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  1. 2004 S3 ?

    I thought I read all new S models were going to be normally aspirated, and all RS’ turbo versions of that engine
  2. 225 S3 for sale

    just been out in car and noticed it's coming up for 26000 miles not 27000
  3. 225 S3 for sale

    Ah knew there was something I forgot. Coming up for 27000 miles
  4. 225 S3 for sale

    I'm selling my Audi S3 Quattro in nogaro blue on a 51 plate. Selling to free up money for house move. The car was registered in December 2001, but is an 02 model with standard 225 bhp & newer style interior Standard equipment includes - climate control, switchable ESP, remote central locking, Xenon headlights, onboard computer, front & side airbags, electric Recaro seats in blue/black alcantara/silk nappa leather, 6 speed gearbox Extras - Bose amplifiers & speakers, Bose symphony 6cd head unit, Aluminium door mirrors, front centre armrest. The car was imported from Germany through Litchfield imports. The only difference is a 2 year Audi warranty instead of a 3 year for cars purchased in the UK. Audi warranty until December 2003. A few companys offer extended warrantys if this is an issue. Full Audi service history. I am the second owner & have had the car since November last year. The car is in exellent condition, never had any problems at all other than a replacement lumber support motor for drivers chair, done under warranty. Priced to sell at £17250. 07739 753684
  5. Mechanical Buffer

    I never read through it, it was mentioned in a course I was just on. We were told it was caused by vibrations through your hands ie using powertools for prolonged periods
  6. Mechanical Buffer

    Ah the link thing is automatic
  7. Mechanical Buffer

    Sounds like you guys are getting this http://www.carpaltunnels.com/cts/carpaltunnel.html Sorry cant do the link thing
  8. Air con read outs

    Thats the one Cheers
  9. Air con read outs

    Hello all I remember seeing something on ASN about using the air conditioning read out on an S3 to get a load of other stuff (can't remember what). Can someone please let me know what values I can display and how to access them. Cheers
  10. anyone selling one?

    I just bought an import that was registered on 1st of dec 2001. It came with a supplement to the audi warranty that says - "The warranty cover for factory-new vehicles as described in your service schedule has been extended" It goes on to say cars supplied on or after 1st November 2001 now come with 2 years audi warranty. If you look around you should find a 1 year old import for the same sort of a cash as a 2 year old UK car. That is what I did, so I now have a 1 year old car that is still covered by a 1 year audi warranty
  11. Depreciation on imported S3's?

    Yeh richyboy, I had been looking for an S3 nationwide on autotrader (around 150 for sale at the time) for around 3 weeks with the money sitting in the bank. I could see they weren't selling so just held off, I made a few offers that were turned down (thankfully in hindsight ) before buying the car I have now. MY02 225BHP Bose symphony sounds. As already said, I think I caught the market at the right time.
  12. Tyre choice?????

    I also had toyo's on my last car, don't think of them as a budget tyre. They have exellent wet weather grip, they transformed my subaru which was running on p zeros before(not the newest style). To me the fact they are cheaper than their close rivals is just a bonus
  13. Depreciation on imported S3's?

    I bought an imported S3 2 weeks ago, 12 months old exellent condition with 19500 miles, it did require its first service. I payed £1000 less than your predicted 2 year old price. I don't want to put a downer on people, just want to let you see how weak the market is at the moment. I guess the time of year has something to do with it.
  14. Pool of oil

    Yep it's about 40 miles from my house to the dealers, so my cars covered 80 miles in a day without turning a wheel. I think they would have struggled to come up with an excuse for that one though Dean, even if it was your car Edit to add thanks for sorting the piccy dave