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  1. 2007 S6 MMI screen failed?

    Super delayed reply.....reseated cables, changed screen, problem still there. Must be the cable, but looking at it's routing I do not fancy trying to change that, so will probably get a decent local auto electrics place to do it. That plus the throttle valves, parking sensors and now one of the fuel rail pumps has really put me off audis. My old ('97) GTR was way less trouble with worse treatment and more power....
  2. Hi all, I tried a search but didnt find anything specific. My '07 S6 MMI screen (2G high) recently stopped working, all the radio, phone functions etc work fine, just the screen is blank. It started showing striped colours, now mostly is just blank. Before I take the dash out to fit a 2nd hand replacement, is there another possible cause? I assume I'll probably have to get the new screen coded to the car as well? thanks
  3. At the moment scrap value is £300, which isn't very enticing an idea. I'll see how things progress, but I've had to buy an ebay banger for £600 just to get to work in the interim. Recent house rebuilding mean that £2k isn't particularly available at the moment. Thanks for other suggestions Depending on what happens I could SORN it for a few months and see if I want to have it repaired after the summer... Picasa Web Albums - Iain Arthur - A8 Pics I do quite like it, but the wife may not be that impressed about part of the drive becoming a car storage area
  4. Hi, thanks for the replies, the quote I've had was c £2k, remove, recondition & refit. I'm based in surrey, the quote was from Hardy engineering. At the moment, it looks like the car will be scrapped as £2k is just too much to pay It is a DTD box
  5. unfortunately the gearbox on my 97 4.2 quatrro has died. I've been quoted c£2k to refurb the box, but I'd guess that's about 50% more than the cars worth.. Irritating as the only other thing that didn't work was the electric aerial. Any thoughts?
  6. Water in air-con

    There are also drains on either side of the transmission tunnel at the front (under the dash) , if water has built up and not drained from these, then they may also be blocked. I think they were meant to drain condensation from the ac system
  7. Cam Belt Change in South East England

    Depends where in SE. I've used CT Cars in East Horsley (Surrey near Guildford) for A4, S8 and A8 over the last few years and they've always been good. Audi & VW Service Specialist in Leatherhead, Guildford and Cobham by CT Cars
  8. Engine cut out at speed - ideas?

    thanks guys - I'll mention to the guy who services it next week. He'll VAG it and see what comes up. I hope it's not too expensive, as my bike service today was £400 cheers Iain
  9. my 1998 4.2 Q cut out several times at the weekend. I was on a motorway doing a steady 70, and the engine just died. All electrics seemed fine, and I could restart the engine immediately. It happened again a few minutes later, and then was fine for another few hours. Has any one had something similar happen? Any ideas to what caused it? thanks Iain
  10. No heat or fan-advice

    Fuses are all fine. I got bored being cold and dropped it into my local independant, so hopefully it wont be too expensive
  11. Gearbox Oil & Filter - Which Garages?

    I've had it done one two different 8's by CT Cars in East Horsley, Surrey. A couple of guys at work use them as well for an 8 and a 6
  12. No heat or fan-advice

    Just started the A8 this am and no fan at any setting, whish is a bit of a bugger as it's currently covered in 5mm of frost. My wife mentioned a 'funny smell' when she drove it last night, so I'm guessing a failure of the fresh air blower? Anyone had something similar? Thanks Iain
  13. A8/S8 Roll Call

    51 - 98 4.2QS - Godalming
  14. boot release on key not working

    okayyy - I win the idiot/RTFM of the week award. please be gentle on the p***taking Iain PS - I found an easy way to water out of the rear vent without taking it apart - VAX + some 3mm tubing=nice and dry. Now to get the last from the front
  15. wiring for drivers seat - help!

    thanks Eddy - dont think it's a seat belt sensor as it's only on the drivers side. I dont really care what it is, I just want to find out where to plug it back in! ;-)