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  1. Sat Nav Problem

    Thanks chaps - looks like the dealer then. Tony
  2. Sat Nav Problem

    All My (factory fitted) SatNav seems to have gone up the swanny. I've been using it fine since getting the R just after Christmas and it was working fine this morning but started playing up this afternoon. Basically it seems to think that I don't have the correct disc (or any disc at all). It doesn't matter how many times I switch it off or take the disc out and clean it, it just keeps going back to set up and says it is 'programming' before chucking the disc out again after half a minute or so. The radio and CD player continue to work fine. Any ideas? Anyone suffered a similar problem? All suggestions gratefully received. Tony
  3. i want to cry

    A short cautionary tale. I know to my cost that there are good and bad re-furb men. I had all four wheels refurbed as part of the deal when I bought my R32 in December. Then last week I took my car to a local valeting company for supaguard and metalmate (alloy protector), only to find that the wheels had been poorly refurbished. Apart from messing up the application of the Metalmate it is now clear (having had it pointed out to me) that the wheels don't look anywhere near as good as they should - in places they look almost as if they have a matt finish. End result - I'm getting mine re-done at a reduced price with help from the valeting firm. I guess the only way to guard against such poor workmanship is to try and see some examples of their work before handing over your car. Obviously it helps if, unlike me, you know what you are looking for and pay attention to how the wheel looks overall rather than just being satisfied because the scuffs have gone. Good luck. Tony
  4. supaguard....any good???

    I actually had mine done yesterday at the same place as Hotdog and I have to say that it looks great. Mine was already a clean car (Jun 04) that I only picked up from the stealer three weeks ago but I was well impressed with how great it looked when I went to pick it up yesterday afternoon. Obviously I can't comment on how well it lasts (although having a peak out the window it still looks pretty good this morning!) One word of caution on a related subject though. I also had Metalmate applied to the alloys. According to the chap at the valet company this is the best alloy protector on the market. Unfortunately, before they did it, they forgot to ask me if any of the wheels had been refurbished recently. In fact all of them have had a little work but two of them were done in the last fortnight and the Metalmate has reacted with something used by the wheel man. The result is two immaculate wheels and two with white marks on (looks like they haven't been rinsed properly after washing). I have to talk to them again on Monday and I'm hopeful they'll be able to put it right without too much trouble but they couldn't sort it in the time they had available yesterday. Cheers Tony
  5. top gear cool board

    Daz it is on the website on under cool cars http://www.bbc.co.uk/topgear/coolwall/cool.shtml (second to last car in right hand list). Tony
  6. Anti theft......

    Brilliant. Thnaks everybody. I especially like the sound of the BlackJax, will definitely have the autolocking enabled and may well pick up a Disklok. Cheers Tony
  7. Anti theft......

    OK - so after Craig's sorry story I'm worried. I have had my R32 since last Saturday and I want to keep it for a while. At the minute the security on it is just the bog standard but I am keen to do what I can (within reason) to prevent it going astray. So, I'm wondering what others have done and what the typical cost implications are? Any ideas gratefully received. Tony
  8. My R32 was stolen thismorning

    Craig I'm really sorry to hear your news. I picked up my silver 5 door R32 last weekend and I can only imagine how you must be feeling. Still, as others have said, the important things in your life are safe. I'm not too far away so for what it's worth I'll keep an eye out. All the best Tony
  9. Finance & Fixed Cost Maintenance

    Thanks again - all of the above wil be helpful in making a decision. Although I will let the salesman try and talk me into it, on the evidence so far, I think I'm most likely to refuse the maintenance. I can't get the tyres as cheap as Jaffacake (the best quote I've had is £150 each) but even so I can see that I may end up paying over the odds. Thanks again. Tony
  10. Finance & Fixed Cost Maintenance

    All Thanks very much for the feedback - in such a short time too! Absolutely right on the APR front of course and I'm sure I could get it cheaper elsewhere but part of the reason I didn't look was that I couldn't be bothered with the aggro. When this chap got it approved in (literally) 10 minutes I began to think 'why not?'. So in the end I obviously just have to weigh up what else I could do with the money in the meantime. Interesting feedback on the service agreement too. On the face of it I find it very appealing not to have to worry about any further expense for three years but, if they have a bunch of crafty get out clauses and/or I wouldn't ordinarily have to spend anywhere near this much.... I think I might spend some time discussing it with them before signing when I pick the car up on Saturday ('just two more sleeps' as my kids would say.) Thanks again Tony
  11. I am in the process of buying an 04 R32 and have been offered finance and the fixed cost maintenance package. Now normally I would turn both of these things down - preferring to pay cash and believing most maintenance agreements to be a rip off. However, both of these seem like pretty good value so I thought I'd see if anybody else has a view or might point out something I have overlooked. The finance was agreed in about 10 minutes flat and is at a rate of just 4.5%!! The full maintenance package (including tyre cover) is under £1,400 for three years based on 10K miles per annum. Surely I could spend close to this on tyres alone if I'm unlucky. Any thoughts? Are these both very good deals or am I about to do something stupid? Regards Tony
  12. New MkV Gti Test drive

    I've just bought an R32 and one of the dealers I went to between Christmas and New Year was telling me they had just received instructions from VW not to drive the new GTIs under any circumstance because of a problem with the oil pumps that had caused a number of engines to blow up! I suppose there could be a worse time to find out. Tony
  13. R32 Video Clips

    Dave thanks very much. I have now managed to download a couple of bits to keep me going - I was obviously doing something wrong before. Tony
  14. R32 Video Clips

    Riz Hi. I've just joined the forum. As I haven't yet picked up my R32 (due later this week) I am having to keep myself happy with reading the forum and looking at videos and pictures (v. sad I know). Your list looks great but all I get is a picture of a web page but nothing I can click on. Should I be able to download them and, if so, how? Thanks in advance. Thanks also to you and other contributors to this forum - I have found some very interesting stuff on here in the few days I have been looking. Tony