evo - and vice versa. CSL v M3 is similar - I need a true everyday 4 seater coupe with performance - so I buy the M3. Joe meanwhile wants nothing but sheer performance and a track day car because he has a 320i as a company car he buys the CSL. I just don't see the comparison as one versus the other when buying - they're for different people and different lifestyles. RS6 v M3 - sorry, but this is a no content. I know - I had one. Yes it performed, yes it was fast - but certainly no quicker than the two M3's I've owned. But, more importantly, it lost more money, had half the impact of an M3 and frankly the Audi dealer experience is shocking. Nothing has the badge and reputation, nothing has the combination of performance, style and build quality - not to mention reliability. No argument I think.
  21. Bye bye coupe...hello soft top!

    I'd ignore it Nick, just bought an 04 Convertible M3 myself too. Replaced an 04 Coupe. Yes, I could have bought a CSL too - but the fact is you'd pull your teeth out driving one everyday. The market is saturated with CSL's - why - because a lot of owners are finding exactly what I've said above. I can get the kids in the M3 Convertible easier than a CSL too - and get all the kit to go with it - and get the sun - and still have a "just want to get there without trying too hard" day when I want to. Personally, I think you did the right thing.
  22. Child seat for an M3

    This probably too late for you - but I have been using a Mama's & Papa's seat in the back of my M3 since buying in March - and it is perfect. However, both the wife and I have got a seat each in our cars - because removal and refitment of it every time you need it is as awkward as hell. Paid, I think, about £138. Big grey and black thing - suits the M3 actually!
  23. How can you disable TV Safety function

    M3 Conv. spec is as follows: SMG, SatNav Pro + TV, Heated seats, Elec mirrors, front centre armrest, Tracker Horizons (same as current - couldn't park anywhere and still concentrate without it), 19"'s (again, same, but it has Conti's on so they're coming off straight away and Michelin PS2 XL's going on). Phoenix with Kiwi. Current car had identical spec other than SMG, SatNav/TV and of course its a Coupe. Titanium with Imola - just fancied something a bit more radical and the wife likes the colour! I did something else too - whilst I was there I left a £1k deposit on a new M3. No official data of course - just banking on it being as good!
  24. About to swap my 04 M3 Coupe (manual) without SatNav for an 04 M3 Convertible (SMG)with SatNav and TV. Basically the car I'm swapping to is fully loaded and I should have bought this in the first place! Anyway, the question is that everyone knows that when you try to drive the car with the TV still on, the screen says that for your own safety this is disabled blah blah . Does anyone know if there is an override? See, rather than spend more money on screens for the kids in the back (which is an issue in the convertible) I'd rather just get the TV enabled for when running and they can peer through the front ! I have been told it can be done - of course the dealer won't do it though. Any idea?
  25. How can you disable TV Safety function

    I've just been on their website (both Birds and Mobile Centre) - very interesting indeed! I can imagine what you mean about it being a dangerous place to go with wallet though. Might have to leave cards at home and take cash only! £215 is steep for the TV in Motion kit don't you think? I could have a single screen in the back for the kids for £500 (bearing in mind they won't be able to see the centre front screen properly). Probably still do it though!