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  1. Lights on buzzer

    Hi, Mine bleeps on anything but auto which is just what I'd expect. Cheers, Neil.
  2. 60mph in 2nd gear

    From what I've read the DSG changes up at 6800, you've got to remember that the rev counter might lag behind a little from the DSG's brain. Cheers, Neil.
  3. DSG

    Not sure if I'm a hard core fan but I've had maunals for 20yrs and I'm totally enjoying the switch to DSG. I'd always fancied an auto just to make town driving easier but could never afford a quick enough one. I love my DSG. It only has a couple of areas where it can be a bit annoying. 1. On the motorway where you'd really just like to push along in say sixth, or in slow moving traffic where I'd prefer to just trundle along in say third, you end up with it grasping other gears when you accelerate so you lift off and it just takes the smoothness out of it - I've switched to using the manual mode in those circumstances. 2. Steep hills - especially reverse - these can be very jumpy. You hold it on the handbrake then ease in the throttle, nothing then it rushes back so you lift off and hit the brake, repeat. Not too impressive to the observer but I've got use to it. 3. Downshifts at the low end of the rev range. These can be a bit jumpy, it's like the throttle blip isn't high enough so you get that sudden slowing down jolt. I've found it easier to add in just a touch of throttle as you downchange. It seems odd to have do these things but when I think of all the little skills I've acquired around gear changes, clutch control and so on over 20 yrs of driving then it's not bad at all. Cheers, Neil.
  4. Hi, Not really. I've noticed that the car won't rev above 4000 even in neutral. The engine management system seems to intervene. I guess you could try and hold it at say 3800 then drop it into D from N and off you go. Tried it in a hire car once which was quite amusing but I wouldn't want to do it in my own car. To be honest, if you lift off the brake and hit the throttle hard with it in 'D' it moves off with a fair degree of wheelspin and gets going sharpish - it dumps the clutch quite hard. But why worry launch control gives you just the right amount power/torque to get you going at quite a rate. I guess you could be harsher in a manual and I've seen some test reports saying that the manual can be driven more agressively off the line when compared to the DSG but they didn't say if they were comparing with LC or not - I'd guess not. Cheers, Neil.
  5. Had to take your Mark V GTi back to the dealers?

    Hi, Mine's going in this week. Poor fit on the drivers door, driver's window has a mind of it's own. Dash and door rattles and the odd cut out of the cruise control. Cheers, Neil.
  6. DSG performance/use - a few questiosn

    Hi, I've done 14,000 now and on a steep hill it will roll a fair bit back. even lifting the brake off very slowly doesn't help. Only steep hills are an issue, worse case is when you stop suddenly to say let another car pass then just go back to the accelerator, the car rolls back and instinctively you press the pedal further then the clutch engages and you get a load wheelspin as you get going. Try getting out of an uphill junction - it's very difficult to creep forward so you need to kepp using the handbrake and so on. It's not the easiest situation in the world. Holding it on the throttle isn't hard but the manual says that the clutch will overheat and if that does happen it will disengage the clutch altogether leaving you stranded until it cools back down. Cheers, Neil.
  7. Anyone got a copy of Autocar today then ?

    Hmmm, No DSG on the Vauxhall so I don't care. I think the new Focus looks good but the Seat looks even better and you can still have the DSG. New Civic Type-r will probably be pretty good and it looks good too. The good news is VW can use the Focus / VXR as the car to beat when sorting out the R36. Neil.
  8. Fuel

    Hi, I put a few tanks in as I couldn't get anything else in the far north of Scotalnd. The engine management light came on for about half a day (it means poor quality exhaust gases - which can be caused by misfiring) after that it went off and I started back on the Optimax. Not seen it since, probably takes the ECU a while to sort things out. Whilst the light was on, I couldn't feel any difference and as long as it doesn't start flashing you are OK to drive the car. Cheers, Neil.
  9. 2006 spec gti!!!!!

    Hi, It might not say it in the manual but it is designed as a temporary switch to maunal. I use it sometimes in say a 30MPH when the car wnats 6th in 'D' but if feels like it's dragging. Cheers, Neil.
  10. Is paddleshift standard with DSG?

    He's a massive GTi fan. Trust me he was just taking the p&&&. Most of his reviews of the GTi are almost identical - he milks his jokes - just like the rest of us.
  11. Is paddleshift standard with DSG?

