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  1. Tis nice, but i'm really after the generation after that, cheers
  2. Ive been looking around for a good example of one of these classic early 90's Audi's without much joy,most of them have been thrashed or boyed up Anybody own one of these, or seen any around?
  3. Silverstone pics of joy

    If only i knew how to attach files tho
  4. Silverstone pics of joy

    Excellent pics I got a few from the cheap seats too [image][/image] [image][/image] Even managed to catch button on his very brief outing: [image][/image] -- Alex
  5. Which ADSL provider? - depends where you are in the country but bulldog is pretty cheap.
  6. MJ acoustics Pro 50/100 Subs

    Check this one out: Its a velodyne CHT-10 and supposed to be rather shiney... similar price. I prefer REL, but lots of people think they're overpriced (and they prolly are if you pay full price
  7. Inkjet printers

    Get this one: Its a Canon printer... about 35quid, but refils are 2 quid a shot... bargain, prints decently too. There's a USB1 version on there too even cheaper if you search a bit. -- Alex
  8. Cheap domains.. who do you use?

    I use 123reg too, theyre pretty good/cheap.
  9. A few more miles a few more opinions......

    Oh yeah, also... its nice you can get all the features that you can get on a euro Seat Leon
  10. A few more miles a few more opinions......

    "maybe it was just his driving.... nutter." Gee thanks I wasnt THAT bad... think yourself lucky it was central London and not out in the sticks But yeah... nice car, pants stereo.
  11. Home Cinema Advice

    Hmm, perhaps when some decent small speakers come out Kef eggs arent bad, but still dont think they match big speakers, the new smallish B&W's are nice, havent heard them, but i much prefer the sound from big speakers with lots of bass and a sub to underpin it, rather than having a sub doing the mid bass and sounding very directional...
  12. Home Cinema Advice

    Bison... yes, the B&W's are damn fine... infact that's what I've got, but you're not talking the same range as what you're looking at... I've got the 3802 with the B&W's, s2, and a REL q150e and yes they are nice, and they go nicely with the Denon, but the Mission's, denon's are also tried and tested combination... A bunch of people I/you know have that pairing and are quite happy with it, a demo is definately best, but you'll be happy with those... the 2802 is WAY better than the 1603. I'd hold fire on a sub, but do consider getting one... they are an integral part, and you can pickup something like the paradigm ps1000 fairly cheaply and get a LOT of kick from it. You'll need to spend some time with the setup too, ideally with an spl meter.. the delay and channel volumes make a big difference when setup/not setup correctly. As for the rears, depends where you're sitting with them, if you're backs against a wall then you should consider some dipolar/bipolar rears, if you can make space behind you then get some m71's or similar on a coupls of decent speaker stands...
  13. This is the good one with dual DVI and VIVO... listed at dabs for 225, as new, 165UKP.