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  1. GTI has to go

    Think It depends what price they offer it at, A few used GTI's have been sticking for a while in dealers round here, but it's mainly because of how close dealers expect to price them compared to buying a new car, I know they have to put a bit in to 'sweeten' the deal for trade ins etc but some of their margins they are allowing seem way over the top
  2. GTI has to go

    Great rant Mate, agree with everything you said. I have a lot of mates in the car trade, and funnily enough they all admit to telling customers a load of bull when it comes to trade ins. I would rather sell the car private, but I've struck a good deal on an s line for september, and unless I can find a buyer before then it's gonna have to go into their greedy hands!
  3. GTI has to go

    I've just decided to change my GTI for the same reasons(Gonna go for an A4 Sline), I was also supprised by how low the trade bids recieved on my car were, i've got until the end of the month to sell it private, unless it's going to the dealer, who has helped out with quite a bit of overallowance for a september reg. Spec as follows may 05 Red 3door with 18's and a 6 cd changer 12,300 miles 1 owner UK car mint condition, if anyones interested?
  4. Couple of S-Line SE Questions

    I'm in a similar position to you. I've just ordered a 2.0T Special Edition A4 (I'm Changing From A MK5 GTI, Needed More Space), I'm hopeing the extra BHP from the upgraded engine will eliminate the extra weight difference between the Golf and the Audi to provide similar performance. I test Drove the Standard 2.0T and was supprised by how much harder I had to work the engine compared to the Golf, apart from that I found it an impressive car. Does anyone know if there is an upgrade for this engine spec available?
  5. My 130i M Sport

    Own a standard Golf Gti and are good mates with gav, and have to say his 130 is a great car. Performance wise there isn't a lot between the two until you reach 3 figures and then the 130 has a big advantage. All depends how much this matters, because in most situations the golf has enough performance to keep in touch with the bm
  6. Is the MKV R32 worth 4K more that the MKV GTI.....

    Owned MK4 R32 and Changed to MK5 GTI, Test Driven MK5 R32 with the intention of buying. Which is better between these 3 cars in my opinion depends alot on what you want out of driving, I found the MK5 R32 a vast improvement over the MK4 in every area, except maybe it's over all styleing, but to me neither feels quite as adgile or alive to drive as the GTI- There is no doubt they are extremely competent in every area but the GTI seems to suit me far better- This maybe due to my age (25)- The R32 especially in MK5 guise seems designed for the more mature driver- which I think is reflected in how securely it delivers it's performance, and also in it's more subded styleing. I've just finished reading Evo mag with their car of the year report, and I can't agree more with their comments made when comparing the R32 to the GTI
  7. "DSG or not DSG" That is the question..!!

    Drove an R32 DSG Over the weekend- What a gear box! suited the car perfectly, perfect up and down changes all the time, and you can also just slip it into auto in traffic. I don't think it diluted the enjoyment factor at all, it would be a must for me if I was to order an R32
  8. Age of GTI owners

    25- Insurance quite reasonable on GTI- Especially after a scooby and an R32!
  9. 17's or 18's Ratio.

    18's for me aswell- the best option I have ever put on a car- couldn't believe how little it cost to upgrade
  10. Golf GTI vs VX Astra VXR vs A3 2.0T....

    Been reading this topic, and I can't understand how anyone would change a 200bhpish front wheel drive hatchback, for another car of very similar power, a hatchback, and front wheel drive and expect it to give a massive difference in driver appeal. There are differences in the two cars- the VXR may look meaner, the GTI may be a bit more useable everyday, but surely these differences can't alter the appeal of the car that much. If driver involvement is such a defineing factor,and you still need something with back seats buy an EVO/Scooby/M3, Either one of these cars, from an out and out blast point of view, is in a different league to a GTI/VXR 0r any other Front Wheel drive hatchback.
  11. Astra VXR

    At £11k I'll have 10- Room for a 6-7k mark up when selling on. People keep going on about GTI's loosing money, my dealer has just sold a poorly specked 54 plate red GTI last week for £20500.00, they offered to buy mine back (05 plate, Red 18's) for £18k, don't think thats bad depreciation at all, but gonna keep it, it would cost a lot more to get a better over all package
  12. Astra VXR

    £11k- Must be a typeing error!- may loose a bit of money but vw ain't offering 9k discounts
  13. Gti Superchip here we come...

    240 BHP Would be perfect for the GTI, especially as I suspect the new Leon Cupra R will get this as standard. The R32 is a problem for vw, if that was pushing nearer 280 BHP,things would be far easier for a faster GTI to be viable
  14. Car magazine report

    Had a read of the report, R32 really sounds impressive-just like all the reports I have read on it, still not sure on the looks though- only thing that spoils it in my opinion
  15. Gti Superchip here we come...

    Seriously thinking about a chip now- Brother has just bought an 03 impreza wrx (standard with addition of sports back box), and have to say after an encounter with him on saturday night I was supprised how much quicker the scooby was, not just off the mark which would be understanable due to the 4 wheel drive, but as we got going he just kept pulling away!- Have had similar problems with a civic type r. There's no doubt which is the better car over all, the golf wins all day, I think just sometimes think it feels quicker than it actually is and suspect a chip would make a big difference