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  1. MOTs in older cars

    I would look for failures due to low tyre tread. Why? Well, if they can't afford to or be bothered to check and change one of the most important consumable items on a car, what else haven't they given a feck about?
  2. Young persons' car insurance

    When our eldest was 17, the annual premium on her MINI Cooper was £1,670 (trust me, it isn't something I'll ever forget as we paid her insurance for her until she was 23, had finished her degree and was working full-time). At 21, on the Audi A1, it was still over £1,300.
  3. Young persons' car insurance

    In answer to you having the policy in your name and her being the named driver - NO. A big no nowadays too as insurers aren't stupid and clamped down on what is essentially a fraudulent declaration as to who is the main driver of the vehicle. There is no easy way around it, new driver insurance in the UK is astonishingly expensive.
  4. Tesla updates

    I'd agree on build standards purely from a brief stint in a Model S. I've never even seen an X so I can't comment on that. I didn't think they were too far off though and my experience was a good 3 years ago. They may have improved since then but I don't know.
  5. Tesla updates

    I've just read that and think I've wasted 5 minutes of my life. The guy in the comments who says "A complete whinge about nothing" has summed it up perfectly. The author is even complaining about a lack of switches and buttons. Probably an Audi owner.
  6. Football results today

    New season. Same old Arsenal.
  7. Boxing thread

    Most are relatively calm. You only see the ones that aren't. People only see the big headline fights whilst there are bouts taking place every week (that matter too). Take the fight between Lomachenko and Marriaga a week ago for the WBO world super featherweight title. A quite stunning performance from Lomachenko but few in the UK would see a great deal about it. The press conferences hardly drew a single glance in the UK outside of boxing fan forums but it was an absolutely incredible display and proves that not everything is scripted or high drama before the ring. This is why I loathe what FMJ and McGregor are being allowed to do. They're dragging the sport through the gutter.
  8. World Athletics Championship 2017

    Yes, there is an important point in what Garcon says. Bolt and Gatlin, the two fastest runners of the last decade, are both past it - that is now obvious. However, they've been so good (or at least Bolt has), that it makes everyone else look slow. Their age slows them to the speed of the other runners and, before you know it, we're back to the 9.90-9.99 times that we had prior to them. I think Bolt has left a legacy that spoils us to a degree. We expect earth shattering records every time. Michael Johnson was similar in his prime. It took forever for someone to break his record. The same could be said of Coe's record and the triple jump of Jonathan Edwards. One took decades to beat, the other still stands after over 20 years.
  9. Football results today

  10. Football results today

    As usual, Arsenal fans wanted Wenger sacked until after the 80th minute. I think they've applied for copyright on the word "fickle".
  11. World Athletics Championship 2017

    I don't think it has anything to do with doping. In most of the sprints, the track conditions have been either very wet or they've been running whilst is has been raining. No track is fast when the weather is against you.
  12. Boxing thread

    Of course it is a farce. It is an insult to boxing. Both will make a fortune, boxing will lose.
  13. Boxing thread

    I have watched plenty of McGregor's fights. What bemuses me is that much of the talk makes it sound like this is one undefeated great against another. It isn't. He has had 3 defeats and the submissions have all come after he has been made extremely weak on his legs by a flurry of punches. If anything doesn't bode well, it is that. The question about FMJ and whether he can come back after 2 years out is a good one that Froch has been talking about. Unfortunately, I think FMJ can do it and with ease. I wouldn't be quite so pessimistic about McGregor's chances if FMJ wasn't the best evader of punches of his generation and a good while beforehand too. I just can't see how McGregor is going to land a punch.
  14. Boxing thread

    Unfortunately, Mayweather knocks the shit out of the loud-mouthed, brash and distinctively average Irishman. /End
  15. S8 V10

    If Cruiser was to look at an SL, CLS, whatever, I would be amazed if he chose one above an Audi. I think the S8 is a phenomenal car and offers ride comfort and grunt like little else in a straight line. They're a destroyer of miles in complete refinement. The one problem is that after a few months, or weeks as Booster has said, people begin to wonder when the expense will stop. It doesn't.