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  1. Hi guys, Bit of shameless plugging sorry Looking to get my set of 18" alloys out of the garage sometime. So in case anyone here's interested, I've bumped my previous post in the Market Place. 18" Monza II wheels with Eagle F1 wheels for Sale Cheers! Chiu
  2. Monza II's 18"

    What you really want to do is buy my old set of 18" wheels for £800... 18" Monza II wheels for sale Sorry shameless plug To be fair, two of them are very much faultless, one has a few minor scratches and the last one has an odd small blemish at the end of one spoke. Other than that the rims have suffered zero kerb damage I'm not looking to sell them seperately (think it's too much hassle) but just in case there's someone out there looking for a decent set of second hand 18" Monza IIs Think the cheapest I've seen them for in the past has been on the fischermotorsport website: But they need to be shipped from Germany. Other than that, I think the best bet is to keep checking eBay. Sometimes you see one boxed alloy being sold for around £225 (if my memory serves me right). Chiu
  3. For Sale: 18" Monza II Alloys with Eagle F1 Tyres

    Hi Jason, Yes they are still for sale, sorry for the late reply. I took a new set of photos over the festive period in case anyone would like to see them in more detail. Please send me a PM if you want me to email you copies. I've taken close-ups of each spoke and the insides of each wheel. Following on from question 5 above, that mark turns out to have been some dirt - managed to remove it by rubbing it with my finger. There is no damage at all to any of the rims, just a couple of small imperfections as described in previous posts. Bearing in mind that I've paid just under £495 for the tyres and that the alloys alone can cost around £1,100 from the cheapest sellers on eBay and such, I think the £800 asking price is very good for a set of near perfect alloys with top-rated tyres that been hardly used. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers! Chiu
  4. Hi guys, Sold my MK5 Golf GTI yesterday with it's original 17" alloys so I now have a set of 18" Monza II wheels to offload. I've not set a price but would be looking for offers in the region of £1,000. The alloys were originally purchased from eBay in brand new condition without tyres - although one of the alloys had a small scratch mark on one of the spokes (about 1cm long in a kind of Z shape). I just cleaned the wheels yesterday and also noticed some light surface scratches on the same alloy (hardly noticeably unless looked at carefully). Other than that, they're in excellent condition and have no kerb marks. They have been fitted with Goodyear GSD3 Eagle F1 tyres and have covered less than 1,000 miles (about 80% motorway driving) so there's loads of tread left on them. For collection only. The wheels are currently stored in South Wales (about 10 miles North from Cardiff) but I can potentially have them moved to my address in East London if that makes picking them up easier. Payment will either need to be in cash or cleared funds before collection. I have attached some photos but have higher resolution photos available upon request. Inspections can be arranged subject to limited availability due to work commitments. Please reply to this post or send me a private message if you're interested. Thanks! Chiu
  5. For Sale: 18" Monza II Alloys with Eagle F1 Tyres

    Each? No, £800 for the whole set of 4 Hi Jonny, 1. I've attached a more close-up photo of the scratch. It's tricky to spot unless you get the right angle and lighting. There's also a small round blemish-like mark I've noticed on one of the alloys that I've included in the attachment. 2. I believe so but will need to check each of them the next time I'm back in South Wales to confirm. When I originally bought them, I just made sure that they all had the "1KO 601 025" tag - I read on an old post in the MK5 GTI forum that this would be enough to confirm that they weren't replicas. I made the mistake of buying replicas off eBay before - the seller made them out to be genuine. 3. No puncture repairs or repairs of any sort done on these. They've done less than 1,000 miles and I've been very cautious with the parking. 4. I had the tyres fitted at a garage in Bracknell (Berkshire) near to where I worked at the time - Bracknell Tyre Centre ( They do balancing on tyre fitting as standard. One of the inside photos above show a few small weights added to them. 5. I'm not sure what that is, whether it's a bad reflection or possibly part of the tyre. I'll need to check it when I'm next back in South Wales but I'm confident it's not a kerb mark/scratch otherwise I'd have been really annoyed. I did have a close look at the surface of each alloy when I washed them and took the photos - as far as I'm aware, the rims are in immaculate condition but will check this when I get a chance to. I'm expecting to me back at my folks' place in a couple of weeks time over the weekend, so if you've got any other queries please let me know and I'll get you the details Cheers, Chiu.
  6. For Sale: 18" Monza II Alloys with Eagle F1 Tyres

    Hi alls, Wheels are still for sale, so please PM me if you're interested. Previously buyer hasn't got back to me for a while so I'm assuming he's longer interested. Setting an asking price of £800. Cheers!
  7. just washed the car this morning

    Where are the before and after pics
  8. Front Bumper Removal

    Think the RS4 front looks excellent, I'm considering an A4 as a future car and I would want to put the honeycomb grill on it (minus the RS4 badge of course). Nelson, loving your website, hope it's all still running if/when I get around to owning an A4. Noticed you have the 'Optics' version of the RS4 - what about the normal silver surround version?
  9. For Sale: 18" Monza II Alloys with Eagle F1 Tyres

    Some more photos showing close ups of each wheel, inside markings and tyre thread... Wheel #1
  10. alloy and tyre (replica packages), query!

