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  1. Hi everyone, Im hankering after a car in Liverpool which is unfortunately quite some distance from where I live. So I've asked the seller to send me lots of pics, and intend to get a vehicle inspection carried out to make sure its all ok. The question is, other than AA\RAC is there any other's (particularly in the Liverpool area) that could do the job? The car in question is an XJ8. Thanks in Advance
  2. Need your help...

    Hi All, This is both a shameless plug and a request for help from all you classic car fans out there. We've just created a new web site which is aimed at Triumph owners (but all classics fans are welcome) and Im at the stage where we need to get bodies on the site to both fill out the content and to test for bugs and general problems. So im offering you for free a years subscription if you would kindly spare us some of your time and any nice photos you have of your classics. If you could post comments\suggestions in the forum on the site it would really help out! The site is here: Triumph Car Club: Home Your free registration code is: tyresmokin Thankyou in advance Beavis
  3. Hi all, I have a set of Audi A8\S8 Stainless Steel Entry Strips reading Quattro on them. They are genuine Audi parts. They are new, and have never been fitted. Im after £60 for them which is i believe about half what I paid originally. Cheers
  4. I've just brought an old avant for the Mrs. Light units arent great on the front of the car, does anyone know where I can buy some one piece lights (with indicators) that dont look totally chav. I found some but they have 'angle eyes' Any help appreciated. Cheers
  5. Canon 30d + Lenses + More

    Definately sold!!
  6. Canon 30d + Lenses + More

    Hello mate, is the 17-40 in good condition..? Any dust/fungus in the viewfinder? Does it come with box?? Cheers
  7. Morning all, Having just sold my S8, i now need to get a diesel estate, im interested in an 02 TDI 6 speed (85000 miles). Is there anything I should be looking out for apart from the obvious SH and Cambelt change?? Cheers Richard
  8. Hi all, thought i'd offer my lovely S8 to you folks before I wacked it on autotrader. Its a 2000 x on a private plate (S8 CYL) Just had 80k full service including cambelt. Also, new disks n pads on front and new pads on rear. Unfortunately due to a new wife (and house) I will now have no room for her. Other Pics in my gallery: tata all...
  9. Looking to purchase an S8

    Seems the thread has been pulled back to the ol' exhaust debate again!! ;-) In my opinion.. stay standard and give your insurance company a break! Also, there are one or two things to look out for. On weakness is that you can get a knocking from the front suspension, this is caused in my case by the ovalization (is that a word!) of the front upper wishbone mounts. Secondly, look for oil leaks around the output shaft at the back of the gearbox. Thirdly, check brakes and tracking, these are often overlooked and expensive to replace. £100 for a proper 4 wheel tracking and alignment from Audi. Last of all, dont be put off by these few things. These are absolutely tremendous cats. The sweetest power delivery this side of the new RS4 and yet you can drive all day still get out with a smile on your face! Im just sad I have to sell mine!!!! Interested? Oh. a PS.. Make sure its had a cambelt change!! That'll be £1400 from an audi stealer or around £800 from a good independent. Hope that helps... Beavis..
  10. Life expectancy of Suspension?

    I'd be interested to know what you find. I've got a similar problem on my S8, sounds like something loose on the front. Local garage said "cant find anything wrong". Its now having some work done under warranty (seal on rear of gearbox\output shaft) and i've asked them to take a look too.. Will let you know if they find anything..
  11. Great Investment Opportunity........ Anyone out there insterested? Its a house converted to 3 flats in the village of Frizington, Cumbria. Just 4 miles from the beatiful lake of Ennerdale and the lovely sandy beach of St.Bees head. When they were let before I had the house (4 years) it was making £920 a month from the three flats. If interested I have a few pics that I could send, there's one attached of the house. There is very little work needed to finish them off.
  12. MK Meet 5th April - Caldecotte Arms.

    Well, I think i'd like to come.. But i'm a meet 'virgin' and im a little nervous. Ah fek it... I'll be there.. Now where's my car cleaning stuff.....
  13. What's my S8 Worth?

    Umm, sorry to say less than that. December I payed 19.5 for a x 2000 with 55k on the clock.. Fully laden with electric blind ;-) I'd go for 18.5 as a fair price.
  14. Painted calipers

    oooh.. nice quads... Can I have some please.....?
  15. S8 Front pads and disks - Advice

    £550! There taking the p*** I got quoted £440 from a stealer in Notts to replace disk and pads. Then took them in to kwik fit-esq garage who checked them out, told me the disks were fine and replaced the pads for £109! Think we need to start some kind of campaign against the Audi stealers in the UK!!! Hope you get them sorted btw. ;-)
  16. Stealers Tranny Quote

    And mine's just gone.... gives that lovely cooked oil smell when leaving my car.. Mine's gonna be done under warranty though...!!!!
  17. Im after 2x 245/45/18's Anyone have some cheap? or A set of 20" S-lines off the s8?
  18. Another dodgy e-bay Audi?

    Sold my Jag XJR on e-bay. It was absolutely immaculate and in perfect working condition. Guy wins auction, comes to look at car, we go on a 1hr test drive.. Very happy Get a phone call the day after.. Gearbox had gone! Just goes to show you cant be too careful when buying something without warranty! - Needless to say the £4000 bill for replacing it wasnt my responsibility.
  19. What do you sail / Drive

    I've been on a few nice yachts. Swan, Oysters, Farr.. Sadly though it was at the boat show!! The nicest one I've actually sailed was an Atlantic 62, around the Greek Isles. Very Nice. Currently own (actually its about to go up for sale!) A Camper and Nicholson 1/2 Tonne racer. Very fast and quite famous too. It was in the fastnet race in '79.. the one where many people died, and makes the first two chapters of 'fastnet force 10' on looking for her and rescuing the surviving crew. So any sailors out there interested in purchasing a piece of history... get in touch!
  20. All, I'be been offered some gorgeous wheels.. I have a 2000 Face Lift S8, but I cant tell if these will fit my car. 19"x8.5 et42 5stud 112pcd Will this offset fit?? Anyone..? Cheers all..
  21. Can someone explain the wheel pattern thing...

    Any thought on the preference of tyre size?? Options as I see it are: 245/40/19's 275/35/19'2 Lookin' forward to them there alloys!!
  22. How low can you go?

    They changed my brake fluid free because they asked me if I wanted it done after they'd one it..!!! HAHAHA Gave me a smile, still, I ended up handing over £325 for the service.!!
  23. Can someone explain the wheel pattern thing...

    Yep Gallardo wheels!! Might be moving to Wellingborough/Northampton area later this year I think there's another thread on tyre size so i'll read that before asking !! Thanks Botang.