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  1. Hello all ! I am looking to get a 225 TTC and I am thinking of upgrading the springs as one of the rears has broken. I am told that that is a common problem - does anybody here now if that is true ? Also , I am thinking of switching to Eibach Springs all round with Eibach anti roll bars . Does anyone have any experience with these , as the only concern I have about using these is that they may effect the ride . I am aware that they will tighten up the handling , but its only me that will notice that , its my wife that will be driving it everyday and she will have different priorities to me , so I am barking up the right tree or should I be fitting something else ? By the way - whilst I am on - its funny how Audi havent seen fit to update or tweak the TT shape basically till now , shows you they got it right first time eh ?
  2. My Mates GTR 34

    Cheeky !
  3. My Mates GTR 34

    Saucy ! Any details ?
  4. Head Gaskets

    Looking to buy a TT , and have sourced one ! Only issue I had was that whilst the oil is as clean as a whistle , the oil filler cap on the metal plate at the back had a little bit of mayonaise on it . Nowhere else , just there. Car ran perfectly for 2 hours in traffic , with no problems . Question is - is this something that spells disaster , or does it just mean that the car hasnt been used for a while , and has formed condensation . Sometimes they do (look at any XJS filler cap ) .The car has done 70K and has a full history . Anybody got any ideas ? Is it a problem that others have had?
  5. 350Z

    How does a KW relate to a real measure of potency ?
  6. Skylines of all types

    If you are going to or thinking about going then BOOK EARLY ! For some campsites it is already too late !
  7. Skylines of all types

    flew mate - flew - at least it did till the front right wheel split ! But it waited till the friday to do it so had the whole journey down to have fun ! Even the bloke in the Gaylardio was smiling later on ! Did you go then Danksy? Was you there fella ? Taking the Skyline up to scotland next week for a bit of a jaunt should be fun ! Anybody else up there ? And if you are - WHERE THE F*** DO YOU GET 97 Ron Petrol ?
  8. Skylines of all types

    Go to to see all the detail !
  9. Skylines of all types

    How many of you if any are going to be at le mans this year? I shall be in my silver R32 GTr - tuned to 400 or so BHP - should be good to scare a few prokers etc ? If you are , when you going down , ferry or tunnel etc ?
  10. Datsun 240/260/280 Z

    How many of them are out there - reading this - and how many are going to be at Le Mans this year ?
  11. 300ZX TT

    Wait till you hear the GTR - went bullying the other night - did an aston thingy (is it just me or are they becoming common ? ) new shape , not sure if it was a DB whatever but it was new , anyway , killed him completly which surprised me cos SOS had some crap petrol in it ! But my point was - you couldnt hear him , not over the skyline ! The tunnels in Rouen will be fun !
  12. 300ZX TT

    Yep - mine is a Samuri - converted from 2.4 to 2.8 , with the afore said triple webbers. Even with a bust head gasket it will (alledgedly) do 150 . If you do want a solid one get a USA one built up to uk spec (rhd) from one of the specialists and get it to your budget ! Parts are cheap - new wing from NISSAN !!!! £120 deliverd next day !!!!!
  13. 300ZX TT

    Or go out and spend some time looking for a proper 240Z - stick triple webbers on it , and scare the whotsits out of baby porkers, once tried never forgotten. 300 Z good but pretty big !