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  1. DMS CHip on 535D

    Has any1 with a 535D on this forum had the DMS work done on their car? I'm basically wanting to know if any1 has had any problems with it. I'm astonished at how fast the BMW is standard but ive been tempted by the reviews in Evo/Autocar
  2. Someone else with a new toy...

    Wow that has to be the best colour for an Exige , looks fantastic
  3. New BMW 335i M sport coupe slot

    [ QUOTE ] That is a good 10 mpg more than I get from the 335i. Still enjoying it Scott?? [/ QUOTE ] Its a great allrounder, feels a bit heavy in the corners though but i think this is more to do with the Atom than the 3.
  4. New BMW 335i M sport coupe slot

    I get 34-38 on a DMS 335D , well happy with that!
  5. Options for a 335d

    Personally i would delete the front parking sensors and add the DAB radio, you will notice that alot of the dealers are speccing their cars with DAB and its a nice option. Your above spec looks spot on , enjoy as i think the 335D has to be one of the best cars on the market at present : )
  6. 335D M Sport

    few pics
  7. 335D M Sport

    Bloody hell , this is a really good bit of kit! Better ride and drive than the 535d by some margin aswell. Comfort access is a fantastic option as i have it on the Clio its one of those options that you don't want to be without once you've had it. Logic7 and the DAB makes a very good combination , might need to fit myself with some hearing aids after having this for a few months I dont know if im going to change the wheels to 19" as the ride is very impressive with the 18" and im still not sure if im going to DMS it as its bloody fast as it is ............ Forget the last bit , i will ring them tomorrow
  8. 335D M Sport

    Got it , post pics in a bit !
  9. 335D M Sport

    It arrives at 2:00 today , im sat here waiting
  10. 335D M Sport

    My car arrives on a trailer to my front door tomorrow , im a bit excited
  11. New Arrival

    Very nice
  12. 335D M Sport

    I get my 335D M Touring delivered in just over a weeks time
  13. BMW 330d M Sport Touring automatic

    Gareth didnt spec it though,so he might have got a great buy due to it not having Nav and Xenons.
  14. Remapped manual 330d v 335d

    [ QUOTE ] The e90 saloon still maintains the old cars magic - but like i stated earlier, the 335i and d versions only come in 'auto-trip' mode - which is the only shame. [/ QUOTE ] The 335i comes standard with a manual ,you have to spec the Auto.
  15. R8 and the rest

    Aston looks the best to me , the Merc to me just looks out of place. I like the look of the R8 from behind but not to sure about the front.
  16. My insurance renewal came today...

    [ QUOTE ] So true about young drivers paying the premium, im currently shelling out £1200 for my sons corsa and £900 for my daughters fiesta [/ QUOTE ] Thats just put me off kids for another few years
  17. R8 UK Production sold out for 3 years ?

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I reckon an £85k R8 will struggle to achive £70k after 1 year, unless it is one of the first UK cars, in which case you might get £75k. Sidicks [/ QUOTE ] If an £85000 R8 got anywhere near £70000 i would be I would think more like around £60000 bid from a dealer
  18. R8 UK Production sold out for 3 years ?

    Have to laugh as i remember my colleague with the AMV8 saying "its limited numbers compared to a 997" All premium cars today depreciate at a horrendous rate but the simple facts are that the R8 is stupedously overpriced. It has the RS4 engine and from all accounts travels at the same speed , has two less doors but cost nearly £30000 more. There was a thread on PH in the Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini & Bugatti section where a chap with an order on the R8 thought that the R8 should be added to this section ......... he was laughed at. This has the same smell as the VW Phaeton and M6, just not as severe!
  19. R8 UK Production sold out for 3 years ?

    [ QUOTE ] can you give me this week's lottery numbers Scott? [/ QUOTE ] The only cars IMO that might be able to achieve a £10000 premium was my previous GT3 and the RS and some other exotic cars , not an Audi. My work colleague bought one of the first AMV8 , £88000 new , trade bid with only 2500 miles and just over a year old is ............ £68000 and the Aston dealer only really wanted it on SOR. When i tried selling my 997 GT3 alot of places just didnt want it and trust me THAT IS A CAR THATS IN DEMAND AND DESERVES TO BE We have higher interest rates , a car thats laughably overpriced and i dont think Audi even have a sensible warranty pack for future resale so im sure that will just makes matter worse when the car gets older ,oh and its not got a premium badge on the front ( for a supercar ) . If the lottery was as easy as this to predict i would be a very wealthy man Interior is very nice though
  20. R8 UK Production sold out for 3 years ?

    [ QUOTE ] Just read on another site that they are saying they have sold the first 3 years of production due for the UK and they changing hand for over 10k over list. Audi say if they see people doing this they drop to the bottom of the list and are treating it like a new order. So has it sold that well, and despite people saying it was going to lose a fortune it appears to be quite sought after. [/ QUOTE ] Buy an R8 and keep it a year and you'll be looking at a minimum £20000 loss in the first year.
  21. Coupe - SE V M Sport?

    On the E90 forum someone has had the CS Automotive remap and his car i believe does the 0-100 in 11.9. If you consider in last weeks Autocar they did the ton in a RS4 avant in 11.3
  22. 19" wheels, tyre pressures

    Are the 19" on the touring a M5 replica wheel and if so does anyone know a good place to get a set #?