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  1. my audi S2 Avant for sale.

    Thats the one, thanks Mick. .
  2. third one down on autotrader linky, must go.... autotrader Keith.
  3. Hi guys/girls, have a set of 4 track tyres for sale, well they are on ebay, 16" so may suit a enthusiast from here as they are for a medium size car really FLEE BAY Keith.
  4. Tyre-smoking at its best

    NO LSD!!!
  5. I want a Rover 75

    People say that you could do a lot worse than a 75. Well, in its class, what car is worse?? or are we talking about car of the same value, because we all know rovers are worth pennies which may make the rover 75 a bargain............. until you sell it a year or so down the line and you cant even get a blue'y for it!!! seriously, what car in its class is a lot worse than the 75?? all i see driving the rover 75 is old timers.... i have driven the V8 and it compared to my friends audi A6 2.5TDi, but the rover had been to the dealer numerous times with a/c problems, leaking, and some other more cosmetic faults. i also drove a 2.0litre (i think) 75, it was soooo slow, flat powerband and that oval clock with gold trim .
  6. Friends trackday crx stolen...

    Hi all, my friends trackday honda crx was stolen wednesday night from his house. proberly a long shot but you never know, it may get spotted by an eagle eyed TSN'er!! STOLEN CRX Cheers guys.
  7. saw the funniest thing today.............

    I had to go back passed later in the day doing a school trip and the lad was gone, but there was plenty of 2" tape everywhere and one shoe too... .
  8. saw the funniest thing today.............

    unfortunately there was nowhere for me to stop (in time or safely)to get a picture... but i tell you what, still makes me chuckle now.... he's lucky it was a dry day.. .
  9. What i saw today made me laugh so much, although in reality i guess it isn't so funny...... well you decide. As i was bombing down a local A road in the coach, i looked over and nearly lost control with laughter There was a paperboy (age 13~14 i guess) completely tapped up around a telegrath pole and with his shoes removed, even his yellow paper bag was tapped up with him, god knows how long he'd been stuck there as it was about 10am this morning...... In all honesty if i could have stopped somewhere safe i would have and released the poor sod (after a sneaky phone picture of course) Got to say...................... it made my day .
  10. on ebay of course..... boy there's some crackers This guy has a stunner, nice top speed, and the first "good point" is gonna clinch the deal for sure eeekkk...
  11. 2 x supercars ( south devon )

    Well the summer must be coming... the sunshine today bought out: Silver Ferrari 360 spyder (near dawlish - teignmouth) Blue Lamborghini Diablo roadstar (paignton heading towards brixham) Looks like the weather bringing out the money bags... Im not jeleous .
  12. 1984 Lotus Esprit Turbo

    If them old esprit turbo's could actually do 60 in 4.2 seconds..... i'll eat my hat!! I used to work at a engine tuning centre (rolling road) and i can tell you now from my experience: English wiring, boosted engine through twin side draught carburettors is a recipe for "continuos nightmares" Looks great, but it will drive you crazy, and will never make a daily driver!! .
  13. Remember 1989...... topgear!!

    I bet there was plenty of dreamy eyed late teens after that RS500 stuff Oh no..... did that include me actual i was 16 so a year to early to drive .
  14. Remember 1989...... topgear!!

    sorry if this has been posted before but if not..... TopGear episode 1 clicky
  15. How about this odd ball.....

    i know they are old now, but how many sold when they were new??? Audi 200 Turbo!! Was very clean, but had the usual "Bad boy" exhuast and bling rims..... bet it goes alright with the boost hiked up .