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  1. Audi/BMW Conversation

    The dealers really are crap and arrogant, I tried 2 different dealers and pratically had to beg them to sell me the car, you really have to try hard to get them to sell you one. I got the last laugh though when they fecked up the order and got a manual built instead on an S tronic despite me telling them all along the guy I was dealing with was a complete waste of space and they needed to watch him. It's amazing how quickly they can get a new car ordered and built when they really have to!
  2. S4 B6 Brochure?

    For anyone who needs them I have PDF's of A4/S4 Saloon and Avant B6 June 2004 as well as 3 different versions of the B7 Saloon/Avant brochures/price lists. Also a PDF of the B7 RS4. B8's I've got just about every brochure/price list from 2010 model year onwards. PM me if you need any.
  3. Audi/BMW Conversation

    The S3 is too small for me and I don't like the inside and it's a 4 pot. Don't like 4 pots anymore now anyway, I have a V6, wouldn't like V6's if I had a V8. Yes I am that fickle! An S3 demolish my precious, it's surely not possible :nono: I'm not good at reading between the lines - just say what you mean! Which obviously no one else is either as I had to add more detail for the similarly afflicted!
  4. Audi/BMW Conversation

    That's odd as I didn't see anyone else giving me the grief you did, in fact quite the opposite! I was just a statement, because I own a "performance" Audi (Audi's words not mine) I get bombarded when the latest “performance” model comes out. In fact I am wrong as there is no official UK pricing out yet for the RS4 I can't order one at all :smashfreak:. My whole discussion was based on my experience, would I invest another 20K of my hard earned in to the new RS based on my experience of the S then personally I wouldn't. If I was in the market for a new car right now would I consider the RS4 then I probabley would. In the "bang for buck" stakes it only stands to reason given the price difference you get more "bang" from a S4 than an RS4/5 and for a few quid more the same bang. My 6K mod figure was based on BBK, Zorst and Stage III mod. You can do loads more to suspension etc. (for more cash). Yes there are insurance premiums and running costs, but they are already far more on an RS than a S anyway. I'm sure you can mod cheaper cars but my whole point was 2 very similar cars from the same manufacturer not different cars from different manufacturers.
  5. Audi/BMW Conversation

    Apparantley the AWE zorst is the way to go to get a close to V8 sound (if that is possible)!
  6. Audi/BMW Conversation

    I think they have done some ECU tweaking and changed some internals, I did read what it was somewhere but can't remember now. My real world after 50,000 miles it's around 25-26 on a motorway run, 22 around town. If you baby it I have seen 34 but you don't/can't baby it. Intrestingly the quoted time 0-62 time was 5.3 for the orginal S tronic (mine) it is now 5.0 on the 2013. We did get launch control on the S tronic on MY 2011 (mine is a 2010) which I still don't have with all the latest software applied, so there are "under the skin" tweaks every year and of course the "new" one is the midlife refresh.
  7. Audi/BMW Conversation

    Intresting response MrMe as you have obviously misunderstood/misread a lot of the comments I made as you seem to be specifically focusing on a lot of my comments. All my comments were based on the B8 S4, you know the one that I own... I can't comment on the B6/B7 S4 as I never had/drove or have been in a passenger in one. I have however owned a B6 S-line and B7 S-line Special Edition so know both of those platforms and how much better the B8 platform is. Also a lot of what I said was tongue in cheek hence the exclaimation marks and smilies... None of anything that was said today was an argument it was a discussion between grown ups (until you came along). My very first post said the S4 was not a competitor to the M3, previous S4's although I think boring and bland is pushing it a bit but the B8 (the only one I am talking about) especially with the sports diff is a different beast all together. Also I do believe I am entitled to my own opinion and in my opinion having driven an R8 on the track subjectivly is it 40-60K better I'm sorry it isn't, i.e. would I get 40-60K more fun everyday out of an R8 No. Is the R8 a better car of course it is, is it a better everyday car (which is what my car is) I can't answer that as I don't have an R8 to use everyday. Another misunderstanding I am only talking about the current M3/RS4-5/S4, where can you spend less than £500 and liberate another 80+ bhp from the current M3/RS4-5 hmmmmm don't think you can unless you know differently? The current S4 (B8) is a well respected and rated car, generally all the reviews I have seen say the same. The only person who I have ever seen say something unflattering about it was VBH & then Tiff totally contridicted her when they reviewed it on fifth gear... The M3/R8/RS5 are all good cars. I totally agree, I could go and order an RS4/5 tomorrow, but I'm perfectly happy with the S4, so for me and only me 20K would be a waste of money on an RS4 again this was a tongue in cheek comment about a waste of money. If you brought a Veryon and thought oooooooo the SuperSport is coming out but it's 700,000 Euros more expensive. An extreme example but is the SS worth 700,000 more than the standard Veryon? It's all subjective, for me the RS (currently) as much as I would love one is not worth the 20K premium. Everything I posted was factually accurate, the specs 0-62 times and my opinions. I have been in a RS5 well a few times actually as a passenger, sounds fantastic but it is very well documented it is not as good a drivers car as an M3, where as the old RS4 moved the game on for Audi all rational points of view say the RS5 hasn't quite lived up to expectations. If anyone does go out and buy a car based soley on reading a post on Tyresmoke or any other forum then I'm sorry they deserve everything they get. So to sum up just in case it isn't clear the cars I have refferred to and no others are: Current Generation S4 B8 platform 3.0 V6 Supercharged with rear sports diff Current Generation M3 Current Generation RS5 & new RS4 R8 4.2 V8 manual (which I have driven in anger) Sorry forgot to mention I have a friend who is an ARDS qualified instructor who races Jags and obviously instructs, he happens to love the R8 V8. He will put it up against Lambos/Ferraris etc. around the bends (get's left for dead on the straights) and he was impressed by mine when he took me around the track. Now wish I had timed it so we could measure the cost difference in seconds like F1! Oh yeah lighten up
  8. Audi/BMW Conversation

