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  1. Grand National

    * note to self. Do not try to edit posts after few pints. The edit and quote buttons are too similar.
  2. Grand National

    I've posted my winnings of Facebook. Thank god for £1 & £2 e/w bets
  3. Football results today

    Easy 3 points for you today. About as easy as the 3 we came away with in December
  4. Panasung. Every time.
  5. TS, can you buy some new pants or a tumble dryer please? We need more threads like this.
  6. De vere deals?

    Indigo doesn't have a star, as far as I know. I've not been, but then it doesn't appeal to me. The steaks are no doubt good, but there are better options for steaks, in my opinion. The Silk Room for example, next to Cafe 21, does superb steaks. They also do kangaroo steaks and Kobe Wagyu burgers Cafe 21 is always good. In some ways, too good, as it's always a safe choice and we end up there too often. Likewise, never had a bad meal there
  7. De vere deals?

    It's all they do Well, sort off. 2 menus to choose from, with a choice of going for all 8 courses on either @ £65 or any 3 @ £40. They do a selection of wines chosen to suit the dishes @ £40. Additional wines/beers etc are available but don't expect anything low rent. The bill for 4 of us was pushing £600 after the service charge. It's the only restaurant in the area with a Michelin starred chef (he's apparently invested over £700k in it) so I'd definitely give it a go. I've heard a few bad comments about the service, but I found it OK. I don't like places that are too stuffy with waiting staff who look down at you or roll eyes at your wine choice so it worked for me. Apparently a lot of the waiting staff are kids who would have otherwise not had a chance so good luck to him, and them.
  8. De vere deals?

    The 8 course taster food menu and the wine tasting menu would be my recommendation. Over £100 a head and while some of it was excellent, I didn't feel it was quite right for the money.
  9. Nooooooo. Don't start with colours. It'll be easier to find the Holy Grail.
  10. What about an E92 M3? They'll be under £10k by the time he makes his mind up
  11. Oooopps!

    Insurance is no different to anything else; you largely get what you pay for. Buy a cheap policy and quite often you can expect crap service. And then people whine about how unfair insurance companies are. Boo hoo It's that old saying, you don't know how good your insurer is until you need them to pay out. An insurer can rack up tens of thousands of ££s costs arguing who is wholly to blame. And in this day and age, a 100% at fault claim can cost them a hell of a lot more than the cost of repairs. That's why sometimes they're keen to go 50/50 - each insurer pays for their own insured's losses. In a 50/50 settlement, that's usually the cost of repairs only e.g. you can't sue yourself for whiplash and 8 weeks of Range Rover Sport hire So even when a driver argues that there are mitigating circumstances etc, some insurers will still push for a 50/50 settlement. They'd rather pay out £4000 to repair a car than £8000 fighting a claim they still might lose. Personally, I think the Mazda's insurers are going to have a job on their hands not to prove their driver was not 100% at fault. And that includes the damage to the other cars. From what I can see on the video: 'The Lambo was speeding'. Are you sure? What speed was he doing? Engine noise = speeding, err nope. What gear was it in? I don't think anyone has ever been done for speeding because of the noise of their car. The driver had nowhere to go and only a fraction of a second to react. Quite simply, the Mazda pulled out. The bill to repair that little lot is going to be eye-watering so in this instance, I can see the Lambo insurers digging their heels in and refusing to accept anything other than 100% Mazda driver's liability. They won't be interested in 50/50 for the obvious reasons. If I jam my brakes on for absolutely no reason and someone runs into me, it's their fault. You cannot argue it. Similarly If I expect someone to pull away from a roundabout and they deliberately stop to cause an accident where I run into the back of them, it's my fault, no argument (that's why the scam was so successful). If someone pulls out at a junction and you hit them (and it's caught on video), it's going to take a miracle to prove they're not wholly to blame (as Tipex found, even with witnesses etc).
  12. De vere deals?

    Have you tried House of Tides? I wasn't impressed.
  13. Football results today

    Did I tell you I knew his Dad?
  14. *goes off to read his Facebook feed to see what he's missed*
  15. Football results today

    *snigger* The SMBs are in big trouble now. You can have any number of games in hand but if you can't convert them to points, it's irrelevant. They should have been clear of the danger zone by now, in all honesty. There are more than 3 teams who are worse than them. Poyet's decision to leave Adam Johnson on the bench is crazy and tonight, it's cost them 3 points. Don't get me wrong though. It's fricking hilarious
  16. Football results today

    Haha, not so much theatre of dreams as a big top full of clowns. Laughing stock
  17. Football results today

    New Premier League laughing stock. Enter stage right.....
  18. Football results today

    Shoot for the moon........if you miss it, and the stars, you might hit the allotments behind the chip shop
  19. So bloody slow!

    Still not accepting PMs? I can post on here if required, but does it contain any info that I shouldn't be making public (as this is open to guest)?. It's just a lot of random numbers and letters to me
  20. So bloody slow!

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  21. So bloody slow!

    Please ignore. Random