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    Having ordered mine at the end of Feb, it should *finally* be arriving tomorrow!!! It's a company car, and no end of hassle with the lease company. Still I guess I can't complain - not if it turns up anyway :-)
  2. GTI Day Oulton Park

    Moschops - did you get a chance to see the Black compared to the Diamond Black? If so how did it compare?
  3. Stereo options

    Sounds like the RCD500 makes more sense. Now, is it worth the extra £400 for the Soundpack...? It's not a Bose system is it?
  4. Mk5 GTI DSG paddles

    So no BT at all? That sucks a bit :-(
  5. Stereo options

    So, there are two different options for the CD changer - one dash mounted and one armrest mounted. Has anyone seen these, and can comment on which is the neater solution?
  6. Stereo options

    Not sure if this is a silly question, but what are the actual differences in the various stereo options? I think the 4 main options are: Single CD - standard 6 Disk changer (£395) Radio System RCD 500 (£275) Radio System RCD 500 with soundpack (£675) The first 2 are pretty self explanatory, but what do you get extra with the second 2?
  7. Mk5 GTI DSG paddles

    I'd like Bluetooth, but I'm not bothered about a cradle or phone controls - I'm happy to leave it in my pocket and use auto answer. Do I get this if I go for the Phone Prep but not the steering wheel option, or do I need to get a separate BT car kit, which would be a bit rubbish...
  8. Mk5 GTI DSG paddles

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about getting a Mk5 GTI as my new company car. From what I've heard the DSG is an excellent gearbox, and worth going for. However I understand that the Golf doesn't come with paddle shifts, unless you're willing to pay *even more* for them. So, at the risk of sounding dense, what do you get if you don't go for these? Is it still a fun car to drive without them or is it better to go for manual?