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  1. New R32 Owner - Can i join the club??

    [ QUOTE ] By the way, i noticed that my car has a square type number plate on the front bumper. Anyone know if it's a new design or something? Never noticed that before [/ QUOTE ] I thought the plate mount was integral to the front grill and couldn't be removed [/ QUOTE ] Thats what i mean, the plastic moulding (the silver coloured bumper)for the number plate is a square type
  2. New R32 Owner - Can i join the club??

    [ QUOTE ] After having another look at the front end of the R32, a square plate is going to look all wrong (quickly looks at watch, no it isn't April 1). Get it changed now - surely it's going to interrupt with airflow to the radiator or into the lower scoop ? [/ QUOTE ] Getting a bit apprehensive now after seeing a photo of an R with normal bumper. The square plate looked quite small so not sure about blocking air scoop etc Think i'll just wait to see it in the flesh
  3. New R32 Owner - Can i join the club??

    [ QUOTE ] hopefully it's just a special deal for mackems [/ QUOTE ] It's probably a stolen car or 2 welded together
  4. New R32 Owner - Can i join the club??

    yeah i saw it at the dealers on Saturday when i signed for the thing. I spoke to them this afternoon & he mentioned that they were trying to get a number plate made up that was square, it was taking time as they'd never seen a one with it!! Doesn't exactly fill you with confidence I hope it doe's look good, otherwise it'll be straight back to get replaced
  5. New R32 Owner - Can i join the club??

    Thanks for the warm welcome to the 'Nuthouse' guy's. I'm looking forward to some banter when i get the motor. Still counting the days & only 2 left to go!! By the way, i noticed that my car has a square type number plate on the front bumper. Anyone know if it's a new design or something? Never noticed that before
  6. New R32 Owner - Can i join the club??

    Thanks TP. I was lucky that i found the colour i wanted which was metallic Black. It also has leather, 6 disc autochanger built into centre armrest & tinted windows. Oh & it's manual It's got a couple of things missing that i wanted such as Highline computer & Soundpack but it was just sitting there looking lonely so i bought her. I can't wait till Thursday & what a noise it makes too
  7. Does anyone know of a good independant VW servicing Centre in Tyneside area? The missus Polo needs doing. Major service required for almost 4yr old model with 25000 miles. Quoted £250 from Stealers!! Ouch, need a cheaper one please!
  8. i'd hope for 2.5k they'd include your own personal massage therapist to rub your back & maybe occasionally put both hands under your ass when its cold!
  9. your probably right, the sales guy didn't know its true value & guessed @ around 27K. I've jst been on VW website & spec'd the same motor at around 28.5K 2.5k for the seats!!
  10. it was 3 Dr Silver. DSG, Leather Recaros, Winter pack, phone prep & i'm sure it had 6 CD changer with sound upgrade. It really was the nuts to be honest
  11. I've just been on my test drives. 1st the R32 with DSG then GTI Manual. Have to say i was blown away by the R's performance, noise, traction & trimmings. It just growls at you, loved it. Then i asked about a test in the GTI to compare, they had one so let me straight out. What i was most shocked about was how little difference there was between the two in terms of performance. You could feel the difference on the motorway, definatley at the top end but around some country roads not a lot really. You also felt the weight in the R, it was more planted & traction unbelievable. The GTI felt alot lighter, nibble & chuckable. In some respects i wish i'd never took out the GTI afterwards because it has left me thinking it is really worth the extra? The R was priced @ 27K but i'd drop the DSG, not knocking it, it was great but i prefer having more 'control' if you like. One more thing, the interior on the R was alot more special in terms of the trimmings. Something i like, the best way i can sum it up was when i bought my Anni. I'd taken out the standard 150 GTI then the Anni & the difference in interior was more than evident, more quality, a bit more special! Then after the drive, i had to have it! I've got some thinking to do i thinks...
  12. i see what your saying, i have no doubt the R is the better car like you say with the V6 sound, handling, the total package etc but is it so much better as to justify the extra 5-6K over the standard GTI which was very impressive. Who know's!! maybe after lunch i'll come back raving about it!
  13. i'm stuck thinking the same also. Is the R worth the greater outlay? I've got my R32 test drive booked in @ 12pm today so i'll get a better impression then. i have to say i was suprised at how much the new GTI was a better drive than my Anni but the extra 5-6K over the 20 mark for the R seems excessive. Hope its as good as the price tag suggests!
  14. crackling noise from Glove compartment.-MkIV

    I'm getting exactly the same thing on my anni. It started about 3-4 months ago. I thought it was something blocked in the air vents but when i switched off the Climatronic the noise was still there ! The cars booked in for a service on the 1st Feb so will see what the stealers ave to say
  15. 25h Anni Tuning

    I'm after some help chaps ! Now my Anni is nearing the end of it warranty i fancy doing some mods & want to change the air filter (first things first!) I've been reading up on them & don't know whether to go with induction kit or element. I know the induction will get better response and increased Bhp but i've also heard theres a real noise increase (which i don't quite want) Any one got any ideas ?
  16. Cheap insurance!

    You want to try a company called Adrian Flux, i was with Bell Direct for years on my Anni & the renewal was about £750 (mind, thats with our lass on the policy & shes only been driving for 1.5yrs!) Flux quoted me renewal for £440 with her on it as well
  17. 25h Anni Tuning

    Cheers lads, I priced up the Carbonio option & its £165, seems tad expensive when for another say £300 squids i can go for 215 bhp chip upgrade. I might just go for chip then go for a cold air kit. I managed to find a thread that was comparing induction kits to modded OEM air boxes which was very interesting. Also i'm sure the Anni's brakes & suspension & clutch will definatley be OK for up to about 230 bhp. Am i right in saying you can get a chip thats undetectable by VW so it won't invalidate my warranty ?