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  1. Sold the R32 and taking delivery of Audi S3

    i've just recently changed from an R32 to S3. My Golf wasn't a great deal thirstier than the S3 at the mo but that was partly down to the 26000 miles i did in it in 18 months. Mostly motorway and averaged over 32mpg. I'm not using the S3 in the same way at all and around the houses get 25mpg and on a run i've seen 32mpg. Overall i loved the R32 which on motorways was such a great cruiser, well composed and effortless too. The S3 is a different game altogether and not as comfortable on a journey but i'm not using it for thoses types of journey anymore. I use it for A and B road blasts to which the R just fell short in comparison. I miss the noise of the R32, although i have pulled the pipe for the flapper off the S3's exhaust and it sounds a bit more raspy and throaty
  2. MkV Oil Consumption?

    Had mine for almost 14 months, covering 18,800 miles and had to top with 1 litre of oil. First service is on Saturday too
  3. MkV R32 brake/steering noise

    I haven't been able to post anything for a while now. The noise has appeared again but his time only when i turn hard left, and not originally to the right. I'm now on 15K miles. i'll get VW to look at it when i get it serviced. I'm not worrying about it at the minute
  4. How far is have you gone at 0 miles !

    20 i think about 5 miles for me and no more
  5. Mk5 R32 MPG

    Over the last 10K miles with roughly 95% of that on Motorways I’ve averaged a DIS reading of 29.8MPG. I sit at 80 MPH and i now know how to drive it frugally so i achieve constant 32MPG. I came back from Sheffield in a hurry on Thursday early am at an almost constant 95MPH and still managed 27.7MPG. On Saturday i drove up the Northumberland coast with my lady very leisurely and with no rush, this was a 120 mile round trip and the DIS showed 37.3MPG when i got home! Cane it and you will see low 20's easily Hope that helps
  6. How much power do we really need ?

    i can see where your coming from with this. The car i have now is the most powerful motor i have owned... but i get so frustrated now with the amount of cars, speed camera's etc that i'm now thinking what’s the point?! My circumstances are that i live in the North East and commute to London for work and i'd prefer to drive for the convience more than anything else and the power isn't necessary. I too have been thinking why buy the bigger petrol/diesel when realistically i can't use it As above i love my motor and what it has to offer but i can't get near to its potential so what’s the point? and i am a petrol head, driving is in my veins... i could just be getting older thou...... oh no
  7. MkV R32 brake/steering noise

    You should get the motor into the dealers to be looked at Flintybob. The more that they get in then hopefully the quicker a fix can be found. Me personally, for however much longer i decide to keep the car i don't want to be going back every 2 months or so for this. And whats also bad is the fact that my dealer wanted to charge for the work, i'd imagine some people out there would pay up & thats not right. Out of interest, for the others having the same issue, when was your car registered? Wondering whether they were all built around the same time. Mines an Aug 2006 MY07 model
  8. MkV R32 brake/steering noise

    I got the car back & didn't pay a penny after expressing my point. All they have done is clean out the front brakes with air & lubricated something else! sorry i can't elaborate any further. I can replicate the fault every time i pull into my garage and upon coming home i'm not 100% sure it's worked. I was really listening for it & could very very faintly hear it again. I'll give it a few days with some extra miles on it to see how it goes but i can only see it coming back to be fair. It does seem that cleaning out the front brake system has cleared it to some degree, guess only time will tell.
  9. MkV R32 brake/steering noise

    Just to add to this discussion. Mine is it at the dealers now having this problem looked at/investigated. They have had the car almost 2 days now & have just been on the phone to give me an update. They say they can't find the fault although they believe it to be coming from the brakes. The service guy also mentioned that it could be a cleaning type job to cure it & it would cost me as they can't claim a 'clean brakes' job from VW. Of course there is no way i'll be paying anything if they come back later this afty with that drizzle. I'll post up later what the outcome is but no-one should have to pay anything on a 4 month 26K odd car!! Roll on the Service Manager.
  10. I couldn't agree with you any more on that, Recruitment Agencies are awful. A piece of something that might be worth money to them if could give a toss to read your CV & listen to you properly. I hate the nicie nicie bullsh1t then they never get back to you. It's awesomely frustrating when you call them, email them, call again & you get sod all back. And if you do get something back its as you say "you didn't have the skills” what?? Can you give me something constructive to work on instead of that drizzle?? Surely if you read my CV beforehand?!?! I've had to deal with a hell of a lot of them over the years and it’s a subject that to be frank boils my piss! Sorry to rant also!!!
  11. My cars ready