    Same story with an S None S model, although generally the more you spend the more you lose... I take a passing look at residuals when buying a car but it has never been an overriding criteria especially with the mileage I do that has more of an impact on residuals regardless of model.
  9. Audi/BMW Conversation

    You won't get me on the value for money front as I do disagree but if you have the 60K+ and are happy to spend it on the lesser car. Of course I will be happy in the knowledge I'm driving the best car in the world and with a few well placed mods can easily take on Hamilton & Button & I won't have to stop for tyres I'm taking the 20K and treating the family to a few decent holidays! It's even good around corners now - honest & I've no crashes to prove it! Even had a bit of opposite lock on the other day
  10. Audi/BMW Conversation

    OK Mod to No Mod. Is the driving experience (which has to be the best measure) between an S4 & RS4 worth 20K? In my opinion (I have been in but not driven an RS5) I would say no. Equally having driven an R8 (V8) on the track, is the driving experience worth 40-50K more than my S4 I would equally have to say No (call me mad)! Is the driving experience of a 5K GTiR anywhere near my S4, sorry the answer is No again! Price is not everything but when you can get something so similar (it is the same basic bloody car!) for 20K less and by all accounts (reviews, owners opinions etc.) one of the best cars in the current Audi range where as the RS5 (only thing we can compare at the moment) doesn't get the same glowing praise period. You may have 20K to "waste" so good luck to you, I may "waste" 20K if I did also but I don't & maybe that is the difference?
  11. Audi/BMW Conversation

    It is kind of balanced, it is the same basic platform therefore car and for less than £500 the S4 can be modded to perform better (you read me correctly) better from a pure performance point of view than a car higher up in the range (20K higher up in the range). What do you get for your 20K a V8 instead of a Supercharged V6 .5 second off your 0-62 time, 2 part discs and 8 piston (front calipers), the crown gear diff, the mystery RS sports suspension & the RS badge. I have probabley missed bits & pieces but all of the important bits are there. Now taking the balanced view, if I had the choice of both looking at the difference on paper it doesn't quite add up. I would need to drive both to see if my extra 20+ K would be justified & do you know what based on nearly 3 years & 50,000 miles of S4 ownership the RS4 would have to be really special to get my hand in my pocket. As I said previously I would love an RS, but a 20K premium over the S I'm not sure. BMW have it (sort of) right here as you don't really compare a M to any other car in the range, it is what is it an M. With the S/RS particually the S4 & RS4 you are looking at two very close cars performance wise, now if the price difference was only 10K it (may) be a completely different story.
  12. Audi/BMW Conversation

    Yes I agreed that in my first post, in fact it was my opening gambit. At the moment though I believe and lots of other people that the S4 represents the most versatile car in the Audi range for price/performance/practicality and is tuneable (although you wouldn't do it yourself) to easily compete on a pure performance level (not handling) with an M3/RS4-5 for a lot less money, insurance and running costs. My comment about RS & sleepers is based on the fact that both Audi and BMW design the RS/M to look and sound more aggressive than the standard model (S included). Yes you may have to know what you are looking for but I can always easily spot an RS or M as well as those that are not…
  13. Audi/BMW Conversation

    I haven't (yet) modded my S4 and I wouldn't be doing it to make it similar to an RS just improve the performance/noise of what is already a great package & as Ian_C says it is a great sleeper car where as you can't call any RS a sleeper, what I mean is it shouts about it's performance much more than a S model (like it should).
  14. Audi/BMW Conversation

    5.9 & 6.1 (manual/automatic) doesn't sound like 5-5.3, looks like nearly a second difference to me! & who wants a 4 pot anyway?! Only the 335 comes close (5.5) & that's a 6 pot twin turbo. And when will BMW stop "pretending" the engine is bigger (or smaller) than it is? Even the twin turbo is a single turbo with"twin scroll" cylinder banks & I'm not a BMW hater - I just don't like them! Like most things it is only "well documented" only if you know where to look!
  15. Audi/BMW Conversation

    Sort of a contridiction there Mac (sorry) as the B8 S4 and now the S5 are supercharged and the new RS4/5 as per the B7 is NA. Well documented that the new S4 is probabley the best kept "secret" in the Audi range (not just me saying that) and the RS5 doesn't get great reviews (compared to an M3) and as the RS4 is based on the same platform and engine who's to say that will? Official Audi figures: B8 S4 0-62 5.1 seconds (manual) 5.3 seconds (S tronic) "new" 2013 model 5.0 seconds (0-62). RS5 0-62 4.5 seconds. So you are going to be paying £20K (est. without options) extra not as though price is everything at this level but you can get an S tweak it a bit bear in mind the S4/5 engine is lighter than the V8 vs V6 and you have an RS beater. The tunes etc. for the S4 are well documented on US forums with figures to back them up. You can fit a BBK, zorst etc. and still have change from 6K. With the NA V8 unless you spend megabucks what can you really do to it? Sums don't really add up for me you are paying a lot extra for that badge. Don't get me wrong I would love an RS on the drive but for the price premium over the S, it is dificult to see what you are getting... One of the "generous" options on the RS5 is to have the speed limiter increased to 174mph for £1,258+VAT , with it removed on the S4 it will "apprantley" crack 180!