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  1. I have a baby on the way so I think my Mini will have to go. Have put it here in case anyone is interested. 55 Plate December 2005 Hyper Blue Chilli pack 17" Bullets White indicator lenses Sport suspension Half leather Octagon seats White roof and mirror caps New exhaust in the last 6 months New discs and pads front and back New BMW gearbox replaced under warranty 1 year ago - thermostat replaced too Parrot Bluetooth Tax Apr 11 TLC FSH Good tyres £7995 ono Located in Renfrewshire
  2. 130 TDI should it idle smootly??

    there was a post about this ages ago and it was generally accepted that the 130 doesnt always idle smoothly. probably why VW couldnt find a problem. do you actually believe that your car needs £1300 of repairs? thats like er, a lot of VW labour charges!
  3. Rattling in the boot (B6)

    get her to drive and you sit in the boot?
  4. Should I cambelt change or not?....

    £3.k yikes! maybe im the lucky one as i have only had to replace the window regulator and grease the rear brakes! i do the servicing myself and cambelt pads discs have all been previously replaced.
  5. Exhaust

    [ QUOTE ] No its not just you. How much approx would it cost and could i just replace the back box? [/ QUOTE ] hmmmm, £200 for a nice backbox perhaps
  6. Nice Passat on Fleabay

    [ QUOTE ] Must be a frustrated Vectra owner! Is 160bhp a good way to go with the TDI 1.9? [/ QUOTE ] not when you can get 175bhp from the 130.
  7. New wheels - well my brothers old 'uns

    The wheels should be the same PCD and Centre Bore so will physically fit. I dont know how good it is to have one slightly wider wheel though. Offset will be similar if not the same. Passat is 37 i think and transporter is between 35 and 40. Not sure if the spacers are taken into account when considering offset but you should be able to work it out anyway when trial fitting them. Do they have tyres? they might not be the right size for the passat.
  8. Great website about tyres and wheels

    good find, thats a comprehensive guide
  9. Radiator Problem..

    Nice that they paid for more than half of it though. I just wish I could have got Ford and Renault to pay for their obvious manufacturing flaws! I had my Radiator replaced on mine too but that was before I got the car.
  10. Window tinting, any experience?

    If you want a good finish then your best to get it done by the pro's. The rear window will be a nightmare to do on the passat with out any experience. If your gonna do the rear door windows then you want to take the windows out. I think they use talc and a little bit of heat to get a good finish. One thing to be aware of is that the tints are fragile and can get scratched easiily. Especially with kids around.
  11. Goodyear Tyres on a 130TDI estate

    [ QUOTE ] The definitive answer to the correct tyre for my 52 Passat TDi Sport 130 with original 16" wheels is 205/55 R16 91W. 'V' RATED TYRES ARE UNSUITABLE. It took three calls to VW Customer Service today while they in turn awaited a reply from VW Technical. I have raised with them the seriousness of the situation in that Dealers are mostly ill-informed as to the correct tyre speed-rating and are giving incorrect advice. I have suggested that the correct info should accompany every car when sold and be both in the cars documentation and that it would be prudent to add it to the details on the fuel filler flap. They have promised to inform Marketing. I also contacted the editor of VOLKSWAGEN DRIVER magazine who was very helpful and correctly e-mailed the speed rating following reference to the german press pack he had at the cars launch. Would appreciate if you could post whether other car makers make it difficult to ascertain correct speed-ratings for each of their models? It's clear we cannot rely on all VW Dealers or the specialist tyre trade to give the correct answers. In defence my tyre supplier, he has offered without quibble to replace the my tyres this week. (He had ordered 'W' rated but 'V'were supplied) I haven't yet found out whether a lower speed-rated tyre would technically infringe an MOT or whether it would result in an insurer failing to meet a claim? I think the answer to both should be YES! [/ QUOTE ] Er... you do realise V rated tyres go up to 150mph? What does it matter if your car came with w rated tyres from the factory? VW probably got a better deal from Michelin that day. It should seem obvious that it doesnt matter when you consider that the same car with 15's has V rated tyres. Its not an MOT fail as speed ratings do not apply to cars in the MOT test. Its on the VOSA website. Heck, I used H rated tyres on my Megane as that was all I could get at the time. They (Continentals) were far better tyres than the nankangs i had before and I was confident that I would never exceed 130mph. Car top speed was 132mph - faster than my 130pdi passat. It's not a matter of car manufacturers making it difficult to find the correct speed ratings. Its the top speed of the vehicle, and even then it doesn't matter a whole load. Also, why do people read so much into speed ratings anyway? - Why not the wear ratings and the temperature ratings? I also suspect that its all a bit of marketing in order that people spend more to get a higher speed rating.
  12. Retrimmed in leather?

    Livingston again... Calder Coachcrafts.
  13. Wrong details on V5

    i dont think hatchback is a term that is used on the V5 forms. all my hatchbacks were referred to as saloons.
  14. Passat TDI 130 performance gains ?

    Volkswagen Passat Tdi 170 Year 05 Power 170 Weight 1454(KG) BHP/Ton 118.80 0 - 60 8.78 secs 0 - 100 25.36 secs 60 - 100 16.58 secs 1/4 Mile 17.21 Term Speed 82.38 mph 1/4 Mile (D) 17.01 Term Speed (D) 83.75mph
  15. Missing V5

    You should get a confirmation letter from the dvla when you notify them that you have sold the car. I'm sure i've see something that its an £80 fine if you don't tell them and the new owner sends in a v62