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  1. See picture. This happened in West London, it seems the rubbish left by the car caught fire, then the car... Do not know who owns that RS4, but I felt like crying when I saw this...
  2. My new car!

    lmao !!
  3. Tracker or no-tracker??

    I know many of you rather not share if you have tracker or not, but just give me a bit of advice as to what would you recommend a friend to do. Some people believe trackers are good, and some other rather see their car go as opposed to being recovered after being mistreated by someone else... So, is it tracker yes or tracker No??
  4. After reading you post found the following on Audi/VW forums: "holding the upshift paddle returns the transmission to automatic mode" If this is not working with your S4, maybe it can be activated through the VAG-COM?
  5. Paint protection - Advice

    Collecting new car in a couple of months, and was thinking if there is anything I should consider doing to protect its paint. I think the stealer offers something with AutoGlym, but not sure if and what to do about it. Any suggestions?:confused:
  6. Dynamic Steering for S4, YES or NO??

    I will be placing an order for a new S4 Avant, highly speccd. The option I am not sure to go for is the Dynamic Steering. I will be going for ADS, Damper Control and Sports Differential. What's your experience with Dynamic Steering?
  7. Paint protection - Advice

    Interesting option Paintshiled as well...
  8. Paint protection - Advice

    Thanks Andy_Bangle. Called GTechniq and they told me to get in touch with SL Restoration which are supposed to be excellent. Nick from SL Restoration quoted me £480 to work on paint, glass and wheel face. They estimate it to be an 8 hour job. Looking at the pictures on their website, they seem to have amazing facilities.
  9. Possible to have MMI navigation on, but speed diaplay on DIS?

    ....nice one ... Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
  10. Expecting and S4 for week 47

    19" 5-arm rotor, Titanium Finish (part of Black Edition) Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
  11. Expecting and S4 for week 47

    My wife is expecting our second child and felt it would be a good idea to give her company by ordering a new car.... Build week 47, week commencing 19th November... how many days after that do I have to estimate for collection? I'm thinking that if collection date falls in mid december, the whole delivery may get pushed to the first week of Jan.... Any thoughts??
  12. Expecting and S4 for week 47

    Thank you Graham, and welcome! You currently driving and S4 i guess...
  13. Expecting and S4 for week 47

    S4 Avant, Ibis white Black Edition, Silver / Black Super Sport seats, Advanced Key, ADS, Hill hold assist, Parking system advanced, convenience package, Damper Ctrl, Heated Front Seats, High Beam Assit, tel prep high w/ Audi Conenct, OPen Sky sunroof, Adaptive Headlights, sports diff, power tailgate, rear side airbags, storage pack, tech pack advance, tyre pressure loss indicator
  14. Recomended tweaks on new S4

    Getting new S4 sometime at the end of November, and would like to know what are the tweaks you guys have done and would recommend me to do with the Vag-Com
  15. Recomended tweaks on new S4

    Thank you Benjie Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
  16. Tracker or no-tracker??

    What I have also noticed is that for the equivalent of a couple of years subscription of a tracker you can get GAP Insurance....
  17. Expecting and S4 for week 47

    Booster, Are you suggesting baby may come first (due end of Jan)??
  18. Dynamic Steering for S4, YES or NO??

    Yeah, like that... DanG, does yours have a sunroof?
  19. Dynamic Steering for S4, YES or NO??

    It also looks good, since it gives a black touch to the white roof
  20. Dynamic Steering for S4, YES or NO??

    Black Edition (black grille, black roof bars , privacy glass, flat bottom steering wheel, B&O, AMI, DAB), Silver black Super Sport seats, Drive Select, Damper Ctrl, Sports Diff, Tech Pack Advanced, Mobile Tel w/ Audi Connect, haeted Front Seats, Convenience Pack, hill assist, tyre pressure indicator, rearside airbags, parking advanced, advanced key, panoramic sunroof, power tailgate, adaptive headlight...
  21. Dynamic Steering for S4, YES or NO??

    B.E. looks great on white Avant, in particular with the dark rotor wheels which I start seeing on every other Audi lately (not great...)
  22. Dynamic Steering for S4, YES or NO??

    And in this case it will be Black Edition as well...
  23. Dynamic Steering for S4, YES or NO??

    S4 Avant Ibis white ordered finally, without dynamic steering. Thanks all for your advice.
  24. Cheaper Insurance on S4 Avant than on A5 3.0 TDI Coupe

    I currently have an A5 3.0 TDI Sport and will be going for an S4 Avant soon. While getting insurance quotes on comparison websites, I am get lower quotes when doing it for a brand new S4 Avant than for my 5 year old A5 3.0 TDI Coupe.... Is it the shape of the car that makes insurance companies think that if I have an Avant (S4) I will drive my children and dog in a more gentle way to when I do it on the Coupe?
  25. Dynamic Steering for S4, YES or NO??

    DAB is brilliant. Currently have B&O in my A5, and would be happy to have it in my next again... S4 Black Edition includes B&O and DAB