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  1. I'm looking for a £2k coupe and see there are some around for sort of cash now. In my books its a heap of motor for 2 bags of sand. I'm not bothered whether is a 330 or a 318, I'm in it for the on board feel really and like my comforts, leather, air con, auto box. I've never owed a BMW so from the peeps in the know should I either consider being able to pick up a hald decent E46 coupe for this sort of money???
  2. In the last few days my A6 2.5 TDi car has developed a stutter/hesitate under acceleration and high speed cruising almost like having a large flat spot that lasts around 1/2 a second, every 2 or 3 seconds. Most noticeably, this happens on the motorway under normal driving whereby at 2000 rpm the engine power dips then returns quickly, this was constant on my 1 hour drive home just now. There are no engine warning lights on the dash. The problem seems to happen throughout the rev range, there is quick dip in power and in the rpm then it will gather some power to accelerate then happen again and again. If I pull away from a round about slowly the problem isnt too bad but if I were to gun it, the engine would cough and splutter untill I backed off the power. I have done some research but can't find much regarding this same issue, has anyone got any experience with this? I'm guessing injestors or EGR Valve or worst a bad turbo ( Any thoughts would be helpful Thanks DC
  3. Guys a couple of months ago i changed the front pads and rotors on both sides as my left side had worn prematurely. Whilst changing them it was clear that there was a problem with the left side calliper as it was very stiff. I managed to changed the pads and rotors but released all wasn't good as they was a lot of dust on the left side and excess heat also. I never got round to addressing the problem and now low and behold the problem has worn my left side pad down enough to trigger the display warning!! When winding the calliper back it did feel tight, and may have been deemed as 'stuck' If this is the case do I need a replacement calliper or can this one be repaired/ reconditioned?? I'm novice to fixing things like this so would it be best to get a pro to have a look at the problem??? and let them fix it??
  4. Thanks for your input guys, its a real help and kind of confirms my thoughts. I can put up with the hair dress comments part because I shave it even other day.
  5. Title says it all really. Considering treating myself to an early TT for my daily commute What are they like around town???
  6. Here the crack guys. I'm currently running my A6 C5 Avant 2.5 tdi as a daily commuter into south London from north Essex. My drive to work is 50 miles, 70% of which is motorway down the M11. I originally bought the car as I thought it would return good mpg, is currently averaging 32 ( and has done for a year now. I've read that due to it being a Quattro, weighing a couple of ton and the 2.5 being a thirsty engine the mpg was never going to be great. Now I'm considering an early 180bhp TT as a daily driver and leaving the missus to do the school run with the A6 family bus. I recon I would be able to achieve around the same mpg with this variation of the TT. With petrol prices being a little cheaper than diesel I recon I wouldn't be any worst off????? What are your guys thoughts on this??
  7. Thanks for the heads up cruiser, I thought it would be higher after an hour and a half commute. I'll get it fixed under warranty me thinks!! so the 43mpg avg could get better when she is running off choke then?? I'll look forward to that then lol
  8. Guys further to my first question a few weeks back, it seems my coolant gauage has some life in it. Stuck in some traffic this morning I noticed the needle moving however this only moved up to 70 degrees. I did consider parking up for a while and seeing how high it go but it would have made me late for work. Bear in mind these temperatures are after and hour on a motorway at 65mph then 30 driving is stready traffic through town. Does other members ever reach 90 degrees??? What is a normal temp??? and heres the oil temp at the same time.
  9. Guys Thought I'd get your veiws before having it out with the dealer. I purchased a 2002 A6 Avant from a second hand dealer two weeks ago to which I have a three month warranty for. I have to say I paid a little over the top as its a seven seater model and there isnt many around. Having driven the car for a couple of days its become clear neither the oil or coolant temp gauges work. Phoned the dealer and they are happy to sort this, not a problem, the car is going in at the end of the week. However at the weekend I put a punchure on the front drivers side, on closer inspection I notice the inside of the trye is completely bald to the piont the metal thread is showing in places. Now what worries me is the car was sold to me with a 'new MOT'. I'm guessing this would never have past an MOT if noticed. I have also checked the other front trye and again thats near its limit also. There are other small problems like central locking not working, drivers side speaker not working, issue with rear elec window closing. Would I be wrong to ask the dealer to rectify all of these issues under the warranty??? Granted a ten year old car is going to show some signs of wear but I feel a bit hard done by as I was not told about any of these issues when i laid down the money for the car. Your thoughts would help................ Cheers DC
  10. Is it right I want some door sill strips???

    I'm refering to the external strips on the doors not the sills sorry the title is a little confussing. their more like 'door fins' than a sill strip.
  11. Every time I see a A4 or A6 Avant I find myself amiring the door sill strips and wish I had a set. IMHO I think they set the car off nicely whether they are color coded or silver to match the roof bars. None this brings me onto the question can they be retro fitted???? I'm guessing if so a breaker would be the cheapest option???
  12. Looking at replacing my worn, tired look aerial on my 2002 A6 Avanat. I've noticed that its a problem on a few car that the rubber base becomes corroded and starts to peel of the actual aerial. Ideally I'd like to change it for a shark fin type but I'm guessing this maybe more hassle than what its worth. Therefore I recon the 'bee string' option will be my only option, just don't want it to look too chavy. Anyone done this before??? can recommend a product??
  13. one little niggling problem with my new baby is the internal motion switch on the drivers b-pillar is currently held in with duct tape, looks horride. I'm guessing I will have to replace this!! Just wondering if its an easy fix, plug and plug?? how much is the part?? am I best to leave to taped up?? wheres best for some parts like this, main stealer or online???
  14. Singh My father has the D2 S8 hence my reason for purchasing an A6 Avant as I loved the drive and feel. Lovely cars
  15. not sure I want to drop the ride height, part of my commute brings me into london and the roads are shocking