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  1. Love: DSG (which I would personally highly recommend), linear power delivery, combination of power and practicality, looks...oh, and in terms of details, the cloth trim is cool, and the steering wheel is great Hate (or rather, things that annoy, as hate is a bit strong!): interior rattles (sorry, but VW have cut too many corners. I guess they would say they've put the money elsewhere, but when you spend 2.5 hours in the car every day the rattles can be annoying); auto-wipers are rubbish; DSG is too lazy in full auto-mode - it changes up too early and so gets bogged down - but I don't use it much so not too big a problem; service costs and VW dealers; I sometimes think it ain't that quick...I guess like everything in life we always want more...; lack of full control for audio on steering wheel e.g. can't change CD or track, and can't change station. Don't know if you get that with Highline? The love very much outweighs the 'hate'
  2. serviced for another year

    Indeed You spurred me on to try to get a better price and I at least managed £300 + £59 for BF, so £105 better off. Plus they were able to fit me in for a pick up and drop off without having to wait for weeks, unlike my usual place I envy the prices quoted by you guys but it seems I'm not going to get anywhere near that
  3. serviced for another year

    Just booked my 2nd longlife service, having done 31k miles in 22 months (so quite high mileage) £395!!!! Oh, plus another £69 for brake fluid Apparantly holding it at £395 will be a slight discount but he wouldn't budge any more Only consolation I didn't pay for first service (after 16k miles) as I had a DSG problem and VW UK paid for the service as a concession It's New Southgate, so element of London prices I suppose, but still, as much as I love the car it is only a Gold after all. Prices like that I could well do without! Anyone else paying this much??? One final point, told him that DSG chane is very abrupt sometimes, I think when it is cold (gearbox oil needing to warm up??), so I want them to look at that before I get close to end of warranty I seem to recall that someone else had that poroblem so would appreciate it if you could remind me of the resolution. Of course when I drop it off the gearbox will be warm, so I can picture the scene now ("sorry sir, we couldn't reproduce the problem; you'll have to drop it off at night for a cold start the next morning")
  4. Tyre pressure warning...

    Car now has 4 new Potenza RE040s, fitted by a friendly and knowledgable guy from etyres. He was extremely careful not to damage the rims, so very pleased about that. I would recommend etyres without any hesitation He referred to the Bridgestones as 'Bitchstones' due to the hard tyrewall that has been referred to on this forum. He didn't seem to have too many problems The guy is obviously an enthusiastic: he's nearly finished doing a MKII Golf GTI with a 290BHP Audi TT engine (must be uprated) and suspension parts from a Corrado VR6. He even asked whether I could give him my locking nuts, given that I have McGuards fitted! Previous tyres were RE050s: not sure what material difference there is between the two The front tyre that was flat had a 6 inch tear on the inside edge: the guy said that the alignment may be slightly out. He recommended a place called Feltham Tyres Hopefully the car will be on top form handling wise!
  5. Tyre pressure warning...

    Warning went off this morning on the way to work. Stopped at garage and after topping up 3 tyres, 2 of which were actually OK but the 3rd was down to 25psi, then found that the drivers side front was very low, and wouldn't take any air. Presumably there is something wrong with the valve; either way I didn't fancy putting space saver on as I travel home on M1/M25, so called etyres and someone coming out to fit them this afternoon. £129/tyre all in for Potenza RE040, 18s Very impressed with the service over the phone, so hopefully will be the same when they come out. Will let you know... They are bringing 4 tyres as I've now done 27.5k on the first set and had been putting off replacing them (27.5k - is that a record!? Right foot is fairly light, if not in general then I try not to spin the wheels from standing start). May as well bite the bullet and do all 4 even though the rears look OK. Guy on the phone said it's probably best to do all 4, which I assume makes sense from performance perspective Went for Potenzas if only because that's what I've got now, although I have heard good reports on other tyres from this forum As per other posts the tyre seemed pretty stable despite being way down: I think the Potenzas have a stiff sidewall so maybe that's why Very impressed with the tyre pressure warning, which could quite literally be a lifesaver. Am driving London-Leeds and back at the weekend so good that it's happened now and not at high speed
  6. Type Pressure Sensors

    Having read the post I decided to check my tyres. I hate to admit that this is the first time since June '05 : I'm usually pretty diligent so I can only say I was relying on the pressure sensors to alert me Anyway, turns out the rears are 26 and 28 and the fronts are both 30, so way down on what they should be! Can't understand why the warning didn't kick-in Set them to 35 and reset the sensor I will be checking them regularly from now on! Clearly being that low couldn't have been good for handling and tyre wear, although I'm still on the same set from new - Potenxa R50 - and despite 22.1k miles they were just above 3mm back in June. Still I expect to have to change them soon, particularly with the wet weather increasing p.s. I have also bought a proper pressure gauge as my understanding is that the garage ones tend to be poorly maintained and as a result inaccurate This one was recommended on the web
  7. Top Up oil

