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  1. 52-plate Allroad 2.7t modding opportunity?

    Hello Sir, good to hear from you (and good to see you are still the Audi hacker ) The DAB is not too much of an issue - we have one of those PURE Highway DAB units anyway. I would certainly be interested in a quote. Could you break out the TV bit separately - as i mentioned this is a nice to have so may treat it as an option depending on cash. Not sure on your timescales, but i would be looking at August, as that is when the rest of the family are away (i get to stay at home and mind the farm) - so i will have the car all to myself then. Regards Barry
  2. Hello all Its been a while - in fact its been close to 4 years since i was last here, and about that length of time since we last had an Audi in the family... I have recently come into possession of a 52plate Allroad 2.7t It has the Navigation+ head unit, complete with the now-defunct analogue TV tuner module, and the 6-cd changer in the boot (although the changer cartridge is absent ) It looks like it used to have a telephone install as there is still a glass-mount aerial on one of the rear side windows. Anyway. My wife is going to be using it as her daily driver. I'd quite like to investigate the potential of the following mods, to see how expensive they would be and whether its still feasible, given the age of the car (and the fact that audi seems to revamp its line up every 5 minutes)... RNS-E? Do they still make / do them? Audi Bluetooth module and kit (mic etc) IPod connectivity DAB Radio (nice to have, but not essential) Digital TV upgrade (this being a nice to have, not essential). I know when i was last kicking around these parts (when i had an S8 and A6 estate) that Craigyb used to be the wizard for all things Audi - but not sure whether he still does this or not... Any thoughts? Regards Barry P.S. The fly in the ointment is that it does not have the multi-function steering wheel! Hoping that is not a mandatory requirement for any of the above suggestions
  3. Cheap good hosting?

    I finally got shot of 1&1 and have moved all my sites and stuff over to (Fuzioned) Their pricing for hosting and/or reseller accounts is very competitive, and their support is a breath of fresh air...
  4. DSLR Alternative for US trip

    I've taken a look at the G10 and also the G9.... One (further) question abounds.... I currently have Photoshop CS2 (as it does all i need with my 20D and 30D RAW modes). This has camera-raw 3.7 Looking online i cannot see support for either the G10 or G9 RAW modes in CS2 - so if i went with one of them i guess i'll need to upgrade Or can i get a newer version of camera-raw plug in without having to go to CS3 or CS4? BTW - Looked at the LX3 - looks nice but i think i know where i am with the canon gear
  5. DSLR Alternative for US trip

    Well apart from doing the usual tourist trip out to Hoover Dam and the Canyon etc, i was also wanting it to keep with me during the conference - i'm meeting up with a lot of old mates i've not seen in years so something handy to point-and-shoot will be ideal. I'll take a look at the G10 first up. Cheers
  6. Hi all I'm heading off to Las Vegas in June on business, and will have a few days to kill whilst out there. I dont want to lug my Canon DSLR gear all the way out there (as i plan to travel fairly light) so am looking for a suitable smaller-scale digital camera to take with me. I'd appreciate any help, as a quick google today reveals a market awash with the buggers - so no idea where to start looking. Pointers? If it can use CF cards then the better (as i have stacks being a Canon user). Not worried about rechargable battery vs AA's etc Price range - i guess anything up to £350 - £400 Cheers
  7. Canon 5D Mark II

    Spooky this as i only casally mentioned the 5d over in the 50d posting the other day... That said, i can't help but think that it is loaded with some technology that is simply not going to be used by many of the target audience. I was contemplating the 5d as a move over to full-frame DSLR (from my 30d). The specs on this new 5d do look awesome i agree, but i'd never use the video capture. So i'd be paying an eye-watering £2-£3k for a combined DSLR/HD Camcorder. For me this just confuses the issue over potential upgrades...
  8. Canon EOS 50D

    I've had my 30d for some years now (and extremely happy with it) and had been putting some funds aside for a future body upgrade as i have most of the lenses that i'm likely to need for my needs. For the last 18 months or so I had been eying the 5d, but with these recent announcements who's to say they wont also been putting out a 5d replacement, sending the 5d prices lower... (I'm assuming the 50d is stepping up fromt the 40d, rather than replacing the 5d?? - not read the specs yet). Oh the choice. Oh the money!!
  9. Viewing photos on a TV

    This should be simple and i'm sure it is... I have a NAS drive with most of my digital photos on. I would like to be able to display them on my TV. But i dont want to have to burn them onto a DVD/CD, nor do i want to have to put them back onto the memory cards and have a reader, and nor do i want to connect my camera up to the tv - i want something that can read them off the NAS and display them. Can this be done? Most are JPG format (although i still keep the original canon RAW files but appreciate that these will remain unviewable in that state). Any help appreciated. Usual bribes apply
  10. Dual HDD laptop?

    You're not kidding! I've just had a aplay with their configurator and keep hitting the 2K mark!
  11. Dual HDD laptop?

    I was more concerned with I/O contention. I'm planning to set it up with a DB tier and apps tier (ORacle EBS) (on the separate drives). I currently have a complete install of Oracle EBS running on Oracle Enerprise Linux 5, on a single HDD laptop which is okay, but can be reet slow when doing anything but the most basic of tasks. In terms of capacity i was looking in the region of 160gig minimum per HDD The Lenovo's look okay but not great (and are pricey). I've also seen that the HP HDX series of notebooks also have dual HDD capability but they're heavily biased towards multimedia (with Blu-Ray, Web Cam, etc) none of which will get a look in with me. They too are steeply priced.
  12. Dual HDD laptop?

    I need a CD/DVD drive initially i guess (to unbundle the install CD's for Oracle) but dont need one in general day-to-day use. I'll take a look at the IBM's - although i guess they probably carry a premium for the name.
  13. Dual HDD laptop?

    Anyone know of a manufacturer who do laptops with dual HDD's? I have a specific need to spec up a laptop with dual HDD's. It will eventually be running an enterprise edition of Linux and Oracle RDBMS and need a minimum of 2 drives (with multiple partitions). External USB drives are not really an option as i need it to be self-contained. Most of the mainstream suppliers dont seem to have this as a configurable option (not that i can see anyway). The closest i've come is Acer, but you cannot custom-spec their kit, you can only buy their own specifications. And they all come with bl**dy Vista pre-installed. If anyone knows somewhere that can cater for this i'd appreciate a linky. Cheers
  14. Media PC reccomendations

    Cheers all. I suspect i will go for a replacement desktop and tv-card combo in the end
  15. Network music player

    I use the Sonos music system. I have 3 units (zones) and 1 controller. They stream music from networked storage (mine is a Buffalo 2TB NAs), or from the internet (Napster or radio etc). 2 of my units are amp-less and hook into external amps (one into my AV amp and another into a Yamaha sound bar). The 3rd unit i have has a built in amp so hooks direct to speakers. They operate on their own MESH network, or can be hard-wired (mine are hardwired). The controller is able to control the music in all zones, so you can have different music in all 3 zones etc. The system is expandable (adding more zones and controllers). The kit is expensive, but the starter kits work out good value for money. Mines been in use for several months now, and apart for some teething troubles i had with the wireless (hence reverting to ethernet cables) at the start these have behaved without fault.