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  1. New Megafactories on Nat Geo/HD

    The R8 one is here: VideoWeed - Get high on VideoWeed | Flash Video Hosting
  2. RS3 Deposit

    God knows there should be.
  3. Yes, and I've just found out that Allan McNish is going to be there so I'd still be going even if it wasn't! :D Looking forward to actually enjoying the event this year (i.e. not doing the Concours!) A8_Tony darrenjoe90 Architex_mA8tey roberto1954 Shark_90 Mook Tobes 49 - Audi A8 steve2 J_C
  4. It's not going to happen.
  5. How long to build an LMP1 car

    That's if you can call it a race - umpteen full course yellows and eventually red flagged after just four hours thanks to freak weather. How very disappointing; this was the most eagerly anticipated PLM for years and I don't know who I feel the most sorry for - the spectators, the organisers or the drivers (especially McNish who was the moral 'victor').
  6. Which facelift next?

    Well, it'll be four years old next Spring! I don't know when in 2010 we can expect this facelift however. Yes, the updated style headlights and possibly LED tail lights too. Some minor bodywork revisions are expected along with some new wheels. I don't know about engine/powertrain updates though.
  7. Which facelift next?

    Correct, Craig. The next model to receive a facelift will be the TT. I read somewhere that this will be sometime next year.
  8. Highly unlikely; those articles are nothing more than page-filling rumours. Frankfurt will see the S5 Sportback, R8 V10 Spyder and some new engines.
  9. New Audi Logo and font

    I think it's a dead ringer for the old one.
  10. Work in IT? What do you do?

    Absolutely! Fortunately we're one of the last few countries to get it so we've had the pleasure of watching the carnage - sorry, 'progress' in the rest of Europe from the sidelines for a couple of years. Hopefully all the lessons will be learned by the time we're dragged kicking and screaming into it (or all the money will have run out...).
  11. Work in IT? What do you do?

    Analyst/Programmer and Security Officer for an American chemical hygiene company who are also branching out into healthcare and pest control. I work exclusively on the IBM System i midrange platform (formerly known as eServer iSeries and AS/400). I'm responsible for the support, maintenance and development of an ERP system deployed across the UK and Nordic countries. I also have the dubious honour of planning DRP tests and ensuring SOx compliance. Currently working towards a SAP implementation next year.
  12. Bmw r8

    Whenever I look at that picture of the engine bay with the outline of the Audi rings still visible, I can't help but think of this:
  13. Bmw r8

    I'm afraid it gets much, much worse: A good case for sterilisation if ever there was one.
  14. Audi Driver Magazine - This Month :)

    Looks like you had an interloper in an RS6 too!