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  1. Hi All Does anyone have a discover pro nav system in a Mk7 ? I'm a big podcast listener If you connect a ipod/touch/phone can it list the podcasts within a series in DATE order ? or can this be done from the HD or SD cards ? Thanks
  2. Hi All A bit early I know but i've a couple of questions about the new VW Discover Pro infotainment (cant stand that word!) system as fitted to the new mk7 golf Prehaps someone would be kind enough to reply ones they have got their hans on a real unit 1. If you connect an iPhone 5 can you use both the phone and ipod music/podcast functions through the head unit or would I be better connecting the phone as a phone and a separate ipod via cable or whatever 2. I'm a big fan of podcasts an i'm not an apple fanboy but one of the things they get right is that when they show a list of podcasts in a series they are listed in reverse DATE order and NOT name order. When I connected an iPod to a Mk6 golf they wer listed in name order and there was no way to change it which was very frustrating. Thanks in advance PS no idea why it says BMW 330d by my name ? cant seem to find it in profile. not been on here for a while
  3. Sorry all am going to have to bow out Some possible work thing has come up and rather than mess you guys about as I know what a nightmare these things are to organise I rather give you a positive no rather than a maybe/possibly You can get on and give my place to any other late breaker Sorry again You all have a great Xmas and roll on 2008 !
  4. Hi All Sorry been off the radar of late but you know how life and work gets in the way ! Just been have a quick TsN browse after a few beers as you do Spotted this post .... and looks like it's going to be a top meet ... there may even be more than one lady there eh Anne I might even finally get to meet the famous lottiefox ! So as long as the Eton Mess "situation" has been sorted Can you put me down in the last of the late breakers slot as i'm 90% sure I can make it .... will be a bit of a flying visit though Regards to all and have a great run upto xmas
  5. Fifth Gear tonight

    Wots happend to the side of VBH's face ? Looks like she's been through one gravel trap too many ! That piece with the police driver last night I thought was quite entertaining Do you think any of hte TG production crew have jumped ship ? FG seems to be getting a bit better ?
  6. DSG Cooking !

    Thanks for the replies. will probably drop it in next week ... you been using too much LC then
  7. DSG Cooking !

    Hi all After an errpr of judgement I needed to reverse about 200 yards up a very narrow very steep very bendy hill If I didn't have DSG and reverse sensors I would have been stuffed and it would have been a good laugh for VW assistance ! It took about 10 mins to get back to the top of the hill with several stop starts (as few as possible but it was "impossible" ) When almost at the top the gear indicator row on the MFD started to flash like a christmas tree ! and I lost drive. I guess this was the DSG box shouting ENOUGH ! your cooking the clutch and you could smell it ! So I switched off counted to 10 and started up again, regained drive to do the final shallow bit of the climb and then went the correct way !! Engine was running for about another 5 mins after "christmas tree" so hopefully had chance too cool gently ! I drove 250 miles home two days later and apart from a smidge more shunt on the occasional change all seemed OK If I take it in will anything show up on the diags ? is a DSG clutch classed as a "wear and tear" item ? can the be changed ? Anyone else managed to do this
  8. What track car do i buy for under 10k

    Ahh those were tyhe days is that Curborough ?

    Probably having a big blower fitted like this bloke ....
  10. My First Birthday

    Great set of pics Liking those sills shame they dont makem for the 5dr You might want to look at your pics again ... bit too much information in them if you know what I mean
  11. MkV Oil Consumption?

    Not put a drop in in 9k
  12. A-Team van on e-bay

    Is that because it had the welded doors option
  13. What track car do i buy for under 10k

    Most of the time they are much cheaper due to they only have a limited market to sell to especally one make series Of course for modders it's not about the dosh
  14. What track car do i buy for under 10k

    They turn up in the back pages of Autosport or just get yourself to a race and ask around
  15. What track car do i buy for under 10k

    Looks like your having fun with your project Would an ex cup race car workout cheaper as you've done so many mods ?
  16. bbs cost

    Hi there RS32 Must try to get tothe october meet to check out that new mota of yours And also check whats going on in the power ranger scene
  17. DSG or Manual?????

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Why avoid S mode? [/ QUOTE ] Because as others have stated it is a bit frantic for UK roads, and I personally think it revs too high before changing gear (my car only has 3000 mls on the clock so I don't want to redline it too much), but more that I feel it is revving high out of the main powerband, and it is quicker to shift up to make better 'progress' [/ QUOTE ] I agree but you can stlll pull a paddle at anypoint and you get the beneift of bliped down changes and swift upshifts.But if it;s a while between bends and you are not nailing it it doesn't really work It's just a same it's so frustrating at slow speed around town. I understand why but it still drives me nuts I wont use the obvious euphemism but lets just say when it's good it's fantasic but when it's not it drives me nuts
  18. You've obviusly not made it to the new brighton meet venue yet then
  19. DSG or Manual?????

    BS I thought i'd tee that one up for some incomming ! DSG drives me nuts when going slow around town but head out of the city limits, turn off the nanny state, slip into sauce mode and paddle! It's the best fun you can have sitting down with your clothes on !
  20. DSG or Manual?????

    If you like driving slowly get a manual if you like to drive quickly get a DSG
  21. bbs cost

    Didn't they go bust
  22. [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] ....Enjoy! But why does it always sound as if someone who buys a house in Spain is a criminal wanted by Scotland Yard? [/ QUOTE ] [/ QUOTE ] .... driving a bright red focus ST Did you go for plain vanilla or the full eaton mess ?
  23. Weight???

    [ QUOTE ] I wouldn't want a bigger car than a hatchback due to increased wheelbase and weight [/ QUOTE ] I cant afford one but I happen to notice the other day that an RS4 is within a few kg of an R32 and is actually narrower if a smidge longer ... with an extra 170 gee gees
  24. MkV Satnav query

    The volume for radio/directions/telephone are all independant (i think) ie when maureen is talking if you change the volume she gets louder/quieter without affecting the radio same with telephone if plumbed in So I think if you just turn the volume down when she is not talking you should still hear her when she as something to say. Or perhaps choose CD and pick a slot with no disc ? HTH
  25. The new R32 Corolla

    To fool the journo's taking spy shots of the mk6