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  1. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    With the way our climate is going, winter tyres will be a thing of the past within 20 years. I'll be having to find a way of stopping the tyres melting up here. Down south, well, you'll be long gone. Toast.
  2. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    Azure - we had 2" of snow too, as some on here have seen via Facebook. The 5 series, on its standard tyres, didn't slip once. Just saying. Southern wuss. Honestly, 2" of snow? I have a friend who lives out in the middle of Northumberland and drives a 2 series (220d). He woke to discover the snow half way up his 18" alloy wheels. He proceeded to go out, shovel it away as best he could - and then drove to Edinburgh. You don't work for the BBC by any chance, do you?
  3. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    With the 30 metres of snow you had in the South, I'm amazed any of you are still alive. The BBC and Sky should be shot.
  4. Car wash pain

    Full paint restoration detail. That said, car washes swirl your car to buggery anyway.
  5. Coincidence!

    That went to London too, according to the BMW dealer. I shall probably see it in around 10 years time.
  6. Boxing thread

    Mayweather really does talk like a tit. Saying that it was bad for boxing is ridiculous. De Gale had that won until a terribly unprofessional loss of concentration for a few seconds in the last round. It was a fair result.
  7. Coincidence!

    I have never owned a Z4M. I did own a Z4 35i sDrive though...
  8. Coincidence!

    Peter, I have 3 rather odd tales with a similar tone... My 04 plate BMW M3 Coupe, which I changed for an M3 Cab after 9 months, was sold locally yet I never saw it. I then changed the M3 Cab after a further 9 months, for the 645 Cab that I kept for 6 years. The 645 was sold to a guy in London (by the local BMW dealers that I Px'd it at). About 18 months after the 6 series had gone to London.....I spotted it for sale online. Completely coincidentally. However, it was now back up North and at a local garage. Nothing too odd about that. Except that.... Maybe a year after that I was driving through North Shields, down a road called Howard Street. I spotted my old 645 Cab, parked up. Parked behind it......was my old BMW M3 Coupe that I hadn't seen since I sold it, approximately a decade beforehand. That is tale no. 2 and 3 together. Tale no.1 is simply bizarre. I owned a Toyota Corolla GTi Twin Cam 16 (Hatch), one of the original cars that was very much of the time of the Renault 5 GT, Peugot 205 GTi, etc. It was a fabulous car. When I sold it, it went to Newcastle and that was that. This was in the late 1980's. In 2002, when my youngest daughter was born, we visited relatives in North Yorkshire, as you do when new babies arrive, etc. Imagine my surprise when we pulled up at their house and, on their next door neighbours drive, saw my old Toyota Corolla GTi. I spoke to the owner and he had bought it from a guy in Newcastle, who clearly met the description of the bloke I sold it to. I have checked online but there doesn't appear to be a record of the car now. If I ever found out it was still around, I'd snap it up in an heartbeat,
  9. LED Headlamps

    Of course a 7 series does not need remote control parking. I'm not arguing it does. By the same token, how many cars need the internet? Do they need Bose? How many vehicles do we know of that need adaptive headlights, or that need leather seats, electric windows, rain sensing wipers, wider exhaust pipes or even two exhaust pipes when one will do? Some of those I have mentioned have nothing but entertainment or aesthetic value. The remote parking offers something genuinely useful. The point is, it comes as part of the Advanced Parking package that includes surround view cameras, park assist, etc - something that a lot of people with a car the size of a 7 series (and many much smaller vehicles) will select anyway. If you have to regularly park the likes of a 5, 7, A7, A8, S Class, E Class or similar sized car in public car parks - I think you'd spec the option without hesitation.
  10. LED Headlamps

    Yup, the 645 was horrendous for it. Coupe, convertible, long = doors that were very long and windows that curved in quite dramatically at the top. The trick was to drop the roof automatically and climb in.
  11. LED Headlamps

    Anyone who has parked at Newcastle Central station will know the issue. I have lost count of how many times, over the years, I've returned to see drivers scratching their heads at how on earth they're going to get into their vehicles. As safety design has seen door width increase, the challenge gets worse. It wasn't recently, but I once saw a Mercedes owner taking an absolutely fit about how close another car had parked to his. He was kicking the bumper of the other car (out of sheer anger) - because you couldn't even walk sideways down the gap that had been left between his drivers door and their passenger side!!! It was clearly bad parking but even if they'd parked within the lines it is an issue that people have pointed out to the station time after time. Do they care? Of course not.
  12. Frustratingly unresponsive throttle on my 3.0 TDi

    Sounds like the petrol v diesel changeover to me and perfectly normal. However, as it is only a year old car, what harm is there taking it in to ask the dealer anyway? I would.
  13. LED Headlamps

    Both of the people I mentioned had come back to find that it was the parking of others that had trapped them, not how they'd parked to begin with. You've got to remember that the doors on a 7 series are very, very thick.
  14. LED Headlamps

