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  1. Playing games/headphones...

    I've not played a PS3 with headphones but I used to play PC all the time using them, especially online shooters. You can hear whats going on so much better. I use a set of wired sennhisers with a mic.
  2. Panamera TV advert

    Obviously CGI but a good ad. I drove one today. Bloody impressive to be honest. Smooth, fast and doesn't feel like the big car it is. The one I tried wasn't even the Turbo, just the S. Interior was good and you can easily get four adults in it.
  3. The Cayman has to go.

    I need to get rid of my Cayman because a)I've had it 3 years b)baby bullett is coming end of November and SWMBO says so. I'd like it gone asap and as such would rather sell to a dealer than have the tyre kickers and time wasters round. I know I'll make less money back but as long as I can pay off what I owe I'm cool (although I'd prefer to make something). Can anyone recommend a buyer and if possible tell me what it's worth. Prices on AT vary from £22k up to £28 for a similar car (often higher milage though) It's a 2006/56 2.7 Cayman in Midnight Blue 21k miles Black interior 18" Cayman S wheels. Sound Plus rear wiper parking sensors Sports pack (PASM & 6 speed manual box) don't make me cry too much.
  4. PS3 online connection problems

    I had this problem. I now reserve an address on my network for most devices and everythings fine. You will need to reserve the address on the router then set up the PS3 to use that address.
  5. Porsche Turbo Coupe and Cab

    Those wheels on the cab look really cheap and nasty. Love coupe though. I think they need to get away from trying to beat nissan round the ring though. Even if they do it the Turbo is twice the price.
  6. New car purchase

    I posted a similar thread earlier in the year. Our 1st is expected in December. We have actually put the car on hold and were going to see how we get on with the Focus. However, with a similar budget I was looking at a couple of motors, an S4 2nd hand (I'd like an RS4, but far too expensive as I need less than 5 years old for work car allowance). The outside choice at the moment is a Skoda Octavia vRS, under 20k brand new and highly regarded in the press. Getting a bit of stick though from my mates after years of driving a Porker!
  7. Carpark from Hell / Ranting Berk

    Does this guy know the whole internet is laughing at him? That's a parking ding, yes it's a bit annoying but good lord.
  8. Work in IT? What do you do?

    Speech recognition = needs to understand the words Biometrics = Voice prints (or iris or fingerprints etc) it matches a pattern so you say "my name is ChadW" and it recognises you. If I said that it wouldn't recognise me as Chadw and yes it can tell it's you even if you have a cold. We are building this to allow automatic password resets in a networking company right now, goes into UAT in the next few weeks.
  9. Work in IT? What do you do?

    They are getting better all the time. Although of course there will always be exceptions! A lot of the time it's about the grammars being used, the larger the word choice the lower the chance of picking up the right words. Cat, Hat, Mat is tricky over the phone for humans let alone machines and especially without context. Biometrics doesn't care about accent or language.
  10. Stupid Car Ads

    i was listening to the radio alot over the weekend (decorating the bedroom) and as I had virgin on I heard a lot of ads. The one that really stood out was the one for Volvo which as far as I could tell was saying "yes, our cars are dull basically a white good with wheels" I would have thought then even for joe public a car should have some sort of asperation to sell it? Also, while I'm at it. Lexus - is apparently a Full Hybrid.... what does that actually mean surely being a hybrid means it's not a full anything but half petrol and half electric.
  11. Work in IT? What do you do?

    I'm a solutions consultant, telecoms geek. Which means I design and build call centres, sorry, I mean contact centres. Primarily Cisco IPCC, ICM, IPIVR and CVP, speech recognition and biometrics recently too. We normally partner with other companies to deliver the call centre part of an install. Still do a bit of everything from pre-sales through to delivery. Currently working with a very large network company delivering a global support network.
  12. I just liked the way the afternoon sun was coming in through the windows and landing on the angel. Camera Used - Fuji S9600 Camera mode -Auto Date and time of shot -Sunday 16th Aug early afternoon Hand held or tripod -Handheld Location of the shot -Winchester Cathedral Any other info - My first go, be gentle, Was any post processing done and if so what -A small crop
  13. Guide price for Porka

    Porsche offered me £22k for mine (part ex) when I was looking at a Cayenne a month or so back. It's a year older (56) but I've only done 20k, it's also Midnight Blue so easier to shift. Otherwise I guess it's on the options.
  14. Cars to drive before you die...

    Depends on when and where. Coming over the mountains down into Monaco a 246 Dino or a Daytona. Generally a Macca F1 On a circuit an F1 Car. I really like the old 70's Tyrells or the Andretti JPS cars but for the pinacle it would have to be either a current F1, a Brawn or Fezza.
  15. Jaguar release their new XJ

    Is there a car in that picture? I like the front, the rear though - blurgh.