    Hi Bounce Lovely motor & top colour too. Will you be posting a review in the reviews section? I'm very interested to hear your thoughts... i'm looking at either 325D or 330D both seem great buy's & not much between them imo.
  12. Interior Build Quality of MKV

    oooh mate just wait until the dreaded top face vent rattle starts (dash)... it's only a matter of time
  13. Interior Build Quality of MKV

    I find it very poor compared to my Mk IV Anni. Same rattle etc from the same places as others have posted after only 5K miles. On the other hand though the ride has been transformed in my opinion.. can't complain really
  14. S3 with no Sat Nav

    i have to agree on some of the points made. If you pay 2K or what ever for Nav then come selling time you may get a 'premium' over a car that doesn't and similarly if you don't spend the 2K or whatever on factory Nav then come selling time you may not get the 'premium' price that the car next to it has. My feelings are that its all relative. Also you have to remember that not everyone has the spare pounds however much that may be to spec Nav or not, limits may be exhausted without specifing it as an option so again its relative as someone will no doubt be stretching to buy an S3 with no Nav/options at all come used buying time.
  15. Having to sell my .:R

    Hi R32Ash. I've normally averaged around 7-9K miles per year, but i'm enjoying the car so much i've stuck 5K on since mid Aug. I could be doing an additional 20K per year on top of my 7-9K so that could add to 30K miles per year. I think i'd get a better price & deal with lower miles on it. The 330d test drive never came about. I must have still been p!ssed from my night out in the toon as not long after i wrote the message my hangover kicked in & i went to bed!! dire for a 30yr old
  16. Having to sell my .:R

    I'm having to change the car due to a new job & i'm going to need something more economical...which is a bummer as its starting to loosen quite nicely now, typical eh? Can i ask your views on how much my R is now worth? FYI it was registered end of August, 4700 miles, UK car, black with leather int, CD Changer, Armrest & tinted windows. All opinions appreciated
  17. Having to sell my .:R

    24K from Audi! i would snap someones hands off for that. Maybe i'll have to change to an A4, nice motors but got told recently it would look like i'm driving my Dads car Going to hit some stealers today for test drives, opinions etc first up is a drive in an 330d BMW
  18. Having to sell my .:R

    Looked earlier today on Autotrader, values were between 22-23.5K
  19. Having to sell my .:R

    Funnily enough i did make that suggestion to her along with getting the Metro/buses to work... why are my palms so hairy i keep asking myself mmm
  20. My new toy.

    Looks fantastic mate, DBP is really growing on me, njoy
  21. Having to sell my .:R

    i did toy with the idea of having another "work" type car but that would mean 3 cars in the household were paying for which i don't want to do. Having a weekend car isn't for me yet, maybe it is for the future, but for now i can't see the point as i'm away 5 days a week & my missus wants my time for the weekend. I'm not only concerned with the mpg's but with deprieciation with the more miles i'll start putting onto it. As Leman says its phsycological as i'll always feel i'm not getting the best i can if that makes sense...but i do take wytco0 points on-board I've been looking at BMW 320/330D's although the 120d m-sport is growing on me also. Budget is unsure, missus is wanting to use some money for finishing the house! so anywhere from 19K-25K
  22. Having to sell my .:R

    Jesus LeMan thats sounds painful. I'm looking to try to get rid for 23-24K if i can selling it privately. I will wait until after chrimbo, not only for the reasons you put but that i can't be arsed with the hassle before hand. The good thing is i don't have to sell straight away, i can wait 1-2 months but anymore that that would be silly. Good news though is the hunt for a replacement... which always brings a smile to my face
  23. Variable exhaust flap on MKV?

    I've done it on mine & it's a Mk V. Looking at the back of your car the pipe is almost at the top of the right hand exhaust, behind the rear valence if i remember. Just pull the pipe off the fitting. I screwed a screw into the pipe to block the flow. The pipe is tough to pull off but it's easy all in all. Makes a much better sound at lower RPM's
  24. MkV R32 - or is it ?

    i think it looks good. I see what you mean't regarding a Jetta. I was on the M6 yesterday & an R32 was coming up behind, thought great i'll give thumbs up to another owner to find its a Jetta i've been thinking about doing something similar & colour-coding the silver to Black apart from the horizontal slats where the R32 badging is. I think that woul look pretty cool
  25. Mk V R32 - First impressions

    [ QUOTE ] Yeah I suspect it is normal, I get the impression it's coming from behind me so maybe it's the Haldex engaging or something? I guess what I need is another MkV to comapre it to [/ QUOTE ] I get the same too. I'm with you thinking that it's something to do with Haldex or a diff thing (i'm not the most technical)