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  1. Hi all I am new to this site, so I hope I don't upset anyone with a realatively simple question. My brother has a Chimera 4.0Lt v8 TVR (8 year old), which is just about on its last legs as far as its clutch plate is concerned. This is the question part. Apart from dealers of TVR (which frankly are rather expensive - as expected) where else can I get hold of a clutch plate and all other bits for the job for this motor? I know it takes the engine from a Rover V8, I also know that Range Rovers and Land Rovers use them because I have one, however does the TVR revamp of the engine use a different clutch plate form the Rangie 4lt V8? Just so you know, I am not a complete muppet as far as taking things apart are concerned because as I have mentioned before I have played on Landy's for a long time and do all the work myself. Thank you very much in advance Richard.