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  1. clutch problem

    I just purchased a 58 plate 318d se and have started having clutch problems , like not going into gear without a bit of effort and a bit of vibration when idling , when driving it seems to be OK , im told it,s the flywheel , BMW told me that the clutch and flywheel had been done under warranty on june 16th 2011 and said it was under warranty because when they carry out work it,s under warranty for 2 years , that will lapse on the 30th june 2013 , the car has a full service history, 8 in total , the last three just oil changes but at a reputable garage , BMW are now telling me that the car only had a 12 mnth warranty and have blown me off i,ve been told to take it to a local BMW dealer for them to drop the gearbox at a cost of £400 , i,m new to BMW but surely a test drive would tell them what they need to know, i took it to 8 good garages who all said the same thing the clutch and flywheel ,can anyone help me as time is not on my side.