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  1. The first one was lost but luckily the other times was when i pressed the washers with the lights on by mistake and i found it on the road although it had a few scratches. Luckily the dealer has a bodyshop as well so there's no problem getting it painted .Tbh if it comes off again i'm just going to tell them to disconnect the washers altogether.

  2. Think you'll find it's come off itself mine came off after 2 days and has come off another 4 times since it seems to be more of a problem with the mkv as the covers are flush with the bumper and if the units even slightly off line behind the bumper the cover will pop off as it retracts.Real pain because it looks bad with a gaping hole left in the bumper and makes you frightened to use the washers at night not what you need at this time of year frown.gif

  3. Had mine replaced a few weeks ago it should tick slightly that's normal however mine was vibrating really badly sometimes. It did'nt do it when the tech had a look but they changed it no problem the new one according to the tech is slightly different in design. If it had'nt been covered by warranty it was over £120 iirc 169144-ok.gif

  4. Sounds like the pipe or the connection to your rear washer has either come off or split sending water onto the switch usually happens because of lack of concentrated screen wash.

    To lock the car without the alarm go in the passenger side and lock the drivers door with the button. Come out passenger side and push button down and pull the door handle out . The car should now be locked without the alarm on.should give everybody a good night's ZZZ.gif

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    Why are you getting rid so soon B15ETJ?

    What's it being replaced with?? 169144-ok.gif [/quote

    I'm not selling it Ross just the salesman had phoned to see if i was intrested in the new R as they had one ready to go.Went to see it etc,etc but tbh too pricey for me and although it's a nice car i prefer the mkiv anyway.The £15,500 trade in was without even seeing the car never asked about mileage or nothing very strange .

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    ....Surely no-one in their right mind would consider trading in their Mk4 R32 for either a VXR or a ST Focus??!!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    My mate drives a Focus RS and although it's a nice motor i have to say after having a good look round the ST i think it's a much nicer car quite impressed to be honest. Not sure that i'd change the R for it but i have booked a test drive anyway just to see 169144-ok.gif