    It is about coming back to your car and finding you can't get into it because of the morons that park so close nowadays. I've watched a bloke have to climb into a Qashqai through his boot at Newcastle central station, and a woman stood bemused as to how she'd get into her Mini in Luton! Here, it is rather clever...
  15. LED Headlamps

    £265 option, so cheap as chips really. The pure air filtration isn't an option, it is standard on the 7 series. I did say people would laugh at the ambient air option. They won't once they've been in a 7 series with it. It should be the same on the 5 series. The big cost are the tech packs. Then there is the option to have the car park itself or come out of a parking space....when you're not in it. That is a must.
  16. LED Headlamps

    Ambient air is the ability to select one of a number of 'aromas' in the cabin. Forest Dew, Alpine Air, there are about 6 and you can have 2 in the car at any time. Like a flash air freshener, but very different too. The claim that BMW make has been backed up too. It is that the air inside cars running their new air systems have air so clean that it can only be matched by the cleanest of alpine air - and even the alpine air will contain pollution that the BMW system filters out. You'll laugh. I would too. Then you'll sit in a car with ambient air and come back here and say "I must have that". p.s. Ambient air and the filtration system are not one and the same thing. You get the latter advanced system on the 7 series as standard but you can also spec ambient air as an option on both it and the 5 series. It sounds complicated, it isn't.
  17. Lexus IS350 F-Sport (2015 on)

  18. LED Headlamps

    It adds up quickly once you spec the packs, the ambient air, etc...
  19. Lexus IS350 F-Sport (2015 on)

    I'd be very surprised if the V6 is louder than the original V8 was. I have to say that I don't think this bodes well!
  20. Cambridge Autogleam - 2011

    I have a snow lance and use it a lot. I couldn't give it to our youngest though. She'd coat the house to pretend it was snowing. I have to say I have been very impressed with how much easier it makes the car washing process. I bought the AutoBrite Direct lance for my Karcher (£57 including the snow foam in a large container that is lasting ages) from Amazon and the quality of the lance is superb. I expected something a bit cheap in feel and operation but it is far from it. Just don't' spill any the concentrate. It mimics black ice when you stand on it.
  21. Lexus IS350 F-Sport (2015 on)

    Only just seen this thread for some reason. I drove the predecessor in the week they first launched. Fabulous car with Lexus build quality through and through. The sound was nice too, if a little muted. The problem was the steering and brake feel - as in the fact there wasn't any. It suffered terribly from feeling completely numb when it should have felt alive The equivalent Audi murdered it for feel, that's how bad it was. I have seen a new model and think they look amazing in the flesh. They have superb presence. I don't know what it drives like though. Hopefully not like the first model.
  22. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

  23. LED Headlamps

    I'll be honest, I wasn't wanting to write what you did about how to deal with it from a business perspective. But, umm, yes, you've read through the plan. The April 2017 rises are why I was trying to get it done beforehand. I'm just not prepared to shell out on a car that isn't the spec I want but is close (but not bang on) the deal I want. You and I both know what prices BMW throw the 7 series out at eventually and usually much faster than anything else in the range. The only thing that might work against that happening is that it is proving very popular because of how damned good it is (much more popular than the last model anyway).
  24. LED Headlamps

    Not looking at an X6. 730d is £110 p.a. VFD and BIK of 25%. 520d is BIK of 21% but you'd probably be a little surprised if I told you that the price I specced of the new (2017) 520d was £56k? Yes, the new 5 series prices are astronomical. My existing 520d with options was circa. £44k (although admittedly I am basing all this on speccing xDrive on whatever replacement I get, even though I'm undecided as of yet and the extra cost is relatively minor). p.s. they don't do a 540d, just a 530d in the new model at present. They do a 540i (petrol). A 520d M Sport xDrive has a basic price of £41,025. The 530d M Sport xDrive starts at £49,265. p.p.s. and these are just options I'm exploring. Nothing is decided.
  25. LED Headlamps

    New. I want to do this through the business on a lease because it makes much more sense than buying it personally with such a large outlay on a car that depreciates heavily. The problem comes when you spec the car up beyond standard. I have never bought a car that is based on a deal rather than the spec I want because I'm going to have to live with it and drive it, so I want a spec that has a lot of options added. I am convinced that money will get thrown at the 7 series in the summer by BMW and I am in no rush. p.s. I could get close to 20% on a standard car with the typical stuff that fleet companies add. However, it is more like 17% and I don't think that is good enough. I got 19% off an X6 and the same off a 5 series with no real pressure, so 20%+ should be do-able on a 7 series in the summer. Put it this way, after 18 months of the last model they were at more like 28% after 18 months. At one point you could get a new 730d M Sport for £399 plus VAT a month. BMW are a million miles off that right now, as are all the online brokers and fleet companies. It will move though and I don't want to be in a position where I do a deal for the sake of it, accept a lower spec, and then regret it 6 months or a year later when a much better deal can be had. The 5 series is still superb for what I do and it'll run for another 3 years if I really wanted it to. I guess you could say I'm in a position of not really being too bothered. I'd like a 7 series, but I'm not bothered it if doesn't happen soon.