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  1. Home Security

    Y-Cam HD Pro. Does all the same stuff as the likes of Arlo, 2 trip zones per camera, adjustable levels of motion sensitivity, full audio recording, 1080p, wireless or full wired (my system is wired), email and text alerts, times for the zones to work, days of the week, cloud-based storage (7 days free), excellent night vision, live view of multiple cameras, blah blah blah. More expensive that Arlo but, in my view anyway, worth every penny. p.s. I'm not knocking the Arlo system as I know it is a good one too. p.p.s. Y-Cam have recently released an alarm system that integrates with the CCTV system. Window and door trips, alerts, all the same stuff as with the cameras and if you've got the cameras set not to record but the alarm triggers, it'll automatically trigger the cameras too.
  2. Football results today

    Where's Chri5 (or Calm Chris as he is known now) when it is time for a little stroll back to 4th November 2016...? Europa League - Quarter-finals League Cup - won Premier League - 5th (and they'll get top 4) But, adding to the minor (and it is) trophy won and the European progress (not that I care about that competition), there are a few other little gems... 1. They're now above Arsenal in the Premier League. 2. Managers being pushed out - that was mentioned in the quote above. Ummmmm. 3. Spurs, your nemesis, are making you look very silly as a team 4. Humiliated, and it was, in the CL, 10-2. 10 fecking 2. Did Arsenal think it was a "Telling the time" lesson? So, I just wanted to say, as you said it and it is 13 years since you won the league..... "Never mind, once upon a time".
  3. Football results today

    I think Athletico was just about the worst draw you could get. Masters of defence. I think they'll win home and away, and heavily. Juventus would have been a good chance of success for Leicester. Dortmund too. I think Monaco could make the final this year. As long as Barcelona don't, I don't really care. They should be getting thrown out of the competition or forced to replay PSG, but it won't happen.
  4. Football results today

    You're happy at being drawn to play the team that got to the final last year and only lost on penalties to Real Madrid? Okay. I was hoping we got Lyon or anyone but Anderlecht or Genk. The sooner we're out of this bollocks competition, the better.
  5. Football results today

    No, I think he said "How many Champions League trophies have City won? Feck, none? Wow. All that money for nowt."
  6. Football results today

    Man City. They should give Pep a 20 year contract.
  7. Football results today

    No, it couldn't. Looking at who is left in now, I expect them to go out in a blaze of glory goals against.
  8. Football results today

    The thing is, the odds on them doing this weren't that good. They get interesting from hereon! (These are the odds prior to the competition starting in August). To make the knockout stages - 5/4To make the quarter-finals - 6/1To make the semi-finals - 25/1To reach the final - 50/1To win the Champions League 2016/17 - 80/1
  9. Football results today

    Well, well, well.
  10. Football results today

    p.s. on the other hand, I won't mind if they do progress because the Sevilla manager is a complete arrogant ****.
  11. Football results today

    I hope they lose. I'm sorry, but the players are snakes.
  12. John Surtees CBE

    Very sad news that he has passed away. Rest in peace.
  13. New RS5

    You're going to need to keep that car for 50 years to recover the bloody depreciation per mile you're being hit with! It might be worth a fair bit by then!
  14. Football results today

    The result is an appalling inditement on football. UEFA's favourite team are officiated to the next round after cheating and diving for the full 90 (+5) minutes. Suarez and Neymar should have both seen red and the press are making it out to be some kind of miracle comeback. How on earth is it a comeback if the officials make it almost impossible for the opposition by not giving them fair decisions? Probably the worst result for football in a very long time.