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  1. Who will go where?

    I think the transfer fee for Sneijder will have been informally agreed a while back, the problem is his wages and the fact he's going to have to take a pay cut on his base wages in order to join Man Utd. I feel they've been negotiating with him on the quiet for quite a while as they don't want the embarrassment of agreeing a fee then not being able to agree wages. He's reportedly on £250K at the moment and the likes of Rooney will probably have a clause in their contracts saying they are 'paid as mush as the highest earner'.
  2. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

    Some of the interviews afterwards were like a mass love in, everyone praising everyone else. The thing is so sanitised it's beyond belief. I had to laugh at Wheldons team when they started saying that they knew they were going to win it all along. That was one of the most blatant cases of another person loosing it and the other picking up the pieces
  3. @joey7barton

    Because of all the dirt he has on people from illegal phone tapping, etc
  4. Monaco GP

    Yes it's currently showing on iplayer
  5. Chelsea sack Ancelotti, West Ham steam in...

    Yes the Diablo tactic, think my record was 35-0 using it and Robinho scored 10. Used to really annoy me that you'd get the England job win the World Cup and everything else then would loose so crappy tournament and get the boot.
  6. But any administrator can simply reset a persons password using the management console on the server. This is the break glass scenario they should use.
  7. So what car next then?

    GF is looking at an XC60 at the moment and without even trying to haggle the dealer has offered 8.5% off and 3 years servicing for £300. It's certainly tempted her as she thought it was out of her price range.
  8. Travian - whos playing?

    Travian TSU :: com4 :: Player "Hector" this will be you then? Up to 28th
  9. Travian - whos playing?

    Enjoy feeding them whilst they're on their trek!
  10. All Terrain have 10% off over the easter weekend. Fizz best piece of advice i can give is test out different makes and find one you like. Each make tend to have their own frame geometry so they'll feel different to each other and some will suit you more than others. It's easy to upgrade bits and bobs on a bike but the frame is the most expensive part. A decent bike shop will be more than happy to spend time with you trying different bikes out and getting the right one for you.
  11. Premier league Best buy this year

    Is that helps Man Utd?
  12. Premier league Best buy this year

    You can't just look at the big clubs though Odemwingie at WBA is definitely in there seeing as he cost only £1m. He's scored nearly as many as Hernandez in the prem this season. This is an interesting site to look at as they try to put a current value on players.
  13. Ferguson

    They only get fined if someone makes a complaint, so far no one has. It is a good way of defecting attention away from how poor Man U are playing at the moment though!
  14. Anyone seen my puddy cat?

    This guy is class some of his other stuff has me in tears before. He is a bit on an insensitive get though
  15. Someone on Pocket GPS World - SatNavs | GPS | Speed Cameras will be able to help. You usually have a program that when used on a PC with Satnav linked through USB allows you to upload. ALternatively if it has a flash card reader put the map on that and see if you can read that way.