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  1. F1 2007 season opener...what a laugh!

    At least Honda sat out qualy 3, which is just an excuse to burn fuel - so they are green after all... Rob
  2. Road Pricing - Tracking Device

    Blowing ones own trumpet here but check this out, our take on the insanity....! Rob
  3. The November Sniff rides into town

    Excellent as ever - How long though can you keep Michael and Ralf going ? Mind you, if Ralf can con a ten year F1 career out of the likes of Sir Frank, Eddie and whoever the fool is that currently runs Toyota, then I guess anything is possible.... Rob
  4. Nissan to F1 - with Prost ??

    This just about sums it up....! Rob
  5. McLaren to go red ?

    While McLaren are no doubt delighted to have ex-Ferrari sponsor Vodafone as their title sponsor from 2007 onwards, senior executives at the team are said to be worried about how the telecommunications firm are hoping to influence the cars design. (see piccy..) Rob
  6. The best form of flattery?

    [ QUOTE ] That's me by the way I've told all the forum members that the stories are from sniffpetrol by the way How did you stumble across that ??? Welcome to TSN [/ QUOTE ] You never plagrias, plagreai, plagreas - nick my stuff. Its not that bad is it....? Rob
  7. Dream on Aguri !

    Dream on Super Aguri - it was just that - a dream.. Tossers. Rob
  8. F1 - The Movie !

    According to a report (Autosport) today, Darren Star, the man behind hit shows 'Sex and the City', 'Beverly Hills 90210', and something called 'Melrose Place' is in talks with the BBC over a comedy drama based on the world of Formula One racing. With the working title of ‘Sex and Silverstone’, the show is described by the BBC as being like ‘NASCAR meets 'Dynasty'. "It's an enormous sport overseas that barely exists in The States," Star told "It's a dazzling world and fun world to explore, and I usually take my cues for shows (by imagining) worlds I'd like to spend time in myself." The show will feature F1 drivers and team bosses in cameo roles, with the part of rugged hero expected to be taken by David Coulthard while the role of resident bad boy will of course be Juan Pablo Montoya’s. Jenson Button will play the romantic interest as a young man, deeply in love with himself and Flavio Briatore will play the Blake Carrington / JR Ewing character depending on what mood he is in at the time. Rob
  9. Is Jenson desperate or what ?

    Both adverts are real ! Rob
  10. Is Jenson desperate or what ?

    That was pretty dire too... Rob
  11. Is Jenson desperate or what ?

    Considering he has just signed a multi-squillion dollar contract to stay with Honda, Jenson Button is doing a good impression of somebody desperate for money. Button is the latest 'celebrity' to be enticed into the ranks of those willing to make themselves look like complete idiots, by recording video cards for sad individuals to send each other via mobile 'phone. Purveyors of quality ringtones and other such products, Celebrity ( ) features a selection of clips of the winless wonder saying things like ‘Sorry’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ for people who are too stupid to do it themselves but would rather pay a stranger £4.50 to do it for them. I looked, but could not see any entitled ‘I’m dumping you at the aisle love’ or ‘Contract ? What contract ?’. OK - We know JB owes Sir Frank Williams a few quid and that mooring fees in Monaco can be a bit prohibitive but this venture is right up there with Michael ‘I’m worth it’ Schumacher's L’Oreal advert… Rob
  12. American crash

    Have a listen to this...
  13. Did he really say that ?

    Can you believe the things people come out with sometimes ?: F1 Racing magazine is not normally the first place you turn to for a bit of humour, but the December issue has a real gem courtesy of Ferrari technical director and Miss Piggy lookalike, Ross Brawn. Reacting to the news that the fizzy pop team from Milton Keynes had lured top egghead, Adrian Newey to join them, Brawn had this to say: ‘We’ve got to be careful that we don’t end up with the team who spend the most money being the team who win everything’ So, this would be the same Ross Brawn of Ferrari, who for the last decade have had a budget that would have been enough to buy a small African nation, a budget that far outstripped all of their rivals, a team whose driver salaries alone would probably have been enough to run Minardi, a team who own two private test tracks and the only team to refuse to sign up to limiting the amount of testing to reduce costs? Listening to Ross Brawn talking about money worries is like having Juan Pablo Montoya as the official spokesman for the Atkins diet…
  14. Grand Prix Masters....

    I find watching The Corrs with the volume turned down has similar benefits... Rob
  15. Grand Prix Masters....

    I have to say, that was great fun, certainly a place for GPM next year.. If you can be bothered, have a listen to my comments on it at: Click on 'Listen again' then click 'Wake up to Wogan'. Use the forward wind buttons to go ahead 1 hour 40 minutes, let Shania finish warbling (sadly you have to put up with a few mins of her) and at 1hr 42:29 there you go ! Rob Sinfield