    Dave, I believe it's Castrol Edge 5W30. Or they may give you Longlife SLXII (this is what they gave me after my service), which is the old version of the same thing
  8. Bloody Rattle

    Hope your rattle is loud and constant, as my experience is that when I tell VW about a rattle (I have intermittent rattles/buzzing from doors and dash), they always say that the engineeer couldn't hear it. Sod's law that the intermittent nature of it means it doesn't happen whenever they have the car...then happens straight away when I get it back! Either that or they just can't be ars*d to listen properly This has happened to me twice now. They say I will have to take the car out with a technician, but it's a right pain having to take it in just for that, especially when most of the time I can put up with it i.e. would tend to have the radio/CD on and that masks it pretty well I just wish I didn't have these interior fit issues: I don't have a previous VW to compare it too but everything I read and hear says VW have cut corners for the MkV. I think the VW view was that the MkIV interior was over-engineered and customers wouldn't notice a slight drop off in quality. All I can say is it's a slippery slope. Just ask Mercedes Don't get me wong, it's a great car a dn I love it, but this is the one area that has taken the edge off the experience
  9. [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] For the last 6 months or so I have had a problem with my DSG. When changing up from 2nd to 3rd at aprox 3500 rpm, the change is abrupt (not as slick as in other gears), this occurs about 50% of the time within the first 1/2 hour of driving. [/ QUOTE ] My gearbox displays similar symptoms. The gearchange is not smooth from 2nd to 3rd but only when I'm changing manually, and not all the time. It's smooth when in D or S mode. I've just accepted it as normal but on reading this thread I will get it checked out by the Dealers. [/ QUOTE ] Mine does this too. I think it's also 2nd to 3rd (certainly in low gears) and it is intermittent, generally happening soon after start up, presumably when the gearbox is not warmed up. The change is very abrupt; not seemless like it is most of the time I had put it down to one of those things, though I have to say I'm sure it is something that wasn't there from noew, but started happening after about 6 months (the car is now just over 12 months old). Can't say it really bothers me, but if there is a mechanical problem then I'd rather not just leave it Car is being serviced on July 21st, so will tell them about it then. In the meantime, Melchior, let me know what your dealer says
  10. Service Due ..........

    MFD told me to 'Service Now' yesterday. Done 14.6k miles in 1 year, on longlife. Booked in for 21 July as they can't get me a courtesy car any sooner. She said there is 1k miles/1 month grace after it is due, but that I should check the oil level I expect to do about 1.5k miles by 21 July, but I'm sure it will be fine as long as oil is OK (put quarter litre in since new, about 6 weeks ago)
  11. Seats are OK but noticed that there is some very slight wear on the drivers' door, where my arm presumably rubs against it when I rest it there The guy in Top Gear magazine got a GTI as a long-termer last month and noticed immediately that the seat was wearing where he got in and out So sounds like an inherent lack of durability in the cloth
  12. Coolant (and Oil)

    I ran it in gently (below 3k revs etc) for the first 1k miles Regarding the type of oil: rang the dealer and (typically up to date) they said Longlife II. Looked on the Castrol web site and they say Castrol Edge 5W30, and state that this is indeed the replacement for SLX Longlife II and is to be used for VWs on variable service schedule So Edge 5W30 it is
  13. Coolant (and Oil)

    Am I correct in saying it's Castol Edge 5W-30? Sorry if this is posted elsewhere p.s. MKV GTI DSG
  14. Coolant (and Oil)

    Was topping up the windscreen wash the other day and noticed the coolant level was (just) below the minimum. Bought some coolant yesterday and topped it up, but I was surprised that it was low. Does anyone else have any experience of this? The guy at the dealers seemed a bit surprised: "it's a closed system, so it shouldn't drop unless you have a leak, so keep an eye on it" Also, oil is above minimum but needs topping up. This will be the first top up I've had to do (13k miles in 11 months): how does that compare to everyone else?
  15. mpg Poll...

    I travel 30 miles to work, of which about 27 are on the M25 and M1. For the last few weeks there has been a 40mph limit on the M1 for a few miles, and one day a few weeks back I got 40mpg over the journey (I was in a 'slow' mood so didn't go above about 70mph the entire journey) Typically I would say I'm getting low 30s for work journeys, and high twenties at other times (low to mid twenties for twon driving)