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  1. Indeed.  The days of the Volvo estate cars flying around the tracks were fantastic.  I loved BTCC then.  

    Now, I watch it if I happen to have nothing better to do and if it happens to be on the telly at the time - and that basically means I haven't watched it in years.

  2. On 31/01/2018 at 4:24 PM, garcon magnifique said:

    Hey Cruiser, is this you? :secret:



    I see a burgundy coloured Cruiser quite frequently.  It is driven by a woman who is the spitting image of the woman who used to play the high-heeled daughter in the scouse TV series, Bread.  Anne has seen her out and says she dresses like her too.  I think that tells you everything you need to know about the Cruiser.

  3. Ah, well I didn't know that but it still makes it funny that he should tack all that crap onto it.  I will admit I didn't realise the same vehicle was the Aygo too.  I'd be very unhappy at discovering that if I was a Toyota Aygo owner!

  4. I couldn't resist putting that abomination of a blue Peugeot (with all the wings and stuff tacked onto it) through the tax checking website.

    It is taxed but I had to laugh when I spotted that it is powered by the notoriously powerful and earth killing 998cc engine...

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  5. The Frank Williams Story is an excellent film/documentary in which Claire Williams is exceptional.  It explains why they've made the decision they have too.  On their budget, that incoming sponsorship makes a huge difference.

  6. As is said above by others, I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your Dad, Thorburn.  My sincere condolences.

    That Evora looks very nice indeed.  I quite like orange as a car colour but it has to be on the right size and shape - and that is the right size and shape.

    Besides, I'm always puzzled when someone buys a car like an Evora and then chooses an anonymous or greyscale colour.  It should be illegal.

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  7. I've just had a quick glance at the network that Asus is providing service to at our house.

    29 devices as I type this, connected.

    Speed on my MBP via ethernet - 309mb

    Speed on MrsMe's MBP via WiFi - 196mb

    It is fair to say we've no complaints about the router.


    p.s. Mo-S3, we are on the Virgin HomeWorks+ 300mb service.

  8. BBC iPlayer have the post-broadcast interview with Farah and he was clearly humbled.

    In respect of football, that is going to change anyway in 2019/20 when Netflix and Amazon bid in big numbers.  BT Sport will sink.  Sky will get the main batch then Netflix and Amazon will take the rest.  The bidding round that follows in 2022 will see Netflix and Amazon begin to oust Sky.

    Football on those channels will be a huge bonus for fans.  No more silly prices as they won't charge anything like Sky.  They're interested in the consumer data and they'll get it and sell-on through it.

    Don't be surprised to see Netflix go for F1 too.  I can see that happening.  Their business model needs more sport and they're very, very keen to get it.

    Amazon could out-bid them all but they don't have enough interest in F1 as they view it as too niche and a declining audience - and they rarely get things wrong in that respect.

    Freeview can't afford anything, unfortunately.  I just want Netflix and Amazon to decimate Sky and BT - and I'm 99% confident they will.

  9. De Gale is finished.  I meant to say this previously.  That defeat proves he's done.

    AJ will demolish Parker, then do the same to Wilder, then KO Fury within 3 rounds.  There, said it.

    Eubank Jnr will smash Groves to bits when they eventually meet unless Callum Smith pulls off what he's capable off and takes that title.  He could well do that.  My money would be on Eubank Jnr though.  He is developing into a complete animal.

    Billy Joe Saunders will lose his title.

    In other divisions, Lomachenko will clean up through the weights and retire unbeaten.  I can see that happening.

    Kell Brook is finished too.  I hate to say it, but I can't see him coming back anything like he once was.

    Amir Khan, strawberries and cream King, he's done too.  One last big fight for a pay check, then he's out.

    Haye to destroy Bellew in a rematch and then find nobody wants to face him until AJ cleans up and then smashes him to bits too.


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  10. Well done Farah.

    Second and third are a farce.  Rea won on the back of a motorcycling fraternity campaign.  Peacock got the vote of Strictly viewers.

    The whole SPOTY thing is dead now.  This year proves that.

    Joshua lost 3rd place by 18 votes.

    I'm not diminishing what Rea in particular has done but the simple fact is that it appears the bookies slashed odds on him when they got wind of the campaign.  Is it right that those who are fans of a sport should campaign to get 'lesser' recognised sports people known?  It is probably fair but does it give us the right top 3?  I don't think so.  It is simple massaging of statistics and little more.

  11. Nothing like resurrecting a thread that is almost 10 years old and linking to a golf website in your first post.  Not that I'm a skeptic and think this was a blatant backlink ruse or anything shite like that.... 

  12. 3 hours ago, Andrew said:

    Right, so predictably I bought a 256gb X. Does anyone have the annoyance that when swiping  up to enter the pin code you get the spinning wheel thing then it returns you to the lock screen?

    Nope.  Surely you're using Face ID?  I've have no issues with it or manual unlocking (and I've only done the latter twice that I can think of).

  13. The bookmakers haven't been wrong in a long time with SPOTY.

    They hav Joshua at 2/9f.

    The next closest is Hamilton at 6/1.

    Farah is 22/1.

    It's a foregone conclusion and rightly so in my view.  What Joshua has done is remarkable.