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  1. Service

  2. Service

    Hi Guys, Ive 7000miles done so far in my S. What are the normal service intervals and will the display tell me when it is due? Regards Barry.
  3. Cleaning Boxster Roof

    Hi guys, Traded in the 335d for a Boxster S. What should I use to clean the fabric roof?? Can I just use my Meguiars car shampoo or do I need special cleaning stuff? Cheers guys.
  4. St Anton January

    Hi Guys, Thinking of trying St Anton for skiing this year, prob 30th Jan - 6 Feb. Probably staying in the Schwarzer adler.... Anyone been to St Anton before?? Good skiing?? Nite life?? Food?? Any recommendations?
  5. Home Theatre System

    Hi guys, I currently have a sharp Aquos 52" & PS3 with Sky HD as my system. I want to add a speaker setup for movies, PS3 etc. I want to be able to play my Ipod through it, as well my PS3, bluray movies and my Sky HD. I'm not sure if this is possible, or if it is what system to go for. I had a look at amazon and found some nice setups but am a bit confused as to whether they will do what I need them to do. Do I need to go for a system with a bluray player, seeing as though I already have a PS3??? Will every system allow me to route the sound thru the speakers for both TV, DVD & PS3?? Is there a huge difference between a 2 speaker setup and a 4/5 speaker setup?? Cheers....
  6. Sharp Aquos 52"

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I ws looking at the LG HT903 system. They seem to get good reviews.
  7. Sharp Aquos 52"

    Hi guys, Recently purchased a sharp Aquos 52" Tv. Alls good except the sound is very poor. Even at full volume its only marginally louder than a small 21" I have in my bedroom. Anyone know of any problems with sound on this model tv or is it just the way it is. Maybe a good excuse to buy the home theater system Ive been pining after....
  8. Cayman S or Focus RS

    Well I went to see the Cayman. Seal Grey, Black leather, 19" Alloys, Xenon, Heated seats and some other bits and bobs. Looked fabulous, slight mark on one side but dealer said that would be removed before sale. One or 2 small marks on the alloys but nothing major. lovely car to drive, great seating position, lovely sound, but extremely firm on the road. Couple of questions......The audio system has neither an Ipod connection nor can it play MP3 cds.....Whats sort of aftermarket units are out there, and has anyone any experience of changing??? It suposedly has adjustable suspension, but I forgot to look when I was in the car. It doesnt have PASM so is this a mistake or is there another adjustable suspension option? Is there some form of tyre pressure monitor std??? Really dont know what to do......while I like the 370Z I wouldnt buy one....Older 911 turbo??? Want to stay up in the years if at all possible. Also a bit miffed about buying an old model when the new model has just been released with more power etc etc
  9. Cayman S or Focus RS

    Hi guys, Im going looking at a 2007 cayman s on Monday, seems to be well kitted out, upgraded alloys, Xenons, short shift etc etc However, I am thinking of holding out to see a new focus rs before I make my mind up. What do ye think??? Am I mad even considering the focus???? Any thoughts welcome....... Im coming from a mapped 335d coupe. Cheers........
  10. Resistance 2

    Anyone play this for the PS3? Looks good and might keep me out of trouble on the run up to Christmas!!!!
  11. RC Helicopters

    Cheers lads, Richard, I've 170 hrs in the 44, so if your struggling I can only imagine how I'll be!!!!!
  12. RC Helicopters

    Hi guys, looking for outdoor semi serious. I've mastered the real thing so gonna give these a bash over christmas if I can get my hands on one.....
  13. RC Helicopters

    Hi guys, Anyone know of anywhere in the UK that sell Radio Controlled Helicopters??? Cheers
  14. M3 Exhaust Upgrade

    Hi Guys, What aftermarket sports exhaust would you recommend for an E92 M3. I dont want anything chavy but would like to up the standard bark. Also, anyone have any audio clips of exhausts they may have?
  15. 335i M Sport

    For a diesel, the d really doesnt sound bad..... deffo not as nice as the 335i but certainly not like a diesel chugger of old. Actually sounds quite well once your moving and open her up...