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  1. My R32 was stolen thismorning

    I'm sorry to hear that, have you heard anything yet? These ba5tards should have their hands cut off of this type of thing! Well, if it comes up scotland way, be assured we'll let you know if we see anything... You don't see many R32's in edinburgh/fife way so I'll keep my eyes open for you. I know how you must be feeling right now, I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago, old grabbing the keys through the letter box trick. Have you heard anything from the insurance company?
  2. R32 Headlamp Units, replacment bulbs!

    Hi TP, Larry Yep, the weather was a little bit bad so a small rain check until this weekend... *look up at sky* I've got some time off work next week so hopfully if the weather gets it act together I might get it done then. I've got the digital camera all charged ready to take the pics, so it's just the weather now!
  3. GAP insurance & mods.

    The best cop-out for insurers is.... ready.... ACT OF GOD!! Car goes on fire.... ACT OF GOD... how the bloody hell is that an act of god!! I might try that the next time they claim their payments from my bank and I'm overdraw... sorry but my account balance is low because of an act of god.... see how they like it!
  4. The Dark side!!!

    If I could afford it, I would always keep my little baby (Never sell it)... maybe just for weekends once it got a little older and use a company car during the week
  5. R32 Headlamp Units, replacment bulbs!

    Cheers TP I'm just waitting my new LED W5W leds can't wait!!
  6. R32 photos now in gallery

    well it's on a 53' plate so thats... well year and bit... (is that a bad sign I had to think so long about that??) It's been great apart from the air con breaking on me just as the hot weather started!! Also it likes going though sidelight bulbs at a rate of 1 a month! Other then that I love it to bits and this morning it just rolled over 25,000 on the clock.... ooooo! If I could just not have to deal with the vw dealers it would be great!
  7. R32 Headlamp Units, replacment bulbs!

    Hi Larry, Yep, I did get your e-mail however I didn't get any failed delivery notice. Just one of these things I guess! Thanks again for that info, I'm going to try and remove it this weekend!! Thanks again for all your help, Pete
  8. R32 Headlamp Units, replacment bulbs!

    cheers Larry, I'll send you a quick e-mail! I guess it's just a case of taking time with it!
  9. New Road Angel

    Hi Ross, well I bought my RA1 from ebay (new) and I got the 240v house power supply for updating the info on the computer and I also got the radar detection sensor. Whats this thing about the new law?? no more radar detection??
  10. New Road Angel

    I'm a road angel 1 user and I'm wondering, is it worth the upgrade?? It's not cheap after all!!
  11. I'm a long time user of the road angel system and it's saved my skin more then once! However I've just learn't that a new model has come out "road angel 2". I'm just wondering if anyone has taken the jump and brought it and what do you think?? Any better then the old version??
  12. R32 Headlamp Units, replacment bulbs!

    Cheers Larry, did you brave changing the front bulbs yourself? I have looked at removing the headlamp unit myself however I can't see a way of doing it without removing the bumper and that would be the first time for me and I'm just wondering if I should nip down to the dealaship for the last time and watch them do it so I know how to do it in the future??
  13. R32 photos now in gallery

    [ QUOTE ] Petemate - it was first registered in Feb 2004 so not yet a year old. [/ QUOTE ] nice, how have you found it so far, have you given it the right foot test yet?? Pete
  14. New Golf GTI - Going to be a hit ?

    [ QUOTE ] Lets hope not - wasn't the MK4 GTI one of the UKs best selling company cars for a while? No wonder they were everywhere. [/ QUOTE ] Yep, I remember the company I worked for at the time gave their managers the choice of either a BMW 320 or a GOLF GTi... no points for guessing what they went for!