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  1. 27 minutes ago, E-bmw said:

    Jesus H Christ do all you Apple fan-boys have a chip on your shoulder or something?

    Do you not see the irony of that statement?

    You ask if people have a chip on their shoulders yet you immediately brand anyone who might consider a product to be impressive to be an Apple fan boy.

    You've just demonstrated exactly why the conversation on these things is so predictable.  

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  2. Mac said it.  

    Don't like it?  Don't buy one.  Most people coming out with crap like this were never even contemplating one.

    As for playing catch up, well we can all pick part of a device specification and say "this already has that". 

    Once you start looking at how everything comes together and the true capabilities of a device, that's when things change. Furthermore, if you're not an Apple product owner already then you're going to miss the complete picture anyway.

    I'll be getting an iPhone X.

    I wouldn't even contemplate an iPhone 8 because I don't see the point in investing in a device that became a legacy product 15 minutes after it was launched.

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  3. If you think being a City fan and having Neville commentate on your matches is bad, you want to try being a United fan and listening to Alan Green on 5 Live.

    Conceited twat that he is.

  4. I do have one question about this in general.

    What's the problem with carrying a wallet?

    I'm a big advocate of all new technology but I also feel we're too quick as a society to let some things replace others when there is no need or we are too keen to drop something deemed old or traditional when it still serves a purpose.

    A wallet is hardly a ball and chain.

    I don't think we are anywhere near to me being able to leave my wallet at home anyway.

  5. 2 hours ago, billy2shots said:


    Not to mention your driving license. I don't know about anyone else but I often need to show ID. Something as simple as using the local refuse dump requires proof of address. Yes you could keep something in the car or remember to take it with you but still..

    Yup, very true.  I use my driving licence on all domestic flights for ID.  If I got into the habit of not carrying my wallet, I know what would happen one day...

  6. His comment about the red card was wrong.  It was a red all day long.

    I have to confess though, I didn't hear a single other comment that I thought anyone would take offence at.

    I don't think he has hidden agendas either.  He loathes Liverpool yet he has said plenty of positive things about them (especially after they mullered Arsenal).  He doesn't have much time for City either but he has been incredibly complimentary about them in recent years.

    If you think he has a problem, wait to see if the gutter tripe of the football world get promoted next year.  Then you'll see what he can really be like.  

  7. I use NFC and ApplePay on my iPhone almost daily - but I could never do away with my wallet.

    There are far too many places out of major Cities and Towns that don't use it and I'm forever finding a need for cash on my travels.

    I use my wallet for receipts, membership cards (mostly loyalty schemes that I could probably dispose of, admittedly) and debit cards,

    Finally, don't forget that not all retailers will allow limitless ApplePay.  It is limited to £30 in most locations.

    Oh and if your phone breaks or you lose it and find yourself stranded....

  8. I think driving in fog is something that you only learn how difficult it can be until you've been on the road for a long time.

    I have a degree of sympathy with younger drivers although they should know to slow down dramatically.  

    It deceives your eyes and the blinding effect of it is what can be as lethal as speed.  However, the experienced driver knows it is possibly even worse then a heavy blizzard of snow or torrential rain - and slows to watch the havoc take place in the distance.

    I remember seeing a major incident on the A1 through fog, or should I say through the lunacy of reps and families eager to get to their next appointment or holiday destination in the fast lane.  Car after car went past me at 70-80 mph when visibility must have been 100 yards at best with a very thick fog.  

    Sure enough, a few miles down the road, hazard lights appeared in the distance and there they all were - about 15 cars in a very nasty pile of debris.  I think there were 2 fatalities in that too,

  9. The thing that gets me most about people who say they don't like BMW's is how few have driven them.

    "Oh I don't like the interior, it is very bland"

    "Oh I need 4WD for my daily commute on the M25"  (of course there is now an easy response to that, but you know what I mean prior to xDrive)

    "They're too common"  (ever wondered why?)

    What they fail to grasp is that all these things are small elements of what makes the sum of their parts.  Put it all together and they are supreme machines.  

    A few people know that I looked at all manner of cars again before buying the ML (and I kept the 520d for 6 weeks after until selling privately, so I have a bloody side by side comparison!).  The Merc is a really, really good car.  Excellent in some respects and the ride quality is lovely.  It is also very quiet.  But it doesn't all add up in the same way BMW cars do.  Nor did any of the other cars I looked at.  You could say I should have bought another BMW, but we fancied something different and I was very impressed with the ML.  Is it as good as an X5?  No, not as a total package - but the ride is and the engine is quieter (but probably not as good).  That was about it.  The X5 as a car for most people is clearly better and it doesn't pain me in the slightest to say that!

    There is one thing an ML absolutely destroys BMW with.

    It has 6 x 12v sockets.  Yeah baby, yeah,  Feck you, BMW. :roflmao:


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  10. I'm a bit late to this one, but here's my take...

