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  1. Another ebayer to avoid

    In the end, the buyer "kindly" decided that the matter had been resolved amicably and the dispute was closed by Paypal.
  2. Sterotypical BMW driver gets taught a lesson...

    Man of limited vocabulary in a hairdresser's BMW is spanked by a Golf. What a tit.
  3. Barbie Boxster

    Was that "Barbie" standing near the back ? She has put on a bit of weight.
  4. 2001 Volvo V70 T5 SE

    In terms of value, you get a load more kit than Audi or BMW and I would say the build quality is better than BMW too, or at least better than the 3 series I had. Even with this mileage there are no squeaks or rattles and the suspension/box etc. as still tight.
  5. 2001 Volvo V70 T5 SE

    Still for sale. Yes, it's a Y-plate - I did put that on the form on PH but for some reason it didn't come out on the ad. Serious offers considered.
  6. Another ebayer to avoid

    Today I've had an email from Paypal, saying they have passed it to another department. So it looks like they do have people working for them after all, rather than an automated resolve-by-the-cheapest-means-possible system. Hopefully all the screenshots of feedback etc. will sway them to go in my favour. We'll see...
  7. Another ebayer to avoid

    On the subject of Paypal, I have copied them loads of screenshots of emails he sent apologising, and of the positive feedback he left (why would he do that if he hadn't received the item, durr), plus pointing out a few discrepancies between his claim and what actually happened - the date he won the auction was a month out for a start. If it was a police case, there would be sufficient to prove I was not in the wrong; no doubt PP will try and shaft me for the funds.
  8. Another ebayer to avoid

    Luckily I withdrew the funds pretty much straight away, so my PP account is now in the negative. I reported him to police and sent him an email with my collar number and the log number for the report, so he knows I'm not messing about. He replied and apologised but so far he doesn't appear to have told them to withdraw the claim. At the moment, police are unsure who is the victim (depends on the outcome of Paypal's almighty decision). It's a shame the little fecker doesn't live in my force area or I might get a mate to pay him a visit. The cross-force offence will no doubt put a spanner in the works if it comes to dealing with him for fraud or other offences. I've bought and sold hundreds of items on ebay including cars and only had one problem before, which wasn't this bad. It's getting beyond a joke, it no longer seems to carry lots of bargains but some real tat and there are loads of sharks out there.
  9. Another ebayer to avoid

    Avoid at all costs musass.123 He bought a BMW spoiler from me on ebay, paid by Paypal, and collected the item. Now he is claiming he never received it. Avoid at all costs
  10. 2001 Volvo V70 T5 SE Fancy changing back to an Audi now
  11. Food poisoning of doom

    Oh yes, lots of trips to the khazi. My carwash bucket doubled as a portable vomitorium in the bedroom, lovely. Odd thing was that I was freezing cold with severe cramp in my feet, yet my temperature was high. Must be some physiological thing.
  12. Food poisoning of doom

    Last week I thought I'd save some cooking one lunchtime, and bought fish and chips. 24 hours later, I'd been up all night being severely ill and managed to lose 11-12lbs in weight. Kind of puts your Slim-Fast products into perspective.
  13. Dreamer perhaps??

    [ QUOTE ] YEADON MOTOR COMPANY, Kirk lane, LEEDS. DONT GO THERE! 2nd BAD experience with them! 1st one sadly was when i bought my S4 from them!!! Dan [/ QUOTE ] I don't normally look at this forum but I'm glad I did - I had a very bad experience with YMC years and years ago when I bought a Mk2 Astra (Kirk Lane Motor Co. as it was called back then IIRC). Never had any proof really, but the Astra was showing a lot more wear than its 81,000 miles suggest it should, plus it had been accident damaged.
  14. Knightrider!

    [ QUOTE ] Cool but it seems a little high off the ground to me [/ QUOTE ] Maybe the driver had just hit the TURBO BOOST button and was about to jump over an old oil tanker or something
  15. I feel shocking

    Hope you have better luck with Corgi than I did. We had a Corgi guy come to sort our CH - turns out he didn't manage to fix it, and then he wasn't Corgi registered to work on CH, only on other things (?). Corgi man came to speak to us but did bugger all about it.