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  1. Karcher: K2 or K4?

    This one? http://cpc.farnell.com/nilfisk/c120-7-6-pca/pressure-washer-patio-cleaner/dp/SI18019?ost=C120.7-6+PCA&scope=partnumberlookahead&exaMfpn=true&searchref=searchlookahead&searchView=table&iscrfnonsku=false&ddkey=http%3Aen-CPC%2FCPC_United_Kingdom%2Fw%2Fsearch says they have >100 free delivery Think machinemart have them too https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/nilfisk-c120-7-6-pca-pressure-washer-230v/
  2. Karcher: K2 or K4?

    As Cabby suggests, nilfisk seems the best choice at the entry level. No personal experience of their products yet though.
  3. Karcher: K2 or K4?

    I have a K2 compact. Well I have a broken one at least, very light use just randomly stopped working after about a year. Currently working my way through their collect and repair service, so far there have been 12 emails back and forth and I think they are sending me out a new one. Not sure I would buy a karcher again.
  4. Replacing the wife's car: v2: used or lease?

    The Pistonheads lease deal thread is worth keeping an eye on if you are flexible about what you end up with. After all it's only 2 years.
  5. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Fair play Are you just slogging away doing 10K all the time or trying once a week or so and then using intervals and negative split workouts or similar the rest of the time?
  6. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Motivated by the above rowing posts, I dutifully dragged myself to the garage to have a go at 10k on the ergo. Managed 2500m before quitting, I hate that machine so much. Probably should have set myself a smaller target for my first go in an eternity. Might try for 5k tomorrow.
  7. 2017 Fitness Thread

    It has been six weeks since I started training regularly. Only 4-5 hours a week on the turbo trainer and I have just completed a FTP test and scored 299W. I had estimated my FTP was <200W when I started so really pleased to see such an improvement. Weight wise I was never overweight but have lost 3-4 Kg and around 1% body fat so hovering around or below 14%. All in all a good start..
  8. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Mook, Billy & Torino all seem to have established the eating side of things, have you got any recipes you can share for those of us more nutritionally challenged. Our diet has become a bit haphazard of late and could do with some new ideas. Quite happy to prep on a Sunday for the week probably makes more sense as it's always difficult to fit food around exercise if you have to start from scratch. Not sure tyresmoke is entirely appropriate forum name now that we all seem more preoccupied with diet and exercise than card at present
  9. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Not sure. Haven't renewed my Tri club membership this year and in reality I've done SFA for the last 15 months. I'd like to do another IM but it would end in divorce so going to put that off for now. Have started training again and motivation is good have done 8 turbo sessions this year. Yes I know that it's only the 10th! It feels really good to be back in that training zone and itching to do a workout. They have always felt like a chore of late, so to have that drive back means I might be ready to do something. My shoulder is there or there abouts after it got wrecked at Tenby now too. The other down side is that they are so expensive. Will enter something this year, not sure what. Fancied doing a SUP, MTB & trail run but they are in too far away just for a jolly. How about you still aiming to be top of the obstacle course race podium or have you gone back to triathlon.
  10. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I know lots of people who have had great success with slimming world. A coleague has been on it for around 6 months and has lost 3 stone and my sister in law is 2 weeks in to slimming world and 7lb lighter. Seems to be a good balance of being able to eat "free" food so you aren't hungry and also treats with your sins. Fry light is horrible though. How much do you want to lose?
  11. 2017 Fitness Thread

    What's your current 10K time? I have been trying out zwift on the turbo trainer this year which makes a spiteful bit of kit vaguely bareable. The indoor rower is even worse for mind and body torture. Has the seat got any more comfortable over the years? I seem to remember there is a digital rowing program, does that come with plans to achieve certain goals? In the end though I guess it's building until <2 mins/500m splits is your sweetspot and maintaining a constant pace. Do either 10k training plans or cycling workouts transfer well to the rower, if there are no rowing specific plans? I have a concept 2 in the garage next to the turbo. Set them both up on New Years Eve. Chance of me getting on the rower though is slim to none.
  12. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Would like to achieve a sub 20 min 5K time. Before the arrival of our second child in September I was at 21:30. I have done no exercise since then, so think it will probably take around six months to achieve. This means I might just manage it before the big 40.
  13. Am I mad?

    Red GTS looks amazing what a great choice.
  14. 1998 Mk2 1.6 MX-5

    Not at all surprised it went so quickly
  15. 1998 Mk2 1.6 MX-5

    What a great looking car. Someone is going to get a good deal.