    I've said for over a decade on here that I have zero brand loyalty.  I don't really care if something I own is a result of a purchase error (the X-Type and the Z4 are good examples of that!).  I would much rather be honest about a car than try to convince people that the one I own is the best thing since sliced bread (and the Audi A4 Avant that I had is an example of a vehicle bought on the advice of others - when I should have ignored their advice about how amazing the car was, because it wasn't).

    Well, after M3's, the 645, the Z4, the 5 series, X5, X6, blah blah, I now own a Mercedes ML320.

    Not new, because our plans wouldn't have made that practical (semi-retirement), but still a very fine vehicle with over 500Nm of torque, ample horsepower, a lovely smooth V6 engine and excellent build quality.

    So why contribute?

    Because it isn't a patch on BMW engineering.  The Nav is crap by comparison, as is other tech.  The ride is squishy but okay.  I can throw it around but the likes of the X5 and certainly the X6 would decimate it in twisty situations.  The gearbox is good.  Just good, not excellent.  The seats are very good, but not on par with a BMW.  

    The switchgear and dash would probably delight an Audi owner who loves more buttons than the ISS because they think it looks cool - well mark my words, it isn't.  It is crap in ergonomic and usability when compared to a BMW.

    BMW do it better than anyone.  Their engines are the best (pound for pound), their balance and driver enjoyment is second to none and the build quality throughout is nothing short of remarkable.  

    Please don't think I've made a purchase error, I haven't.  The ML is perfect for what we needed, but I'm not going to lie to anyone and pretend it is on par with BMW because it isn't.

    There'll be some people who'd prefer a Mercedes, an Audi, whatever, and that is absolutely fine because we're all different.  However, I would argue all day with anyone who tries saying they don't make the finest cars on the planet for the mass market, because they do.

    I smile to myself when I think of all the years spent arguing with Audi (in particular, but others too) owners on here.  The majority are now singing the praises of BMW!

    On that basis alone I have decided that I must be a trend setter and that you'll all be driving Merc's in 10 years time - by which time I'll be driving an Alfa Romeo.:roflmao:

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  11. I don't know whether to admire your "go for it" attitude or cry for you. :roflmao:

    I wish you the very best with it anyway.  Hopefully you've have landed a good one and fuel prices won't rise by more than 0.001p per litre for the next 5 years.:roflmao:

    Besides, even if it only stays 6 months, a year, or two years, you can say you lived the big V10 dream you sought! +++

  12. I would look for failures due to low tyre tread.  Why?

    Well, if they can't afford to or be bothered to check and change one of the most important consumable items on a car, what else haven't they given a feck about?


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  13. When our eldest was 17, the annual premium on her MINI Cooper was £1,670 (trust me, it isn't something I'll ever forget as we paid her insurance for her until she was 23, had finished her degree and was working full-time).

    At 21, on the Audi A1, it was still over £1,300.


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  14. In answer to you having the policy in your name and her being the named driver - NO.  A big no nowadays too as insurers aren't stupid and clamped down on what is essentially a fraudulent declaration as to who is the main driver of the vehicle.

    There is no easy way around it, new driver insurance in the UK is astonishingly expensive.


  15. I'd agree on build standards purely from a brief stint in a Model S.  I've never even seen an X so I can't comment on that.

    I didn't think they were too far off though and my experience was a good 3 years ago.  They may have improved since then but I don't know.

  16. 14 hours ago, cruiser647 said:

    This bloke is not impressed with the Tesla 3....

    Some good points made.....



    I've just read that and think I've wasted 5 minutes of my life.

    The guy in the comments who says "A complete whinge about nothing" has summed it up perfectly.  

    The author is even complaining about a lack of switches and buttons.  Probably an Audi owner.

  17. Most are relatively calm.  You only see the ones that aren't.

    People only see the big headline fights whilst there are bouts taking place every week (that matter too).  

    Take the fight between Lomachenko and Marriaga a week ago for the WBO world super featherweight title.  A quite stunning performance from Lomachenko but few in the UK would see a great deal about it. The press conferences hardly drew a single glance in the UK outside of boxing fan forums but it was an absolutely incredible display and proves that not everything is scripted or high drama before the ring.

    This is why I loathe what FMJ and McGregor are being allowed to do.  They're dragging the sport through the gutter.

  18. Yes, there is an important point in what Garcon says.

    Bolt and Gatlin, the two fastest runners of the last decade, are both past it - that is now obvious.  However, they've been so good (or at least Bolt has), that it makes everyone else look slow.

    Their age slows them to the speed of the other runners and, before you know it, we're back to the 9.90-9.99 times that we had prior to them.

    I think Bolt has left a legacy that spoils us to a degree.  We expect earth shattering records every time.  Michael Johnson was similar in his prime.  It took forever for someone to break his record.  The same could be said of Coe's record and the triple jump of Jonathan Edwards.  One took decades to beat, the other still stands after over 20 years.