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  1. Typical!

    A woman was in a coma. She had been in it for months. Nurses were in her room giving her a sponge bath. One of them was washing her private area and noticed that there was a slight response on the monitor when she touched her. They tried it again and sure enough there was sizable movement. They went to her husband and explained what happened, telling him, "As crazy as this sounds, maybe a little oral sxx will do the trick and bring her out of the coma." The husband was sceptical, but they assured him that they'd close the curtains for privacy. The husband finally agreed and went into his wife's room. After a few minutes the woman's monitor flat lined, no pulse, no heart rate. The nurses run back into the room. "What happened!?" they cried. The husband said, "I'm not sure....maybe she choked?
  2. Anyone for some brand new 1970's Fiats?

    That sounds like the Lancia Gamma engine,surely it didn't share that?
  3. Anyone for some brand new 1970's Fiats?

    No,it was in Palmers Green which is where I was bought up. It was blue(I think they all were,lol)and had a hideous colour interior like orange or something,still would have loved to own it.I think it got scrapped before I left school.
  4. Anyone for some brand new 1970's Fiats?

    I used to walk past one too on the way to school,loved the look of it. I think they had a 2.4 V6,same as the Fiat Dino? But not sure on that. All I know is,they must be damn rare now.
  5. Used car selling - juggling buyers

    [ QUOTE ] He's paid for an RAC guy to come round an check the car. Not just a HPI check. HPI check was fine. RAC guy is coming Thursday. The problem is we need to sell the car by the weekend. [/ QUOTE ] Aah I see,the RAC check hasn't even taken place yet. Well forget any loyalty to him,the check is bound to throw up faults,however minor they are.The guy might not want it after anyway,you know how some people get put off by a split wiper blade rubber and the fact that it might need a couple of tyres this side of Christmas. Let 'em all come and view,you never know,there might be a nice bidding war outside your house which can only be good for your bank balance.
  6. Used car selling - juggling buyers

    Do you know the result of his RAC check? I mean has he rang and said "yeah that's all great I'll have it"? TBH,even if he has,so many people mess about with car buying that if it were me,first to arrive and offer pound notes would buy it.
  7. Charity Appeal

  8. Why does TSN seem so anti Mercedes?

    Wide range of views there,so maybe I was a bit eager to suggest that TSN was anit Merc,seems like it's just a percentage of users who are. Interesting that the C-Class sport was mentioned as my mate bought a brand new one round at the weekend.The suspension and steering is transformed when compared to the standard model,it is indeed a decent drivers car now and imo looks pretty damn nice too! Apparently the facelift SLK is out in the next few weeks and the 350 will be over 300bhp,judging by how capable the chassis is,that should be a top motor. One thing I will say about every model that I've tried is that they are easy to drive,and easy to drive quickly,this to many maybe a downside and could also be the reason why they leave some "cold".To me that's a pluspoint,especially when you do a lot of miles,on a track it probably wouldn't be such a good thing but 95% of driving is on the public highway,so for me,ease of use is just fine.
  9. Just curious after reading such negative comments on the "63" post. My mate works for Merc so I get to drive most of the new models for "extended" journeys. The quality imo is back where it should be and most of them are very nice to drive. He has an SLK280 as an everyday hack and even though it's miles from being the top model it's a blinding car.230bhp,7 speed auto,goes round bends on rails,amazing brakes and excellent driving position. So why do you lot dislike them so much and think that you have to be old to drive one?????
  10. 101.9p !!

    Speaking of fuel prices,I filled up at BP on the dual carriageway leading to Northampton last night. Thought nothing of it until the Ultimate unleaded continued to flow into the tank without an end in sight it seemed. 118.9p Now I have to admit to not always looking at the price,but surely this has to be one of the most expansive in Britain,or is this the norm and I just hadn't noticed.
  11. Post a pic of your car

    [ QUOTE ] What de hell is that? [/ QUOTE ] Looks like a Camero to me,but not really up with yank motors so couldn't say for sure.
  12. Great vids! Top Gear or Fifth Gear should hire that guy,I could listen to and watch his reviews all day long. Interesting he makes the comment about the Skyline being from a company that used to be called Datsun,but if you go back 40 years and remember how good the 240Z was it comes as no real surprise that they are capable of producing a car in 2008 that is for all intents and purposes as good as a Porsche. If I was going out to buy one of those cars though,I'm pretty sure it would still be the 911 I'd opt for.Not badge snobbery in the slightest,there's just something about that car that makes it that little bit more special imho.
  13. audi A4 quattro 3.0 is it a good buy

    [ QUOTE ] can get the saab to 325bhp without too much trouble, if i could afford the audi 3.2 or afford to run a 4.2 a6 i would snap it up but i got a budget and i like the saabs looks as well. in an ideal world i would love a rs4 but [/ QUOTE ] Why not a 9-5 Aero? The reason I ask is because I happen to know a guy who is selling one that had the Hirsch conversion done.It hasn't been ragged as the guy is 65 and a Saab enthusiast through and through.He has replaced it with a 07 plate Aero. Hirsch are the approved tuning company for Saab and the car has 18 inch rims,Eibach suspension,LSD,4 pot brakes and 280bhp engine conversion.I drove it at the weekend and it is fantastic in every respect.It is in near mint condition in and out and I reckon with a bit of talking can be bought for 5k(02 plate,100k,FSH,Tax,test etc-If I had 5k spare I'd have bought it already) So there you have it,if you want something a bit special then PM me and I'll give you his details.Oh and for the record,it has no trouble putting the power down such is the quality of this upgrade.
  14. Which performance diesel car?

    Looks like an absolute peach,I hope you'll be very happy with it!!