    Clarkson was just beuing sarcastic
  12. DSG niggle that may be a problem

    Hi, yes it does go back to 'D' rather than waiting for the timeout. I've put an answer to your LC issue against your other post. Cheers, Neil.
  13. Golf GTI Launch Control

    PS... You put it in 'S' not manual if you want to use launch control... Cheers, Neil.
  14. Golf GTI Launch Control

    Hi, Works in the UK. It sits at 2,500RPM, lift off the brake and hold on. I believe they disable it in the US for some reason. Cheers, Neil.
  15. DSG niggle that may be a problem

    Hi, Seems like I was dreaming last night. What I said earlier was in fact, er, complete rubbish. In 'D' you can use the paddles and it will switch to manual. If you leave it alone it goes cack to 'D' after 20 seconds or so. If you keep using the paddles it will stay in manual as long as you make a change less than 20 seconds after the previous one. If you are in 'D' and use the paddles it switches to manual - if you hold the paddle it will switch back to 'D' - it just stops you waiting for the timeout. I reckon 20 secs if far too short. It would be good if there was some way to set the timeout to say 5 minutes or something - that would make much more sense - to me at least. What do you guys think? Neil.
  16. Fuel Range GTI

    Hi, I'm getting 380 on average, although I have had 420 but that was over a long weekend with no blasting around. Neil.
  17. DSG niggle that may be a problem

    Hi, I'm pretty sure that's how they are designed. If you are in 'D' you can override by using the paddles, but unless you move the lever, it will switch back to 'D' in 20-30 secs. If you are in manual, you can hold the paddle and it will switch to 'D' (the lever doesn't move) where it will stay until you move the lever into 'D' yourself. I've never tried holding it again to see what it does, I'd guess it will just go back to manual mode. I'm off to get some petrol later, I'll give it a go. Cheers, Neil.
  18. Scotland & petrol

    Hi, I've just had a few days break up in Scotland. The GTi was fantastic on those twisty highways right up in the North and you hardly ever see any other cars . A bit too tempting as far as speed is concerned... Only problem was once you get so far North, Shell Optimax is a no go. In fact anything other than 95RON was almost impossible to find. After about two days the exhaust system warning light came on (it means poor exhaust gas quality accoring to the handbook). Eventually (a day later) it went off and has stayed off ever since. Do you think it just down to the change in petrol? Or should I be worried that something more sinister is going on? Will probably get it to a dealer as soon as work calms down. Thanks, Neil.
  19. Wing Mirrors

    Hi, I've got the folding ones. The only problem I've found is that when a local vandal decided to kick the mirror towards the front, it ended up causing that much damage I had to have the whole mirror assembly replaced. It's a shame they don't fold right the way in. Cheers, Neil.
  20. woohoo - my white 5dr GTI has arrived :-)

    Hi, Nice to see another white one about... The only problem I've had with mine is the paint seems to chip really easily and I'm going through car shampoo at an alarming rate. Enjoy, Neil.

    I've got a three door DSG in white - love it. Get's a lot of admiring glances if you like that sort of thing. I pass one along the A580 alos a white GTi which has a reg of VW05 GTI - cool or what. Cheers, Neil.
  22. gtiV -disappointing dsg

    Mine's fine. I normally flick it down a gear as i floor it. Got to admit only use D in town and I don't blast around town. Coming from a manual I know exactly what gear I want in my mind but the DSG doesn't have the ability to read my mind so it has to wait and see just how hard you want to accelerate before choosing a gear. Imagine if you drove a manual in the same way - floor the throttle in say 6th then decide which gear you want based purely on how hard you are trying to accelerate then change to the right gear, I'd imagine it would be pretty tough. Give it time, I reckon my driving style has changed to get the best out of the 'box. Cheers, Neil. Neil.
  23. Considering Golf GTi

    And one by the beach Neil.
  24. Considering Golf GTi

    This is mine...
  25. DSG remorse?

    Hi, I've not really used the sport mode in anger yet. Apart from a quick trip over the Yorkshire dales most of my driving has been in heavy traffic. In sport mode you can't choose where the gearchange occurs by the way you drive, it always waits until 6,800RPM before changing up and changes down almost as soon as revs will allow when you ease off or brake. As the car does 41ish MPH in first gear, sport mode is no-go around town, especially on the MPG front. Cheers, Neil.