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  1. New Zealand

    Will be there at the same time. 3 weeks looping the South Island in a campervan followed by a ferry up north for a mates wedding. Did a similar trip a couple of years back. Make sure you see glaciers, wineries, albatrosses, Milford Sound, Wanaka, Queenstown, Abel Tasmen, Rotorua, Taupo, Whakapapa/Tongoriro, Mt Cook. Basically all the outdoor stuff, especially on the south island. As Mort says, spend time touring and enjoy the getting there. We tend to stop at each place for one or two nights and then move on. Been booking stuff (ferry etc) today strangely enough Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  2. When did the Windsor meets stop?

    Take it this did not go ahead? Was just reminiscing about this very meet on S3Bangs 10yr thread in the LOJ. Was wondering what happened to it - I drifted away around 6 yrs ago and i guess most others did too....
  3. Mclaren MP4

    In a particularly gorgeous dark red metallic. On trade plates a couple of miles from the factory. The colour really did elevate the car to another plane.
  4. First RR Evoque rolls off the production line

    Saw a couple of dozen of them yesterday at the Longcross testing place near the M3. Missus instantly dropped her idea to wait for Audi to launch the next S3 and got straight on to RR to arrange a test drive. Quite like the look of the 3 door and they look like a quality piece of kit. Pity the petrol turbo only comes in the top spec and comes in at a touch below £40k even before you start adding stuff. Makes the 190bhp diesel starting at £30k look the one to choose.
  5. 2011 a3?

    Any updates on this? The missus is looking to get an S3 probably at the start of next year. She's not really up for an end of line/full of toys edition so hoping the new lineup starts off with an S3 in it.
  6. HID Headlamps........

    Can't see a problem with HID headlamps. Badly adjusted headlamps of any description. Now that's another story.
  7. Matt black Gallardo

    Just looked wrong...
  8. Recommended Android Apps?

    The ones I use the most are : - Titanium backup (need to be rooted) - LauncherPro Plus (launcher replacement) - 3G Watchdog (monitors data usage) - Amazon - Audiomanager (sets volumes with a widget) - Chrome to phone (you don't need to use Chrome - FF works too) - Dropbox - Ocado - Plume (Twitter) - Phoneweaver (changes settings based on time/location/calendar) - Poweramp (music player replacement) - Rail Planner (timetables and journey planning) - Set CPU (overclocker/underclocker - needs root) - SwitchPro (widget to change all settings) Around half are paid, half free. All very useful with most getting used at least daily
  9. Ferrari 275 GTB

    Simply gorgeous. Best looking Ferrari ever IMHO
  10. Wireless repeater for Sony TV

    Just the one I was looking at.
  11. Wireless repeater for Sony TV

    This is what I'm planning to do with mine, have a BD-770 blu-ray and am waiting a few weeks before the new Bravia TV range hits the streets to upgrade the telly. The wifi connection I use atm just seems a bit flaky to stream movies over so am hoping some homeplugs will do the job better. Maybe its just Lovefilm though as the wifi connection to laptops and phones is usually rock solid... I'd also heard that you have to buy the Sony dongle if you want wireless. No other will work.
  12. engine management light on.

    Had a 52 plate that did just that. Turned out to be a temp sensor. £60 fitted at dealership.
  13. Android 2.2

    Try flashing a rom after you root. That's when things get a little hairy... a couple of boot loops and then 5 minutes or so to rebuild the cache while it sits at the white htc screen.
  14. So how did you hook it up in the end then? V+ box to the SS or from the telly? What cables? Looking to get a soundbar in the new year - the shape of the room is just not right for a proper setup (read : missus won't let me) and want to hook it up to my V+ box (Samsung HD one)
  15. Android 2.2

    'Plug it in'....that's so last century..... what's wrong with the phone telling you its got an update and then downloading it over the air- 3g or wifi. It's just how you think it ought to be in the non-iPhone world Edit : Think I was by the pool in the south of France in August when I got my 2.2 update. Now that's service! (note : neither Google nor htc provided the pool. Sadly the cost was mine)