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  1. Buggy in a sportback?

    Either a smaller buggy or a bigger car!
  2. Buggy in a sportback?

    Unless you have figured this out for yourselves already, I can say that the Quinny Buzz fits in the boot but there is bugger all room for anything else. And it won't fit with the Dreami thing for really small babies, only with the standard seat attachment. We bought the Quinny Zapp now the baby is a touch older and the Maxi-Cosi ISOFIX seat which slots on to it.
  3. New tyres time again

    In Switzerland we swap to proper winter tyres for roughly half the year. So they last a little longer in terms of time. I made the (I think) mistake of getting the lower S-Line suspension - does anyone reckon the Goodyears might me a little more forgiving over the bumps?
  4. New tyres time again

    I'm choosing between Michelin PS2 and the F1 Asymmetric too. My dilemma is that the Goodyears are actually slightly more expensive than the Michelins here in Switzerland as they are a special order. Plus the dealer offers a proper 24 month guarantee on the Michelins.
  5. Tires for A3 Sportback S Line

    Did you choose the Dunlops for a particular reason? Cheers...
  6. Tires for A3 Sportback S Line

    Also about to face this question (after the winter when the "proper" wheels get put back on). Another set of Michelins or the Goodyear Asymmetrics? Same as iceman I am finding the nose sliding around plenty now they have only about 4mm left. I am tempted to try the Goodyears especially as they are cheaper. Any 3.2 owners using them? Please chime in either way.
  7. So, my Sportback is booked in for a service on the 19th (suspiciously almost immediately after the three years free servicing runs out). Is there anything I should keep a heads-up for, and any dealer-type nonsense to be aware of? I am assuming 60k is a major service? The logbook is pretty useless in trying to work out what they will do. Full oil change, DSG oil change, belts, filters, fluids? Is there anything I should insist they check/do? And roughly how much did it cost if you have had a similar service done? Also, DSG peeps, did you ask for any software upgrades for the box (assume that can be done) and how do we know they really checked? Thanks guys.
  8. S3 - Snow Chains/Autosocks

    If you are in Switzerland, be extremely careful. While it is not the letter of the law that you have to switch to winter tires, you had better believe that if you don't have them, and have a prang, you will be blamed. I know this for a fact through bitter personal experience. Oh, and the socks will not cut the mustard either, the police often wait at the snowline and make people put their chains on, and they will probably not let you drive on without proper chains.
  9. Well our Buzz stroller fits in the Sportback's boot nicely, and some shopping etc can be slotted around it. Tight though, but actually not as bad as I thought. I'm glad I didn't do anything rash like buy a Volvo.
  10. I have PS2s on my A3 and love them in the dry - as people have said you can feel exactly when they are on the ragged edge in a corner and thus you can very controllably get a slight drift going. Pure magic. Yes - even with the Quattro pulling you back into line. They are OK in the wet too, still feel safe - but here in Switzerland we change over to winter tyres (soon) and the Pilot Alpin's that I switch to are monumental even in torrential rain/standing water. The PS2s are horrendous in sub-zero temps/snow/ice. The rubber compound goes hard as rock and you don't get any grip at all.
  11. Well, after much deliberation and a few test drives we are going to hang on to the A3 for the moment. A4 not a big enough step up, A5 gorgeous but only 2 door, A6 (a new one) wonderful but shockingly expensive. Have looked at old A6s and they are still an option if we really need the space. May look at the new A4 Avant (supposed to be larger than current model) which is due I think towards the end of next year, or the rumoured A5 Sportback which looks slick (anyone got any details?). Maybe a Q5. Ultimately the Legacy seems fun, well-specced and with enough performance to keep me happy, but there are NO actual dealers in Switz, only import agents, and I couldn't get a new spec Executive S to test drive. I am never going to buy a car I can't test first! The real problem is that I've been Audified. I am not sure I can ever buy another mainstream car from another manufacturer... Thanks for all advice and commentary.
  12. Just specced an A6 3.0 TDI S-Line with desired bits for fun and giggles, £51k. Done some serious reading about new A4, looks very nice. But no Avant announced yet?
  13. 30k sterling is probably beyond my current means. Legacy or old A6? This could be tough. I am a sucker for new but fiscal reality has the nasty habit of intruding...especially with new baby.
  14. [ QUOTE ] Audi has announced the prices for the new Audi A4, at least in the Netherlands, in Frankfurt. Prices start from 33.150 Euro for the 1.8 TFSI and range up to 52.665 Euro for the 3.2 V6. Diesel engines start from 39.900 Euro for the 2.0 TDI and go up to 53.100 Euro for the 3.0 TDI. [/ QUOTE ] Holy smokes. That's almost CHF90k for a 3.2 or 3.0 diesel...CHF30k more than a Legacy.
  15. Or, as Ian rightly says, I could go for a used A6. Although the choice in used cars in Switzerland is NOT great and it can be hard to find the spec you want. Quattro or 4/AWD is a must in the Swiss snow.