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  1. ticking/clicking noise

    this noise appeared then went just as quickly but battery flattened when it was there what is there in engine bay area that will run when ignition is turned off car locked and keys out?any ideas
  2. my car battery has gone flat twice in as many weeks,battery is fine,on last occasion i could hear what appeared to be the fuel pump or something in that area running,more of a ticking noise really ,this was with engine and ignition off.the car had been left over night so it wasnt just something running down or cooling.anyone any ideas ie is there a cut off relay somewhere etc
  3. i am having nothing but bad luck with windows on 97 passat.changed n/s regulator panel working perfect now o/s has stopped working (failed to raise on rainy day dont ask)anyway i managed to wind window up by turning the armature on the motor so this seems to say that mechanism is all attatched and i know there is power to motor,so was wondering if anyone had ever rebruhed the motor as this may be all that is wrong.
  4. 97 passat electric window probs

    thats where it all went wrong, i presumed window needed to be down to gain access to fixing but couldnt get it down because of fault.will persivere
  5. 97 passat electric window probs

    my passat electric windows on front and rear passenger side have stopped working,thought it was tied in to water ingress probs(dont get me started there).anyway it seems not as when you press the switches you can hear the motor/relay clicking in the door i have had panel off but motor is non removeable as it is screwed on from behind the inner panel which is riveted on.has anyone else had this fault if so any solutions and if not be aware that the motor is a non serviceable item from what i can see, seems a bit extreme to change a door just coz window wont open but there you go.hope someone can help a little
  6. 98 passat 1.9tdi key battery change

    i had same prob had battery changed at main stealers and keyfob reprogrammed.unfortunately mine still didnt work the start of the probs with ccu.not wanting to put frightners on but check under pass side carpet for moisture.
  7. vw passat 1.9 tdi wiring diagram

    can anyone tell me where i can download wiring diagram for 1.9 tdi.had the dreaded water leak now all electrics shot, need to check out wiring for door locks, windows etc
  8. sluggish passat tdi auto

    my '97 passat 1.9 tdi auto seems under powered .its fine most of the time and runs sweet on motorway but if it comes to a gradient wouldnt pull u out of bed seems to be around 3000 revs.had a look for any hoses etc to turbo nothing obvious.any suggestions?
  9. Cat System on a Diesel?

    the cat is mounted between the turbo and the exhaust.i have just had a new one on mine as old one collapsed.note if u develope rattling noise from front end thats what it is.i got the new cat online from 'the cat man'£95 delivered next day
  10. Climatronic Problems

    exactly what happened on mine .and yes being low on a/con gas does flash indicator panel.change the brushes quite an easy task.
  11. re;ccu probs

    i have taken ccu out and it appears to be dry altough footwell was wet.give everything a dousing of wd40.still not working remotely.will work this the sign of the ccu being fubard or is there something else it could be.i have changed batts in key fob,led lights when button is a 1997 r reg
  12. i posted a few days ago regarding having water in footwell and ccu playing up since,where abouts is ccu located,how much carpet do u have to rip out?
  13. i have a 2002 octavia has developed a throaty exhaust noise,i have had it to an exhaust place and they said exhaust was fine seemed to be coming from rear of this likely to b exhaust gasket ?r they prone to these blowing?
  14. i resently had the dreaded water in footwell since then key fob has been playing up,i suspect from other posts that ecu has been damaged.where is it located and how do i get at it?
  15. car has developed a pronounced clicking noise when turning only seems to do it when turning right.any clues is it power steering fault or just tight streering gear ie track rod etc