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  1. Pug 307 CC

    Haven't tried putting the roof down in a car park yet, but there seem to be sensors that would stop the roof mechanism when presented with an obstacle,as I found out when trying to close the roof with a 7ft strip of skirting board in the car. The lack of accessibility of anything in the boot with the roof down is a relatively minor issue as you can't put much in the boot when the roof's down anyway, so you tend to readjust, like putting stuff on the backseat. Worth it for the pose value of having the top down though. Haven't observed any understeer problems, but then again after a Stilo everything feels like oversteer.
  2. Pug 307 CC

    Finally got shot of the financial disaster that was the Fiat Styleless, and the shoddy dealer network, and moved up to a 307 CC (2 litre, black). Lovin it so far. Anyone else out there got one? Any good and bad points worth knowing about?
  3. The August 5th birthday special issue is here

    Good as ever, but didn't you rather shoot yourself in the foot by making reference to Issue 46? I went back to see what the Edmund King story was about, and lo and behold... a story featuring MG and the Moon. Methinks Sniff may be exhibiting green tendencies - recycling old material...
  4. I met James Allen yesterday!

    Was he a cock in real life too?
  5. I have bird flu.

    I must have. I've started talking rubbish, wearing make up and I can't park the car.
  6. 2 cats

  7. What was your first car?

    A 1984 Ford Fiesta Popular. So basic it didn't even have a glove compartment. Absolutely everything that could go wrong with it did, including conking out twice on the M6 on the same day. No fond memories of that car at all.
  8. Xmas Joke

    What was Good King Wenceslas actually good at?
  9. tip for frozen door locks

    Tried and trusted method
  10. The Lightbulb Joke thread

    How many male chauvinists does it take to change a lightbulb? None, let the bitch cook in the dark.
  11. WTF is a palindrome?

    Nice one Of course WTF is really a TLA...
  12. Conclusive proof that Santa does not exist....

    Santa is a puppet of the capitalist system, perpetuating class divisions by giving expensive presents to rich children and cheap ones to poor children.
  13. So where is it?

    The December Sniff. Due out 2nd Dec. Looks like I'll have to do some work while I'm waiting
  14. 12 Days of Chavmas

    Five sovereign rings - inspired

    Signature fodder like the last one best.