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  1. 106 gti wanted

    Hi, not sure where to post this but im after a 106 gti. i have been looking on ebay and the autotrader but can't seem to find a lowish mileage one that has'nt been touched by the boy race brush. if anyone no's of a decent one for sale could you please let me know by replying here or pm me, i have around £3500 to spend. thanks in advance, adam.
  2. french

    clio 172
  3. french

    hi guys, anyone no any forums for french car owners?
  4. Which clio?

    whic clio is it that has the two exhausts comeing out the rear middle ??
  5. clio 172

    i have heard a rumour that if the fan belt goes on the clio 172, so does the cam belt. is this true?????
  6. clio 172

    mine is the 138. thought it was fast at first, but the more i drive it the less pleasure i get out of it, but it does look mighty fine[mine has the gt kit fitted]. so i take it that the best hot hatch now is the clio?
  7. clio 172

    hi, im thinking of getting a 172 to replace my 206 gti, is it worth it?
  8. golf mark 4

    Post deleted by Smudge - it was a repeat of above .
  9. golf mark 4

    had a look at the gti anniversary[good spelling] on the classifieds and it looks great. pitty i cant afford it. i was looking for a golf around the £6-£7 grand mark[dont laugh] or ieadly a swap
  10. golf mark 4

    ok thanks the info, i think you have all pulled me into getting the golf 180. i have been looking round and the car seems quite rare,looked on ebay and autotrader. all high milagers. anyone got any good links or know where i can get one?. yeah also havnt sold the pug[not yet advertised] so if you could spread the word i would be very greatfull. here comes the dub owner!! oh yeah cheers n3wob the link was awsome.
  11. golf mark 4

    is the 180 tweakable and does it have same engine as the cupra. i understand that the cupra has the same engine as the TT.
  12. golf mark 4

    to be honest i thought the 180 would be best but am still torn between the golf and seat leon. does anyone know which is the better car.
  13. golf mark 4

    yeah its got the gt kit fittedand ooks nice. am not realy worried about runnings costs and i wouldnt realy want to go any higher on the insurance than the v5. as for budget i was hopeing to swap my 206 for my next car. so which car is best performance wise?.
  14. golf mark 4

    hi, can anyone help me?. i am after a mark 4 golf but am having trouble deciding which one to choose. should i go for the v5 which im told sounds amazing, or should i go for gti turbo 150bhp or 180bhp models?. or should i buy the seat leon cupra 180bhp?. please help!!!.