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  1. What BMW was it!?

    Are you sure you didn't see an Alpina of some sort? They may have a different badge at the front. But the new ones don't have central pipes.
  2. Can cannabis grow in the UK?

    "Bird seed is a hippy urban myth, the hemp seed in bird seed is irradiated (to prevent reuse) and hence can't germinate. It's 99% unlikely that bird seed spills have caused the plant to grow and I'd suggest someone has been a bit naughty :grin:" Chri5 - I cannot believe that all bird seed hemp is irradiated. My M-I-L has lived in her house for 20 years so why should someone start planting seeds, around her bird table?
  3. Can cannabis grow in the UK?

    This happened in my mother-in-law's garden. The plant comes from hemp seed which comes in mixed bird food that grows after the birds scatter around bird tables. I'd also imagine it's from a variety with zero or very low levels of THC so that it can be grown legally and harvested (somewhere in the world) for bird food. I would very much doubt you would get in trouble for this, as you'll never grow anything from this plant that has a narcotic effect. Although some nosey neighbour might dob you in for growing it which might meen you get unwanted attention from the BIB. As it is I enjoyed scaring the M-I-L saying she was up for several years in jail which was fun....
  4. Creosote on neighbour's car

    I would have thought that a car "enthusiast" who'd just had his pride and joy resprayed would have set to with a bucket of water and sponge immediately. Not a car wash either - I know some people are funny about swirling etc.
  5. Applying for a mortgage - low credit score :(

    well - our current mortgage is with Halifax, and we want to move back to Nationwide. I am still tempted to pull everything out, but apart from this I'm very happy with the bank, and I suspect all they'll do is wave bye bye as I have to set everything up elswhere. The lady today did seem a bit "it doesn't work like that" from the advert, so I might at least get some mileage if I do some complaining! At least that might make me feel a bit better.
  6. Applying for a mortgage - low credit score :(

    I have just queried Nationwide on my above rejection. They won't enter into any correspondence on explaining my rejected application (I would like to fix it in order to prevent future issues). They will also not entertain any appeal, or process a re-application, for 6 months. This, apart from being very frustrating, is downright weird!
  7. Applying for a mortgage - low credit score :(

    Banks will fiund any excuse not to give you a mortgage at the moment. I've been an account holder at Nationwide for 18 years, with various ISAs, savings, shared account & current (Flex) account, yet they declined a mortgage renewal this month due to a "badly maintained Flexaccount". From what I can see it is because I've used my overdraft facility over the last couple of years.
  8. Last week I found a load of undeliverable messages in my inbox because someone or something has used my hotmail account to send spam mail to my address book list. I've changed my password, checked for viruses (none found), cleared out my cookies & cache but it happened again this weekend. Anyone know a) how this can be done and b) what to do about this? Cheers.
  9. Glamourising What?!

    People's attitude to speed is just screwed now. There was an article in my local paper this week about the Police being dismayed after they set up a couple of speedtraps in "notorious speeding spots" in town, without catching a single driver speeding. The Police expressed disappointment about this, and blamed their lack of collars on drivers warning each other that a speed trap was up ahead. Not that people weren't speeding at all though??? I hate this whole thing....
  10. Internet Dating

    HAve you both actualyl seen pictures of each other? that might make the date less of a surprise....
  11. Racial Jibes In Gonzo Country....

    Robin - you dared, but I would have to replay and say that is nonsense, and irrelevant to this thread.
  12. Property blues - V bad language warning

    And you will know where the spare back door is kept too!
  13. Property blues - V bad language warning

    I am concerned this is going to happen to us with our house sale. Our purchaser seems a bit, lets say, "wide" and couldn't get the idea that we really wanted as close to the asking price as possible, and not drop 10% he was originally offering. So despite us accepting an offer from him, I am certain he's going to try and pull a fast one running up to exchange. I sawe this happen on Location Location. It was quite funny seeing Phil go ballistic, and they ended up meeting half way to ensure teh sale, but I'm not sure how funny it will be if it happens to me! Some useful ideas above though....
  14. Starting fishing (yes, it is a sport !) again.

    I like sea fishing and often go out on a boat when visiting the in-laws in Dorset. It's also great casting out from Chesil beach in the summer and bringing in some Mackerel for tea! I can appreciate the "sport" of coarse fishing, cos it's great chilling out by the water and challenging bringing in a crafty fish, but I don't like the fact you can't eat what you catch when you get it from a river or lake. Unless of course you are lucky enough to catch salmon or trout where you can keep it. I also don't like all that baiting up of fishing lakes to catch that elusive carp, whic has grow fat on eating spam and dogmeat. It's funny that the Poles are nicking all these prize specimens from fisheris and having them for Xmas lunch. They must think we're mad putting them back again!
  15. What have I let myself in for??

    You've got plenty of time to start getting ready for this. Get some trainers from a proper running shop to start with and have them fitted properly for starters. Start out training gradually - decide on a running route locally (I use google earth - very useful for measuring out distances) and choose a short distance (3-4k). Taking it very easy to start with, alternate walking/running/walking until you can complete it in one go. Then start extending this distance until you can do 10k without stopping. If you go twice a week between now and June, you will complete this with ease.