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  1. A few european delights...

    I'm doing a similar thing in 4 weeks time. Ring and Alps with plenty of driving every day! Our Norfolk Line ferries were £38 return though
  2. DB9 Volante - J BOND plate...?

    Turns out after further research that it was from the Bahamas!
  3. I have no car

    I am living in Sydney at the moment for a few months so not bothered to get another car out here. The main drag is not being able to go out for a drive into the mountains for fun, but I am going out with a mate for that tomorrow so it doesn't prevent you hooning entirely
  4. DB9 Volante - J BOND plate...?

    I see you posted the same question on the Aussie forum I'm on, but reading this description, I don't think it sounds like a plate from out here. There are no crests on plates here, maybe it was from the States?
  5. Hong Kong spots

    ...and yellow Ferraris too! I saw plenty of supercars when I was last there in 2006 including a Zonda, F50, a then newly launched F430 and plenty of Lambos, Ferraris and Porsches to boot!
  6. ultimate James Bond number plate

    OO7 is on a Vanquish S. Spotted in a dealership's service area recently
  7. Mercedes CLS convertable +SLR + M3 CSL.

    Yep I have seen that heap around St Jonhs Wood in the past and it really is even worse in the flesh!
  8. 2008 Europe Trips

    Le Mans can be done for under £300 including everything if you don't mind slumming it in a tent a little! See the Le Mans forum over on www.pistonheads.com and that has everything about campsites, routes, what to take and who to book with. Another option would be to go the 'Ring which can be done in a weekend, or even a drive down to the south of France/northern Italy which would take a little longer, but it would be worth it for the stunning roads and great scenery
  9. Bugatti Veyron...nice Reg plate

    [ QUOTE ] the word on the street would be correct! [/ QUOTE ]Interesting, I always thought it was a mere rumour. The same gent also owns X1 and Y1 and RAY 1
  10. Bugatti Veyron...nice Reg plate

    Word on the street is that the same person owns both the B1 and 1B registered Veyrons!
  11. The 50 mpg club

    Not an oil burner, but after 5 years with my Nissan Micra 1.0, I've almost hit the magic 50! I managed 266 miles on a tank giving 48.2mpg so just need a couple more miles out of the tank and I'll be over the line
  12. Black Bentley

    That is a limited edition car called 'Monaco' something or other I believe. There is one in Manchester and a dealer had one for sale which didn't seem to be shifting a few months back. Definitely something different, but not necessarily something nice!!
  13. The Fensport Celica is certianly a weapon and Adrian Smith drives it very well in the Time Attack series. The Calina (sp?) is always outside the Fensport garage at race meets. It seems they use it as a support car I recognise quite a few of the cars from earlier Jap' events this year including Donington and Silverstone and no doubt several of them will be at Knockhill this weekend
  14. Black SLR in Manchester

    There are three that have been spied around Leeds and another 2 in Manchester at least. I guess some of those might be the same one in a different city, but they seem to be relatively plentiful in the region
  15. Merc C63?

    They are making a 6.3 litre version of the C-class as far as I'm aware, but I didn't think it was out on sale quite yet. Could be as said before a Brabus monster. Saw a Brabus'd S-Class in Sheffield the other day and that looked mighty!