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  1. Other Parts of TSN ?

    Speaking for myself, this is the nearest thing I have found to a dedicated GTI forum and I really am not interested in any of the other sections of TSN that are dedicated to other models or non car related issues. If I am not the sort of forum member you want, then fine, I get my none GTI kicks in other, better, forums so the GTI bit was all I was interested in and I will now leave so you can put your handbag away. See you folks, enjoy your cars
  2. 17's or 18's

    [ QUOTE ] Only fool would order a new GTI with 17" wheels...... At £445 they make the car look even better..... As for the ride.....I noticed no change to the demo I drove martin [/ QUOTE ] Talk about a provocative comment Yep I noticed no difference in ride quality either
  3. Headlight Washing...

    [ QUOTE ] ....That's not cool! That's inefficient and messy! No wonder Mercedes' reputation has dropped. [/ QUOTE ] Hmm. let's not go there, I can feel my blood pressure rising. It isn't generally known, but headlight washers were introduced due to the implementation of the minimum wage making it uneconomical to employ someone to sit in your boot who dashed out at traffic lights to wipe your headlights. Bloody Labour party
  4. Other Parts of TSN ?

    I'm on far too many forums (fora?) so only come to the GTI page, and even then no more than 4-5 times a week now that there isn't really anything new to discuss any more
  5. Five stars for R32

    It would be an interesting test as the R32 may suffer a bit in power-to-weight ratio as well as slower handling due to the upset balance. I guess it would win as it has been (just) given enough power to overcome those disadvantages but the 4WD would be of very little benefit on the tarmac track - unless it was wet. Agree with the comments regarding the nose, once all the dull VAG boxes have a chrome moustache the R32 will not stand out at all. Don't like the wheels either, they look like they've got spokes missing
  6. hiline mph/kph cruise ?

    No the Nav doesn't show the current speed
  7. Baby, it's cold outside!

    The trouble is, with it coming on at 5 degrees, it will be on permanently for the next 3-4 months now which kind of diminishes it's usefulness. Still think BMWs setting of 3 is best.
  8. Telephone Preparation

    No Ones that aren't sold any more No That's right - don't tick the box
  9. GTI MPG!!!

    I've done about 7k miles now and my MPG has improved a bit, I average about 30.5mpg and get between 24mpg when driving sportily and 33mpg when impersonating a nun (though not with the clothing, I've given up the habit) That's great as far as I'm concerned and is exactly the same as an E39 530d I had a few yrs ago, but with marginally better performance
  10. Baby, it's cold outside!

    The BMW one came on at 3 degrees which seems a bit more useful, mine came on yesterday a 4.5 and didn't go off again 'til it was over 5
  11. Baby, it's cold outside!

    [ QUOTE ] surely all those traction, stability and braking controls on the GTI should protect you;-) [/ QUOTE ] No chance! With On/Off power delivery and fat 18" wheels, look forward to a visiting a ditch near you shortly
  12. Buttons on the MKV steering wheel

    Just what I was going to say. Cruise is controllable only from indicator stalk The rocker is Top - Resume/ increase speed Bottom - Set/ decrease speed Flick top on/off switch briefly to right - Suspend
  13. Regretting Diamond Black!

    Hi Rayza. Just been into garage to check and it was Simoniz stuff from Halfords. Also used the same make carwash with a wax additive when I washed it, though the last few times it has just been a bucket, sponge and a sachet of carwash stuff from a box of the stuff my neighbour gave me. The wheels are extrememly easy to keep clean as well, by far the easiest of any alloys I've ever had. Don't worry, it'll be great
  14. Fifth gear TV programme

    The programme certainly bore out my findings that higher octane fuel wasn't worth the money. Even the 99 octane Optimax only managed 5bhp more than the standard (supermarket)u/l, which is undetectable in normal use (your power will vary by more than that on a day to day basis according to atmospheric conditions/air temperature). Certainly not worth it to me when you take into account the fractionally better economy from the standard u/l. Not sure I'd go so far as to use supermarket fuel on a regular basis though
  15. Regretting Diamond Black!

    I'm surprised how easy mine is to keep clean! It's my first black car (apart from the Capri!) and I'd heard all the horror stories but I wanted to own one just once. I think it must be down to the waxing I gave it when it was new as the dirt just seems not to stick too bad, and even when it does it wipes off really easily.