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  1. RS3 - Saloon!

    Well hello 10% off an RS3? Absolutely no chance. I've been negotiating for over a month and I've had my 4th and final offer from them. It was to take a car they have bought in so it's standing outside costing them money at a time no one is enquiring about them so they are keen to shift it. Their final offer was meant to be on the proviso I took it this month on a 67 plate, rather than 1st March on an 18. Suffice to say, it wasn't 10% I was offered. And if I wanted a factory order, they've already said they couldn't match the deal I've just been offered because they know and I know they need to shift the car they have in. There's no incentive to be as competitive on a factory order. And they offered me a very generous p/ex on the S5. Which is still for sale if anyone is interested
  2. What's the best way to transport bikes in the avant? Would it be a bike rack on the back of the car or some contraption fitted to the roof rails? How easy are they to fit (both rear ones and roof ones)? How much am I looking at? Can they mark the car? Can you still open the hatch with a rear fitting bike rack on? How easy are they to use? How long does it take to fit and remove them? I'll think of some more questions shortly
  3. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    I should've bought a BMW, though
  4. Any Nissan Qashqai owners

    I would take the Qashqai over the Tiguan every day. The interior of the lastest version is in a different league to previous generations; they aimed for a 'German' feel and hit it. I would say it's almost on par with my Audi. Renault dance to Nissan's tune in so many respects, too. They've dragged Renault up, not the other way round. The spec Nissan throw at cars as standard puts others to shame. What I would say is their engines are never going to light to roads up, I find the petrol engines slow and thirsty, the diesels not so, which is a shame as they are often the Achilles heel of their cars.
  5. Prescription glasses for driving

    garcon - the only problem I have with my polarised Oakleys I wear for driving is it makes it hard to read my phone sometimes.
  6. 16 reg RS3 in plain grey

    I would love to think you understood irony
  7. 16 reg RS3 in plain grey

    Oh this thread, you've never changed Any chance you can have a look up on my roof later, I think I've got a ridge tile loose
  8. Am I mad?

    Only the boxes? A LWB Transit ticks the boxes *and* the squares, and several triangles. I used to work for DAF so I know. Fact.
  9. Am I mad?

  10. Am I mad?

    Patently, when I was a plasterer on the ISS, one of the lads had one. Cracking cars but suffered from noisy seat belts. Buyer beware.
  11. Am I mad?

    I only came to read the bullshit.
  12. Football results today

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah ha.
  13. Patently, I'm not able to make it this time as I'll be on foreign soil again. Good luck though
  14. I've got 3.5" HDD from my old Dell desktop that I need to recover sone data off. Can anyone tell me what cable/caddy I need to connect this to use it as an external HDD? Cheers.
  15. Unlocking iPhones

    Haha I did try both times before I knocked on your door
  16. Unlocking iPhones

    I did it once with a 3S, £50 and no problems at all. Getting a network to unlock it out of contract is an unbelievably large ballache, not something I'll ever try to do again (having had to do it with 2 previous iPhones).
  17. What cable/caddy etc?

    It's a Fujitsu thingy (see pic). The 68 pin fitting seems to be a ballache to get a straightforward caddy to work.
  18. Froch v Groves

    Well said. The bloke's just a pikey chancer
  19. Froch v Groves

    More stamina, fitter and leaner but less power? I just can't see him catching Froch as hard and as often as he did last time. I have no favourite to be honest. What I'm looking forward to is a great night for British boxing. My head would like to see Groves take it. But you can't ignore what Froch has done in the sport and I'd love to see him put a devastating swan-song display on.
  20. Froch v Groves

    Did anyone else think Groves looked a bit *too* lean at the weigh in?
  21. Froch v Groves

    Froch in the 7th has my money with my good mate, Paddy Power. I don't think he'll make the same mistakes as last time and while I'm sure Groves has upped his game, I think Froch will be very focused and will be too clever for him.
  22. Headset recommendations please

    Turtle Beaches are great if you want to send a large gift box of useless electrical components to a child in a third world country. They will as useful to them as they are to anyone else.
  23. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    Why's the engine bay painted gold?
  24. I sometimes sit in the passenger seat with my wife driving and wonder how she has never crashed. She does a good job of convincing me she looks no further than 20m ahead and 1m left/right. And that's after 25 years of driving. Absolutely blind to what goes on around her.
  25. New M6 Grand Coupe Comp Pack

    Can you legally LCI your wife without incurring huge legal costs?