    Bit of shameless plugging sorry, but I just happen to be selling a set of 18" wheels... Laters! Chiu
  11. For Sale: 18" Monza II Alloys with Eagle F1 Tyres

    Lots more pictures to follow but I need to head off now to attend a mate's wedding I'll get them posted up tomorrow
  12. 2005 (55) VW Golf MK5 GTI with 22,000 Miles

    Asking price has now been dropped to £14,750
  13. 2005 (55) VW Golf MK5 GTI (October 2005) with 22,000 Miles Details - Price: £15,950 or nearest offer (Parker’s valuation: £16,065 / WhatCar? valuation: £16,445 - for private sales) - Location: Caerphilly (South Wales – 10 miles from Cardiff) - Mileage: 22,000 miles - Colour: Laser Blue - Number of Doors: 5 - Manual 6-speed gearbox - Full VW service history - Manufacturer’s warranty until October 2008 - Road Tax: Expires October 2007 - Clear of finance Standard equipment - Adjustable Steering Column/Wheel (Rake/Reach) - Air Bag Driver - Air Bag Passenger - Air Bag Side (Front Side/Front & Rear Curtain) - Alarm (Inclination Sensor) - Alloy Wheels (17” Monza II) - Anti-Lock Brakes - Central Door Locking (Remote ) - Centre Rear Seat Belt - Climate Control (Dual Zone) - Computer (Driver Information System) - Electric Windows (Front/Rear) - Electronic Stability Programme - Front Fog Lights - Head Restraints (Front/Rear) - Immobiliser - Mirrors External (Electric/Heated) - Mirrors Internal (Automatic Dimming Rear View) - Power-Assisted Steering - Seat Height Adjustment (Driver/Passenger) - Seat Lumbar Support (Driver/Passenger) - Seating Capacity (Five Seats) - Spare Wheel (Spacesaver) - Speakers (Ten) - Upholstery Cloth Selected optional equipment - Cruise Control - Front Centre Armrest Additional Details - One careful owner/driver (8 years NCB and no driving fines). - Reluctant sale due to change in job 8 months ago – now have a company car and rarely get to drive the VW Golf GTI. - Car has only been hand-washed and has been fuelled on Shell V-Power 95% of the time. - There is a minor mark (about 1” long) on the passenger side door – probably caused by another driver in a supermarket car park. - Viewings/Inspections are welcome. - Happy to take people out in the car for demonstrations. - Test drives can be arranged provided that you can provide proof of fully comprehensive cover and ID. - Please note that my work requires me to travel so I may only be personally available during some evenings and weekends. Other family members will be available to assist with viewings (but not test drives) throughout the day when I am not available. Please send me a private message or call me on 07786 312567 if you have any queries or wish to arrange a viewing. Many thanks, Chiu.
  14. Exhaust Ends Mk V GTI

    Mine were a dirty sooty black and now they bright and shiney thanks to McGuire's metal cleaner Check out the attachment. Also, here's a link to the original post... You'll probably need a good 30 mins or so of gentle rubbing action Think it also adds a protective coating too.
  15. GTI Edition 30

    1. Don't really know but getting something off is better than nothing 2. Reckon you could get more for selling it privately but guess it's less hassle to part exchange it. Does it have leather or DSG? 3. Stel Grey would be my choice
  16. Selling My GTI - Fair Price to Set?

    Cheers guys, not overly bothered about what I get for it as long as it's more than what the dealer is offering Just hope that there are a few Edition 30 GTIs up for sale in a few years
  17. Hi guys, Debating whether I should sell my GTI or not. Main reason for selling is that I switched jobs about 6 months ago and now mainly drive my company car. In fact, I've only driven the GTI for about 2000 miles over the past 6 months and I've now got it stored at my folks' place about 160 miles away! I love the car to bits and had some plans to mod it slightly over the upcoming years but it doesn't make much sense to keep it at this point. My intention is to pocket the money into a savings account and reserve it for a future car should I need one (another GTI is highly likely - although maybe with DSG next time!). Anyway, what would guys consider to be a fair selling price for a GTI of its spec? 55 plate (purchased October 2005) Doors: 5 Colour: Laser blue Mileage: ~21,000 Optional extras: Cruise control and centre armrest Overall it's quite a basic GTI spec. Interior condition is excellent. Exterior is good too (always hand washed) apart from a minor dent on the passenger side door (about 1 inch long and 1-2mm deep, probably caused by some inconsiderate driver at a supermarket, grrr!) - getting a quote from Chipsaway to get this fixed. The car has been raised on Shell's V-Power fuel apart from a few occassions. I've been a rather cautious driver (8 years of NCB and no driving penalties) and the car has been driven with the respect it deserves. The Auto Trader evaluation tool values it at £16,425 for a private sale. Going by the Auto Trader ads, I figure I should aim for around £15,000-£16,000. I've no rush to sell it so would be prepared to wait a while for the right buyer. I would like to set a fair asking price. What do you guys reckon I should aim for? Cheers! Chiu.
  18. Selling My GTI - Fair Price to Set?

    Well, I've decided to put my GTI up for sale in the marketplace for now. I've done some reading up on potential cars that I would be interested in buying in a few years time if the need arises, including the Audi S3 and the MK5 R32, but my conclusion is that I would prefer to get another GTI Preferably an Edition 30 one! So I'll still be making my regular checks on this forum
  19. Making a few changes

    Excellent modding Robintegra Nice attention to detail, I especially like what you've done with the white rims on the wheels and you've got the body kit (front spoiler, skirts and rear bumper/exhaust) just like I want mine How troublesome was it to get the R32 style exhaust fitted?
  20. Aftermarket head unit in GTI

    What on earth is a canbus? Looks excellent TT! Think I'm in a similar situation. Want a double din unit for sat nav, bluetooth, playing MP3 CDs and one that allows me to update speed camera locations, but don't quite want to spend the cash needed for the Pioneer. Seen the Kenwood 7200 for about 735 on eBay. Cheapest I've seen the Pioneer go for so far on eBay is around a grand. How are you finding the sat nav? Is the GPS receiver built into the unit itself? Just wondering if the signal strength is OK because I sometimes drive through central London which can get problematic with my TomTom 300. Did you install the unit yourself?