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  1. STOP - brake fault

    I had the same problem, just needed topping up, most annoying when it goes off 3 times in 5mins beeping every time.
  2. front wipers

    Iv got the same problem on my 03 Passat, I put on new wipers and it made no difference, Iv got new wiper arm on order this week, I'll let you know if that sorts it.
  3. My Old A6

    Found my old A6 that i traded in a few weeks ago For sale here looks like they arent making a lot on it I managed to get 9k trade in on it they are selling it for £9750. Dont buy that one by the way got a faulty gearbox and i Doubt they have done the cambelt or 80k service on it, I know i didnt
  4. which diesel?

    Sorry a bit late on this one, Have you been to test drive any of the A6's yet? I just sold my 03 A6 2.5 V6 TDI SE 6spd multitronic had it for 2 years did about 43k in it. Great car, stacks of space, nice size boot, even with my driving it averaged 35mpg. was great on long distance. The only thing i never really liked about it was the multitronic box (especially after the £1300 for a repair 6 plate to a 7 plate clutch) other then that it was a great car with plenty of extra's
  5. I've done it at last.......

    Had a trip over to Yeovil today to look at a 2003 Passat 1.8T and after a test drive and a long think, bought it. Its done 32K, £7995 very tidy inside and out, part ex my A6, It will be ready to pick up next week some time although i wont be able to go get it till friday as we are away on hols for the week. I'll Post up some pics soon as i get

    I had the same problem with my Audi A6, it was because the brake switch was faulty and the brake lights wernt coming on, the first time i had it, it was a bit on and off but the second time it just went. dont know if this is the same thing or not but might be wroth checking.
  7. Going to view.....

    I can see what your saying pug but the trouble is the A6 is coming up for its cambelt change which costs an arm and a leg and its done 76k miles and is 3/4 years old now. What you get from your 1.8T Passat is around the same i get from the A6 its a 2.5 V6 TDI it just does no where near 45MPG its more like 35. I dont do as many miles as a used to which is why im looking at petrol cars now, My last car was a 1.9TDI 110 the fuel eco. on that was great but at the time i was doing 30k a year easy some times on average 1000 miles a week but now i do under 20k a year. I know it sounds a bit silly trading in an A6 for a Passat but im with the miles i do now should be a year before it needs a cambelt change and i might be able to change it by then. Im sorting out what funds i can get for the new car now so i will keep my eyes open for a TDI but for that sort of price your talk loads of miles on the clock
  8. Going to view.....

    Thanks for that P, gonna give the garage a ring on friday and try and go and see it on sat. Do you know the service intervals on the 1.8T and when the cambelt needs changing? Dont know if its the same as diesels? my first car was a 1.9TDI 110 Seat Toledo which was 20-40-60k miles my Audi is a 2.5TDI cam belt change isnt till 80k thanks.
  9. Going to view.....

    Hi all this is for you Passat owners, I have to get rid of the Audi A6 i got at the moment, its costing way to much its managed to rack up well over a £2k bill for services and work done on it in just 2 years so i just cant afford to keep it anymore. So im looking at getting a Passat in the not so distant future, I have found one in Bristol its a 1.8T 20V its done 39k Here's a link to the car take a look tell me what you think. Is there anything i need to look out for on these cars? any nasty surprises? ill be looking at keeping the car 1-2years. Tanks for any help
  10. a6 remap or not?

    Hi Wattie, I got an A6 2.5TDI but its the SE so 163bhp, when your in normal auto to does seem a bit slugish sometimes, but try it in tiptronic i have surprised a few ppl on how quickly the A6 can pull off. If you think your 2.5 is slower then your 1.9 i would get it looked at. It might feel that way cus the A6 auto trys to keep the rev's down and deliver the power smoothly.
  11. Keyed in time for xmas

    Looking at getting some security cams to go out the front of the house theres This set or This set
  12. Keyed in time for xmas

    Well the car went in for its quote which is being done and sent over to the insurance company, popped in to a local body shop they said the work would cost at least £700 and that quite a few cars in the area were getting keyed, one even had thinners poured over it!!
  13. Keyed in time for xmas

    I gave Taunton Audi a ring and they put me on to the Audi Registered body shop that they use in Taunton, cars on its way there right now for a quote to be done and to be booked in, gonna be jan some time. They said they can pick the car up and drop it back with a loan car. looking at getting security cams fitted on the front of the house that link to a computer and some extra security lights, dont want this happening again, i want to get rid of the car in the new year. The scratch goes full length of the car and they did a double take on the back door.
  14. Keyed in time for xmas

    As much as i like xmas and gifts last night i got one that i really didnt want, some little f*****r has keyed the full length of the passenger side of my A6 during the night they actually came in to the drive way went between my car and the one parked next to it and keyed not touching the car next to it or the van. so to that person i say merry f****in xmas and hope you dont live to see the new year! As if money wasnt tight enough buy loads of xmas presants for a big family and the car tax up and the end of the month i now have to fork out a couple more £100 to get it done.
  15. Last week I had that brake light switch on my A6 break again, this happend late last year as well, audi road side assistance came out last time and fixed it. my road side assistance had ran out back in april so they told me to call out the RAC and told me they should be able to sort it, so i called the RAC (it happend on the way home so i managed to make it back) the RAC were here for 2 hours looking at it and couldnt fix it so arranged for the car to be taken to Taunton Audi the next morning. When i phoned the dealer in the morning they told me because it was a recovery it would be a low priority and i could have to wait a couple of days this did not go down well with me. I called Audi customer services and told them what the dealer told me and that I had the same problem fixed late last year (octber time) they put me straight through to a CS manager who took it all from there, by the end of the day i had a phone call back saying the car was ready to pick up and they would take care of the £81 labour charge and i had to pay for the part which was £7.79 and by doing so i would get the 2 year warrenty with it so a good result there just from having a moan as i was told by the garage that when my roadside assistance ran out so did the warrenty on the part they replaced.